Goku's Sin

All is well when someone you love is willing to put their life on the line just for you. Evey thing is even better when you get to see that person again.

Chapter Ten: Things Are Normal Again

The feeling began to come back as Li Li stirred in her sleep. There was a sharp pain that shot up from Li Li's lower back, but she suppressed a yelp. Li Li slowly opened her eyes and looked around warily. She wasn't in Grandpa Gohan's cabin anymore. Li Li went to rub the sleep from her eyes but a twinge of pain in her wrists prevented her from doing that. She lifted herself up a little bit until the excruciating pain in her back wouldn't allow her to move anymore. Li Li touched her chest and expected it to still be bare, but it wasn't. Li Li was in shock to find that she was wearing a nightgown that had little bows on the straps and a small bow at the base of the neckline. Her eyes wandered around the room and noticed that she was in a bedroom. The ceiling, the curtains, and the rug in the middle of the floor spoke volumes about where she was at. Li Li turned to the window and gasped in amazement at the sight.

Tall buildings and air cars could be seen in the distance. Just below that, Li Li could see bushes and flowers growing by a rather high privacy fence. Li Li looked over at the other side of the room and saw a picture sitting on the dresser with several candles sitting around it. The room smelled of potpourri and expensive perfume. Li Li stared at the picture and, after a few minutes, she realized who was in the picture. Li Li could make out only three of the people in the picture, but that was enough to tell her where she was. "How did I get to Capsule Corp?" She asked herself confused, "If I'm here then...Vegeta and Piccolo must have rescued me from my dad." Li Li began to try and get up out of the bed when the door opened. "I see you're awake," Vegeta said strolling into the room, "How are you feeling?" Li Li smiled at Vegeta, but was unable to mask the pain she felt in her body. She gave out a low groan when she moved her back and wrists. Vegeta could tell that Li Li was in a great deal of pain. Li Li decided to give up on moving and let herself fall back onto the soft bed.

Vegeta sat next to her on the bed and placed his hand on Li Li's face. "He really roughed you up, didn't he?" He questioned as a worried look crossed his features, "I'm glad nothing happened to you that I'd have to make Kakarot regret." "What do you mean that he didn't do anything that he'd have to regret?!" Li Li shouted sitting up in the bed again. Li Li groaned in extreme pain as a piercing feeling shot up her spine. Vegeta grabbed her and helped her to lay down again. "You're not supposed to be moving around that much, Li Li," Vegeta said sternly, "Bulma and Ruby told me to watch you and make sure that you didn't aggravate your injuries anymore than absolutely necessary." Li Li flashed Vegeta a weak smile before giving in to her body's painful request. She laid back down on the bed as a growl escaped her throat. Vegeta didn't understand why she had growled just then. "What was that about?" He asked grinning at her with a sideways grin. Li Li closed her eyes and tried to let her body relax, but it was very painful for her whenever she tried. "Vegeta," Li Li sighed after finally getting comfortable on the bed, "Why haven't you given me a Senzu bean yet?" Vegeta turned his gaze to the window and then lowered his head; staring at the floor. "Li Li, you've been out for a week," He stated, "You've been unconscious since me and the Namek found you at Kakarot's old house. We couldn't give you one because Ruby said that if we forced you to eat a Senzu, you'd likely go into shock. I didn't want to risk it."

Li Li was disappointed that she wasn't going to be able to get healed quick like she'd wanted, but she was glad that Vegeta had told her. "That's okay," Li Li said taking Vegeta's hand in hers, "At least you told me why you didn't." Li Li gazed into Vegeta's dark eyes and saw something else in those eyes of his; something that made Li Li worry. Vegeta rose to his feet and walked over to the window. The sun was already high in the sky and there wasn't a cloud to been had in the big, empty, light blue sky. Li Li watched Vegeta as he opened the window and leaned against the sill. Worry was definitely visible in his eyes, no question about it. Something was troubling Vegeta, and Li Li knew exactly what was bothering him. "Vegeta," Li Li finally said, "Where's my dad? Is he back to normal yet?" Vegeta turned his head slightly, but then turned back to the window. "He's back to normal; more or less," He replied in a low tone. This frightened Li Li. "Vegeta, please tell me. Is he back to normal?" She repeated. Vegeta didn't answer. Vegeta's wasn't cooperating with Li Li, and it was making Li Li very angry. "Tell me that he's back to normal Vegeta!" She shouted sitting up on the bed again. Vegeta slowly turned toward Li Li again and was shocked by the expression he saw on her sweat-covered face. He had expected her to be furious with him, but instead, she was showing worry. Why was she showing worry? Why was she showing compassion for her father for that matter? He had tried to rape her, yet she was still worried about his condition. This strange display of emotions confused Vegeta. "Why are you so fucking worried about someone that tried to screw you against your will?!" He questioned in a high-pitched voice, "I don't even think that Dende himself could justify what Kakarot tried to do to you!" Li Li glared at Vegeta as he approached the bedside. She averted her gaze from him when he knelt down on the floor next to the bed and began to apologize to her.

"I'm sorry, Li Li. I shouldn't have yelled at you like that," He whispered hoping that Li Li would take notice of his plea, "I wasn't trying to upset you. It's just...you seem to still think that Kakarot is himself. Well, he's not himself, and I'm not sure when he might be." "What do you mean?" Li Li asked concerned, "Why won't my father be himself? What's wrong with him?" Vegeta sighed and held Li Li's hand tightly in his. He swallowed hard and tried not to lose his nerve. "Li Li, he thinks that you've passed on," Vegeta told her with sorrow in his voice, "When we found you, he was sitting in a corner of the room rocking back and forth saying 'I've killed her' over and over again." Li Li gasped and tried to get out of the bed, but Vegeta grabbed her arms and proceeded to push her back. "Vegeta, I need to see him. He thinks he killed me because of that fruit I ate before he jumped me that made me pass out," Li Li explained. Vegeta released her arms and backed away a bit. "What fruit?" He asked cocking his head to the side. Li Li told Vegeta everything that had happened to her and the fact that Piccolo knew about most of the things that were going to happen to her. "So...the Namek knew about your little abduction huh?" Vegeta questioned folding his arms, "Is there anything else that he knows that I don't?" Li Li cast an annoyed look at Vegeta. "No, Piccolo wasn't the one who really knew what was going to happen, Ruby was," Li Li replied lowering her head, "Piccolo was just the messenger. Ruby knew about the alien inside of my dad because she examined him, right? Since she knew that, and the fact that he would try and rape me, she had given a strange fruit to Piccolo so that he could help me if I needed it. I'm sorry if that last part makes you feel bad."

Vegeta just shrugged his shoulders.

"Anyway," Li Li continued, "The fruit that I ate was a kind of fruit that Ruby once fed me when I was up on the lookout after I had given birth to Bardock. I was having trouble getting to sleep, so Ruby gave me a small piece of this fruit and I immediately fell asleep. I guess eating the whole thing made me pass to the point that I no longer looked like I was still alive to Dad." Vegeta was amazed by how much she knew about the situation. But he was still wondering why she was so worried about Goku. "I'm still trying to figure out why you're so worried about that bastard father of yours," Vegeta stated smirking. Li Li's face was expressionless. "Because...he's my father," She answered quietly, "If he were anyone else, I probably wouldn't show as much concern. I still love my father Vegeta, even though he did what he did to me." Li Li, once again, tried to get out of bed, and again, Vegeta made her sit back in the bed. "You need to rest," Vegeta said sternly, "And I'm not taking no for an answer." Li Li looked at Vegeta with very surprised eyes. "You don't give up, do you?" She questioned smiling at the prince. Vegeta leaned his face closer to Li Li's and gave her a warm smile. "Neither do you," He replied as he gently pressed his lips to hers. Li Li brought her hand up to the side of Vegeta's face, regardless of the pain in her wrists, and allowed her fingers to slide slowly down his warm, soft, and manly face. The feeling of her fingers moving down the side of his face made Vegeta flinch a little because it tickled. Vegeta wanted to, but he suppressed a giggle.

Li Li knew that Vegeta was only kissing her as a way to keep her in the room; away from Goku. She removed her hand from his face and placed it on the side of Vegeta's rib cage. Li Li began to tickle Vegeta and was surprised by the reaction she got from him. Vegeta fell off the bed; allowing Li Li to make her get-away from her lovely prison warden. Li Li breathed heavily because of the extreme pain in her back, but that didn't stop her. She darted down the hall and down the stairs. About half-way down the stairs, Li Li had to stop and catch her breath. The pain in her back was making it very hard for her to move at that very moment, but she moving anyway; even though her back was bothering her to no end. Li Li slowly walked down the rest of the stairs and noticed her father sitting outside on the patio's edge with his head between his knees. "He hasn't eaten since we brought both of you here." Li Li heard a voice behind her. She spun around and saw Bulma standing behind her with a blanket in her hands. "Hey Bulma," Li Li said greeting her friend, "Who's room have I been sleeping in for the past week?" Bulma broke into a fit of laughter. Li Li tilted her head to the side and just stared at the other woman. "I take it the room I was in belonged or belongs to someone you know, doesn't it?" Li Li questioned in a flat tone. Bulma continued to laugh, but quickly composed herself when she saw Li Li's questioning expression. "That room used to belong to Trunks when he was a baby," She explained, "But when he got older, I decided that the room was too small for him. I gave him a room at the very end of the hall." Li Li turned her gaze back to the patio where Goku was sitting. A simple sliding-glass door was the only thing between her and him, but Li Li felt that her father was very sorrowful.

His shoulders weren't raised high like they usually were, there were slumped. His back wasn't straight, it was bent. His face and eyes showed such sadness in them that Li Li herself felt like crying. Vegeta came down the stairs at a quick pace and immediately saw Li Li looking at Goku through the sliding-glass door to the patio. "Li Li you can't g-," Li Li placed her finger on Vegeta's lips and prevented him from finishing his sentence. "He's my dad. He's sad and miserable and thinks that I'm not here anymore," Li Li whispered, "He needs to be comforted and reassured. If we don't, he'll just wither away into nothing and think that life's not worth living anymore. I need to go out there and talk to him. Don't try and stop me either, Vegeta. My mind's made up." Vegeta stared at Li Li, then lowered his head. "Do what you think is best for him," He said smiling at Li Li when he raised his head back up. Li Li smiled back. "Here. It's kind of chilly out there today," Bulma said handing Li Li the blanket. Li Li draped the blanket over her shoulders and walked out the sliding doors quietly. Goku didn't even seem to heard them being opened. "Hey," Li Li said quietly as she stood behind Goku. Goku glanced over his shoulder and gasped. He nearly jumped into the air when he saw Li Li standing there. "Li Li, you're...alive," He said shocked, "But...how?"

Goku looked as if he had just seen a ghost, and from his point-of-view, he was. Li Li slowly outstretched her arm and hand out to him. "It's okay, I'm not going to hurt you or anything," She whispered reassuringly to him. Goku slowly sniffed the air and realized that dead people wouldn't give off a beautiful scent like that. Goku stood still while Li Li stepped forward and put her hand on the side of his neck. Li Li examined his face and saw that he had been crying recently and looked like he was about to start again. "Everything is all right, Dad. I'm not dead," Li Li said caressing the side of his face with the back of her hand now. Goku couldn't hold back the emotion any longer. He wrapped his arms around Li Li and said two little words that made Li Li forgive everything that he had done to her while he was possessed by that alien. "I'm sorry," Goku choked out. He laid his head on Li Li's shoulder and whimpered like a child that had been caught doing something they shouldn't have. The shimmering tears shined like crystals as they fell from Goku's eyes. Li Li knew that these weren't tears of sadness, they were tears of joy.

She knew that her father was happy knowing that he hadn't actually killed his own daughter. Goku released Li Li from his grip and smiled his cheery smile at her. "I'm glad that you're okay," He said wiping the tears from his eyes, "I thought I'd lost you. What happened to you anyway?" Li Li looped her arm through Goku's and began leading him into the house. "I think you're better off not remembering what happened," She replied leaning her head against his shoulder, "I certainly don't want to remember what happened." There was silence between the two of them until a very familiar sound broke the silence. Gggrrrppp "I think I'm getting hungry," Goku said patting his stomach. "Yep, he's back to normal," Li Li thought as they walked into the house.

The End