Disclaimer: I do not own Death Note or it's characters, they are just fun to play with, so don't try to sue

Disclaimer: I do not own Death Note or it's characters, they are just fun to play with, so don't try to sue.

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Chapter 2

At ten o'clock that morning, L found himself slightly puzzled, which was an extremely rare experience for the genius detective. The cause of this was his very own Kira suspect; Yagami Light had not yet arrived at the Kira case headquarters, which meant he was late, and Light was never late.

Matsuda and Aizawa had already arrived, and Mogi had called in from the office at the NPA. Only the Yagami's had yet to appear, and due to the elder Yagami's recent cardiac arrest he was under orders to not arrive until eleven.

L frowned slightly, this would not do at all. He pulled out his phone and flicked it open, holding it delicately with a thumb and forefinger as he speed-dialled Watari's number.

"Is there any sign of either of the Yagami's?" He asked calmly into the phone as he held it up a few inches from his ear.

"No sign as of yet." The old man replied.

"Thank you." The detective thought for a second. "I'll be going to the university today."

"Alright Ryuuzaki." L hung up and placed the phone back in his pocket after carefully flipping it shut.

He leisurely stood up from his crouched position, drawing the attention of the others in the room to his now upright slouched form.

"Light hasn't come in so I'm going to the university." The genius detective moved towards the door and left the room before the rest of the team had processed his statement.

As he slipped his old trainers onto bare feet, L pondered whether or not to stop by the bakery on his way back. He finally decided that he would, he was always in the mood for strawberry cheesecake.

The ears on Light's head flattened as he was almost trodden on for what seemed like the tenth time. Why couldn't people look where they were walking? He thought irritably as he slunk into another alley to avoid being run over by a bicycle.

When Light had awoken last, he had, had to get over a singularly shocking thing - he was now a ginger tabby cat. He had tried a few things at first, thinking it was a dream, or that he had been drugged, or even that he had lost his mind. But after everything, and a sore head, he had resigned himself to seeking assistance, although he had found that rather problematic as well. No one seemed to realise that he wasn't a cat.

The first person he had approached, kicked out at him almost immediately, yelling and waving his hands, but Light had just held his head up and stalked away. The second actually approached him, but as the little boy only seemed to want to pull at his fur, Light had made a strategic retreat involving his claws.

Finally Light had to admit that there was only one place, and one person, that he could go to. The Kira case headquarters, where L himself resided. Light had, had to swallow some pride but he admitted that Ryuuzaki was the only person close to him in intelligence and therefore the only one with any chance of fixing what had happened to him. Although it might take a while for the man to believe that it was really possible.

However, Light soon ran into trouble with this plan. Everything looked different from his new perspective, and height, he groused, making it difficult to know where he was, as well as which way he had to go to get where he needed.

It took quite a bit of wandering before Light saw somewhere he recognised with his new eyes, and from there he carefully made his way to the hotel that housed headquarters.

When he finally reached his destination, another situation arose. How exactly was he going to get in the building? Cats generally weren't allowed inside unless they were pets of the guests or residents. He supposed he could slip inside when the door next opened but that still meant he had to find his way to the room, as a cat, when all the rooms looked the same, and if he did find the room, there was still the issue of getting inside and staying there long enough for the team and L to realise who he was. Light sighed, well as much as a cat can, and sat himself down near the door. He was going to have to wait for his father to come down to headquarters, he knew for a fact that his father had a weakness for cats, so he could easily manipulate him to take him where he wanted to go.

Light yawned, he was so tired, this whole ordeal had been exhausting. He was about to curl up and get some rest when the door opened, and to his complete surprise L walked out of the building. He was so shocked that his basic cat instincts took over and he suddenly pounced on the untied laces of the unsuspecting genius detective.

L was thinking about many things as he exited the Kira headquarters, but first and foremost on his mind was Light, as well as the cake he was going to buy.

With his mind occupied, he tripped as something caught on his laces, and he only just regained his balance before smacking face first into the floor. He looked down and saw a slim ginger tabby cat crouched down, batting at the lace on the floor, trying to once more make it move.

The detective blinked, before reaching out with his left hand and stroking the feline behind the ears. The tabby looked up at the touch and blinked; 'a strange reaction' L thought, as the cat then began to back away slowly, shook itself, and sat down just out of arms reach of L, where it proceeded to stare at him.

L tilted his head to the side, curiously, and stared back, contemplating the cat's strange behaviour compared to others he had encountered. His thumb found it's way into his mouth and he bit down, his gaze moving upwards, so he did not notice the cat move until a clawed paw swiped the hand whose digit was in his mouth. The detective blinked again, and reached to stroke the tabby's head once more. This time the cat stayed perfectly still, even leaning slightly into the touch.

He stopped the attention after a moment and stood, remembering the reason he had come out in the first place, and started to walk away. A loud meow from behind made him turn his head and saw that the feline was staring after him, it's tail flicking, and it looked to be about to follow.

"I'll be back soon." L stated, he did not know why he did, which was strange in and of itself, but after those words the cat had turned around and lay down by the entrance door and closed it's eyes. The detective stared for a bit longer, and as if sensing his gaze the cat glared back as if to say 'well, what are you wasting time for then'.

L continued on his way to the university, the cat now also at the forefront of his mind.

As Light struggled to regain control over his instincts, he watched in horror as he started to play with the laces of Ryuuzaki's trainers. The touch on the top of his head shocked him into stillness and he found his control, although he was not exactly happy at the cause. Light backed away from the detective, before stopping and eyeing him carefully.

He watched as the detective took up the familiar pose of thought, biting into his thumb as he stared at the sky. Light had always hated this, and before he could stop himself, he had moved forwards and sunk his claws into L's right hand. He frowned at himself at his loss of control once more, he really needed to fix that.

Light did not move this time, as Ryuuzaki reached to stroke his ears, and he was happy that he didn't - it felt so good. Although he stopped himself before he started to purr, Light was unable to stop the initial reaction of leaning his head closer.

The attention suddenly stopped and Light fought the urge to hiss in displeasure, wanting the hand to come back. He looked up at the detective as he stood and watched in disbelief as he started to walk away. Due to his dire need to fix this situation, Light moved to follow. A loud meow to L escaped and he saw him turn his head back, reassuring the cat that he would be back soon.

Even though this statement confused Light slightly, L thought he was just another cat after all, he resolved to think about while he waited and settled down by the front door of headquarters. When he didn't hear L move, he reopened his eyes and glared at the detective, hoping it would incite him to get on with what he had to do. It worked, and Light watched him walk away before closing his eyes for a nap.

L made his way back to the hotel being used for headquarters, a large box from the bakery tucked under one of his arms. He had not found a single sign of Light at the university and decided to see what had come up in his absence, although if Light had arrived during that time, he knew Watari would have called him.

The detective looked up as he walked up the steps to the entrance, and saw the same cat from before snoozing by the door. As L moved closer it's eyes opened, and stretched lazily before sitting by the door, meowing in demand.

L opened the door, and the tabby walked through, looking back at L as if to say 'are you coming?' The detective closed the door behind him and followed the cat up the stairs and through the hallways, surprised that he had been led straight to the room they were using as headquarters. He had thought that the feline was under the ownership of one of the hotels other guests, and had decided to make sure it got home alright.

Another sound from the cat by his feet brought him out of his musings and he unlocked and opened the door in front of him. The tabby moved inside before him and he watched as it trotted into the main room, a yelp came soon after as well as content purring.

L entered the room after removing his shoes and was shocked to see the ginger tabby settled happily on the lap of Yagami Soichiro, although he did not show it further than a slight widening of his eyes.

"Yagami-san, is that cat yours?" L asked blandly.

"No, Ryuuzaki, I have never seen it before." Soichiro stated in confusion.

Matsuda moved closer and the cat turned to look at him warily, and as he reached out a hand it hissed, warning the man to back off. But Matsuda being who he was completely ignored the warning and ended up with skin ripped off the back of his hand before the tabby was running across the room and hiding behind L's legs.

"It's a boy." Matsuda happily said, blissfully unaware of the cat still growling at him from across the room. "We should give him a name!"

L looked thoughtful, and was raising his thumb to his mouth to bite it, when the feline sunk his claws into his now bare foot. The rest of the team laughed.

"He kind of acts like Light." Aizawa chuckled. "All prissy like."

"Don't let Light hear you say that," Soichiro warned, even though he was laughing along with them at that comment. The tabby huffed slightly and turned it's back on them, causing Matsuda to go into fits of laughter. "So, a name…" The team settled into thoughtful silence, until…