Of Life and Arrangements

Luna Silvereyes

A/N: This is my first ever Yu-Gi-Oh fanfic. I'm not much into it anymore as I used to be, and I never was that good of a duelist. But I'm going to try to pull this off. The idea just hit me and unfortunately, much sleep will be lost for the cause. This story is actually similar to another I'm writing for InuYasha. Only my main OC isn't handicapped here. Just snappy and able to stand up to Kaiba's insults. I kind of want to see if I can convert bad-guy Kaiba into somewhat of a different person. It's gonna be tough, that's for sure. I will try and put some dueling scenes in, and please forgive any spelling errors. The monster names aren't exactly easy. Neither are trap and magic cards.

Transfer Student

The bell rang, signaling the beginning to first period at Domino High School. In one classroom on the eastern side of the building, a small group of kids gathered around a spiky-haired kid sitting at a desk sorting through a deck of cards. A girl with short brown hair knelt down beside the desk. " Wow, Yugi, you've got some good ones, there." She exclaimed.

" Thanks, Tea." Yugi replied. " I do miss Exodia, though. My Grandpa gave me those cards, they were special to me."

Tea recalled that incident perfectly well. Aboard the boat to Duelist Kingdom to face Pegasus and free Yugi's grandfather.


" I hear you are the one who possesses the fabled Exodia cards." Weevil Underwood cackled at Yugi who was busy putting his cards away. Yugi glanced up. " Yes. I am."

" C-Could I please, hold them, for a second?"

Yugi handed him the cards. " Okay. But be careful with them."

Once in his hand, Weevil turned and started out onto the deck. Concerned, Yugi and his friends followed. Weevil gazed wickedly at the cards, snickering.

" I believe I've finally figured out a way to defeat the legendary Exodia." He hissed. Then, with a glance at Yugi, he threw his arm out and hurled all five over the side of the ship.

" Say goodbye to Exodia!"


" Grrr!" a blond kid beside Yugi growled. " I still haven't forgotten what that Weevil creep did that to your cards! That wormy little punk!"

Yugi sighed. " Well, it isn't like it wasn't the only strategy I had, you know. I still have my favorite, at least. The Dark Magician."

He held up a card with a picture of a sorcerer dressed in purple with a green staff in hand.

" Yeah." A brown haired boy leaning on the desk agreed. " But Joey's right. We should have pounded that little insect into the hull of the ship. That was uncalled for."

" Don't worry about it, Tristan." Yugi said, putting his deck back together. He tapped them on the desktop to align them and then placed them in his pocket.

" The past is over and done with. We stopped Pegasus, saved my Grandpa and now things are back as they should be. There's nothing to worry about, now."

Joey looked up suddenly, an angry expression crossing his face as he stared at the door. " Except one." He said. " You forgot about him."

All eyes turned to the door as a taller person with dark brown hair and cold blue eyes sidled in, taking a seat at the far end of the room. Apparently, he didn't seem to notice them.

" Yeah." Tristan said darkly. " Kaiba. The guy you whooped in your first duel. I don't believe he's gotten over it, yet. Doubt he ever will."

" Yeah." Joey commented. " And he still hasn't thanked us for getting him outta that virtual world he was trapped in a couple of weeks ago."

As they watched, he took out a textbook, leafed through it and pulled a piece of paper out from between the pages, setting it on the desk and then ignoring it as he stared at the clock. It was almost time for class.

Yugi raised an eyebrow at him. " That's weird." He mumbled.

" What?" Tea asked.

" He looks really tired today." Yugi remarked. They all looked over at Kaiba again. As strange as it seemed, it was true. Tristan made a noise of confusion.

" Huh? Usually he's firing rapid insults at us. Today, his eyes aren't even open all the way. What's the deal?"

" He must have been working late." Yugi said. " I guess it takes a lot of energy to run that big company."

" Yeah, whatever. Or maybe he was making a list of more evil things to say to us. That could be it." Joey said, his eyes going wild. Tea crossed her arms and sighed. " You are something else, Joey Wheeler." She grumbled.

At that moment, the teacher walked in and they rapidly took their seats.

" Good morning class." He said. He adjusted his glasses and continued.

" Now, before we begin, I have a special announcement to make. We have a new student transferring into our class again this year."

He turned to the door. " Come on in, now."

Nothing happened. The teacher blinked and leaned to the left a little to see out the door. " I see you. Now please come in. Yes, you." he said again.

The whole class watched the door, anticipating the new arrival. Even Kaiba seemed to be curious as he glanced at the door, but made no other movement.

" Yes, I'm talking to you." The teacher said. " Now don't be shy, just come in. We won't bite."

He laughed at this, and he was the only one who did. There was a small sound of footsteps and the new student finally entered.

" Class, I'd like to introduce you to Sonja Gavens. She transferred in from Daikon High in Osaka. Please, try to make her feel welcome, here."

Sonja was a tall, wiry girl with wavy white hair tied into a high ponytail that reached her shoulder blades and thick bangs hanging down over her almond shaped eyes the color of oak wood. On the band holding her hair back was a large pink dandelion complete with three green leaves. Her hands were extremely thin and looked like those of an old woman, but without the wrinkles. Despite her petite appearance, she had a strong aura surrounding her, as though warning everyone she could get dangerous if she needed to. Rather than looking at any of the students, she stared straight ahead into space, as though not seeing anything in particular.

The teacher cleared his throat. " Sonja, why don't you tell the class a little about yourself?" he asked.

Sonja cast a quick look at him and then faced forward again. But she said nothing. She shook her head. The teacher appeared surprised, but let it go. " Okay, very well. Why don't you find a seat? You may take anything that's open." He said. Without a word, she started forward, passing through the empty isles until she reached an empty seat way in the back by the window. She sat down and set her things on the desk in front of her.

Several students continued to stare at her for a few minutes, even after the teacher began the lesson. Yugi was one of those few. Joey, Tristan and Tea all lost interest after a few seconds, deciding to talk about it at lunch later. Kaiba glared at her a moment and then turned away abruptly.

Nothing new, Nothing special. Not worth any time. He thought. This little phrase basically summed up everything that irked him.


Later, at the end of the day, the very same ex-world dueling champion made his way out of the school. He'd heard Yugi and his friends talking about how tired he looked. Normally, he was able to hide that very well. But lately, he had in fact been working for about four extra hours than he normally would and it was starting to take a toll. Lately some new shipments had come in and somehow, the order forms had been botched up—big time. It then became his job to salvage them and rewrite them to fit the orders and the shipping addresses. That meant hunting down the files of each manufacturer and their global locations and system data. This in itself was time-consuming enough. So only two hours of sleep a night was beginning to wear him down and he wasn't stupid; he knew the results of lack of energy: Failing. Something he would not allow himself to do, under any circumstance whatsoever.

I should have them fixed by this evening. He thought to himself. Maybe I'll have enough time to work on my virtual gaming simulator.

He passed Yugi and company standing outside and discussing their cards. Ordinarily, he'd go over and rile up that Wheeler kid for some dry amusement. But now, he didn't even feel like doing that. Now he knew he was in serious lack of energy. He knew it was bad if he didn't feel like bugging Wheeler.

They didn't even notice his presence. So he just continued on.

He turned a corner around by the back of the school building to go to the street where his driver would find him.

A sudden commotion met his ears coming off to the left. Curious, he turned and made his way over, stopping behind a tree and glancing carefully at the scene before him.

" What?" he exclaimed.

It was the new girl, Sonja, he believed her name was. Two boys from class four had cornered her by the wall, teasing and taunting her.

" New arrival, and we're the welcoming committee." A thick blond one sneered. His partner, a thin boy with fuzzy brown hair laughed, a high, annoying laugh. Sonja was glaring at both of them, her fists clenched and her legs spread apart in a defensive pose. " Just go away and I won't have to hurt you." She warned. This made the two of them crack up as they doubled over.

" You hurt us?" the blond one exclaimed, still cackling. " That'll be the day!"

The fuzzy one stepped forward and grasped her chin in one hand. " I'll tell you what. You give me a little kiss, and I'll pretend that you never threatened us. How about it, snowball?"

Sonja seemed to consider it and then she smiled a sly, fox-like grin. " Oh sure. How about this!"

Fast as greased lightning, she whirled her fist around, slugging him dead in the jaw and knocking him to the ground. Seeing his partner was down, the blond one snarled and charged her. " You little—"

But whatever he was about to call her, Kaiba never heard. She ducked down from his oncoming punch and swung her right leg around beneath him, striking him on the shin and knocking him off-balance. As he fumbled for footing, she leapt back up, brought her arm up and slammed her elbow sharply on his spine, causing him to yelp and fall to the ground, stunned.

As he watched, Sonja knelt down beside the blond one, wrapped her thin hand around his thick throat and applied pressure. He started to choke and gurgle words at her. She said something to him rather quietly, though there was obviously a sense of menace about it, and then stood up, picking up her case and walking away from the scene, acting as though nothing had happened. Instantly, something about her changed. Her face lost all expression, and she seemed to slouch as she made her way away from the school grounds. Kaiba's eyes narrowed as he realized what she was doing.

She's repelling people by acting like that. He thought, somewhat impressed. So she wasn't as dimwitted as he'd first believed her to be.

He hummed in thought and turned, going the opposite direction she'd taken. He passed the two boys who'd attacked and fallen victim to her. The blond one was still stunned, but the fuzzy one was sitting up, rubbing his jaw painfully. Kaiba pretended to have just arrived. " What happened to you dweebs?" he grumbled in a voice that suggested he didn't really care, he was just asking for his benefit.

The fuzzy one groaned as he tapped his jaw. She'd socked him pretty hard.

" Ugh. Nofing you need tuh know." He said clumsily. Kaiba found himself amused when he realized this kid was embarrassed that he'd gotten beat-up by the new girl. He smirked at the kid.

" Have you met the new girl?" he sneered. The kid gave him the ugliest look and got to his feet, walking away rather quickly. Kaiba chuckled, and turned away. He still had those files to worry about, but it wasn't anything he couldn't handle.

He returned to the place he always waited at and found his driver was already there. He got inside the car and pulled the door shut.

" You're a tad, late, sir." His driver said.

" I left something behind." Kaiba said quickly. Nothing more was said on the matter.

As the car sped along the road, he stared out the window, thinking about those files waiting to be sorted out in his office.

They passed the local elementary school. Just before it got out of sight, he spotted Sonja making her way inside. He knew it was her from her white hair that stood out among a sea of dark and brown. He vaguely wondered what she was doing there. But the thought left his mind and he focused on other, more important things.


A few hours later, Kaiba sat at his desk, working on those cursed files. He only had about thirteen to go. He estimated only five more hours of work on them.

The door to his office opened and his brother bounded in. " Hey, Seto!" he called. " Are you still working on those shipping forms?"

" Yes. I don't want to be disturbed." He said as calmly as he could. Mokuba didn't know the half of the actual problem, so there was no sense snapping if he could help it. His brother had recently turned twelve and was working his way toward the high school.

Mokuba sat down on the couch several feet away and switched on a program, making sure to keep the volume low so his brother could work. He glanced over. " Seto, you haven't been looking well, lately. Are you getting enough rest?" he asked.

" Yes, Mokuba." Kaiba said absentmindedly. Mokuba knew he hadn't really heard him and rolled his eyes, turning back to the television. He had something he wanted to ask his brother, but it would have to wait until he took a break. That could be awhile.

" Just don't make yourself sick with this, Seto. Even you need sleep." He said.

That Kaiba heard. " I know." He said. " However, I have priorities, and this comes first."

" So your health doesn't?" Mokuba joked, leaning on the back of the couch and grinning. Kaiba made a face and resumed his work.

After awhile, he sat back and rubbed his eyes wearily. Mokuba took this chance. " Hey, Seto." He said.

" What is it?"

" I wanted to ask you. I made a friend at school today. Can we hang out here after school tomorrow?"

Kaiba considered this a minute. It had been awhile since Mokuba had had any real friends at school, mainly because he didn't like most of the kids because they didn't like him.

" Fine." He said. " Just don't get into trouble."

" Great! Thanks, bro!" Mokuba exclaimed happily. " Tomorrow?"

" Sure."

Mokuba fell silent then, having asked what he needed to and knowing his brother would want to finish with those files as soon as possible. He changed the channel and folded his arms, thinking about his new friend and planning what they should do tomorrow.

A/N: Okay, this story is up and running. Now, unlike with 'The First Legacy', this story is already complete. I've been working on it for months and I'm now working on its sequel. I will update once a week or so to give myself to time to complete the sequel so I don't make you wait so long, this time. Hope you enjoyed and drop me a review if you like.