Chapter 3


The detective said straight away, causing everyone to look towards him.

Soichiro nodded after a while, whereas the others, especially Matsuda, looked confused. Soichiro sighed.

"The kanji for Light's name is Tsuki." The police captain explained.

Suddenly the phone rang. L answered his mobile in his usually way, while the newly named Tsuki jumped onto the sofa and curled up.

"Yes, Watari?" The detective asked and was told to put the phone on speaker before the older man continued.

"Mogi just got a phone call from Yagami Sachiko, Light never came home last night after his walk." The team looked at each other, and Soichiro paled. "He's gone missing."

The detective looked at the phone, the team, and then Tsuki, remembering Aizawa's words. The rest of the group followed his line of sight and saw the cat staring back at L and the phone, Tsuki meowed pointedly. Matsuda was the first one to speak.

"No way!"

Everyone voiced their disbelief of the situation in front of them, except L; who just watched Tsuki, and Soichiro; who sat in thoughtful silence.

"It can't be possible!" Aizawa exclaimed.

"Ridiculous!" Matsuda cried.

"Maybe not." L interrupted. "At the current time, something else believed impossible is occurring in the form of Kira. This could be related." The detective looked at his team's faces, then at the cat, who stared back. He shifted his weight to his left foot and lightly scratched his leg with the toes on his right.

"Yagami-san, what are your thoughts on the matter? You have been rather quiet." L asked, before requesting Watari to join them and to bring cake.

"I'll be right there, and you have cake already Ryuuzaki." L blinked, looking down at the table to see the box from the bakery. He had forgotten about it. "I'll bring you a fork." There was a silence on the line, but L knew that Watari had not disconnected the call, he was still listening to hear what Yagami-san had to say.

Soichiro leaned forward, his elbows on his knees, and rested his head between his hands.

"It's not related to Kira." And the silence was back. The police chief continued before anyone else could speak. "It has happened before, if it's what I think it is." He sighed. "It might be hard to believe, but it seems to be Light's coping mechanism to traumatic experiences."

"What do you mean, Yagami-san?" L was completely focused on the older man, so it surprised him when Tsuki appeared in his line of sight. The cat had jumped onto Yagami-san's lap and was nuzzling the man's arms, purring loudly. A hand came and stroked the tabby's head absentmindedly.

"As a baby, when Light heard loud voices arguing, or was left alone for a long time, we used to find an Alsatian puppy in his place, but after a short time, Light was back." He paused, and a grimace appeared on his face. "At the age of eight, Light was kidnapped by someone with a grudge against me. When we finally tracked him down, we found the guy and a raven. The guy was thought as crazy, he kept muttering that 'the boy had turned into a bird' and other similar things. That raven followed me home, and little four year old Sayu claimed it as a pet - kept it in her room and everything. About a week or so later, when we were still looking for Light, he appeared in Sayu's room." Soichiro leaned back in the chair, and Tsuki settled in his lap. "It seems the length of time as 'this'," he indicated the cat, "depends on the trauma. He has to feel safe again before he reverts back."

Watari entered the room, then, shutting off his phone, and busying himself with the cake that was still in the box. He handed a slice to L, along with fork, before moving back again. The raven took a bite of the strawberry cake and hummed happily.

"So, I'll take him in." Matsuda offered cheerily. Tsuki lifted his head and stared at him, before turning away in dismissal.

"Rejected." Aizawa chuckled. "You should take him home with you chief. I'm sure Light feels safe there."

"That's a good idea, Aizawa." Matsuda praised.

"I don't think Tsuki agrees though." Watari commented. The tabby cat was growling in their direction.

"It's not a good idea. Sayu is a bit more enthusiastic with animals than she was back then. It would be bad for his health."

"What do you mean, Chief?" Matsuda asked. Soichiro chuckled, while Tsuki hissed.

"It would probably involve dressing him up, and bows." Matsuda and Aizawa joined in with his laughter. Tsuki dug his claws into Yagmi-san's leg as he leaped off his lap, and sauntered over to L, winding around his legs. The tabby settled himself next to the detective and meowed. Soichiro chuckled lightly once more as L looked down at the cat.

"Seems he staying with you Ryuuzaki." There was another meow. "We'll leave you to it." The Kira team then filed out of the hotel suite leaving Watari and L with the transformed Light.

Light was awoken from his sleep by the sound of shuffling on the steps. He opened his eyes and meowed once he saw it was L, moving to the door.

When the raven finally opened the door, Light went through and followed the remembered path to the suite they used as headquarters, only once checking to see if L was following, except for when he had to wait for the man to open door or work the lift.

He stopped by the door and waited for Ryuuzaki, who seemed to be in a daze. He meowed loudly and got the result he wanted - the door opening. He quickly moved inside and seeing his father, jumped on his lap and started purring.

Light didn't really listen to what they were saying but he did huff slightly when he realised his father was useless, he couldn't seem to tell it was him at all. A sudden movement gained his attention and he stared at Matsuda, hissing when he came closer. As soon as the hand was in reach, Light unsheathed his claws and slashed at the appendage, before darting across the room and behind L, growling at the idiot.

In boredom, light decided to watch L, and when he saw a thumb moving towards his mouth, his claws went into a close-by bare foot. 'That action always annoyed me.' Light smirked inwardly as the detective pouted.

Although Light wasn't really listening, he still heard Aizawa call him prissy. 'How dare he!' Light seethed, and huffed when his father agreed, deciding to ignore them all from now on.

"Tsuki." His ears perked up as heard the raven detective's monotone, he actually thought it was quite clever, being named with his own name. The phone ringing surprised Light, but he decided to get comfortable, find out what went on when he wasn't there, and see if L was intelligent enough to figure out what happened.

When Ryuuzaki put the phone on speaker, he wasn't expecting Watari to announce he had gone missing; it was a big help, as long as the world famous detective figured out the clues. Soon he could feel that dark gaze boring into him, followed by others. He meowed, 'not very helpful' he thought, 'but it's all I can do.' He watched L as the team was in disbelief, although he did not hear his father among them. L obviously figured that out too, as the next question was addressed to the police chief, and when he was answered , Light was surprised as everybody else. He hadn't remembered this happening before.

Light moved to his father's lap once again, eager to hear more, purring subconsciously and rubbing his head along the man's arms.

He sneered inwardly, he vaguely remembered being kidnapped, but not being rescued. Just that he was in a room alone with that man and then he was home, playing in Sayu's room. He curled up, comfortable on his father's lap and listened.

'Hmm,' he thought thankfully. 'This thing is only temporary. Where is somewhere safe?' The first thing that popped into his mind was here, at Headquarters, but there was only a small possibility that L would agree.

When Light heard Matsuda offer to look after him , he stared at the idiot, before turning away, it didn't even deserve a response, but then Aizawa suggested Light go home. 'Is the man stupider than Matsuda?' Light thought incredulously, as he growled lowly. Then his father mentioned Sayu and he hissed at the remembrance of when she looked after her friend's cat. The poor thing was shaking continuously by the time it went home. 'Girls and having to put bows on everything.' He thought grumpily. Light heard his father laugh at the thought of him in bows and dug his claws into his leg. 'Serves hi right.' Light moved over to L and around his legs before sitting down. 'I'm staying here.' He thought, but a few meows was all that was released.

Light watched as the rest of the team left, Ryuuzaki too preoccupied with staring at him too notice.

"I'll go and do some preparations for 'Tsuki's' stay."

Watari then exited, leaving the two alone, and staring each other down.