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Harry was up with the sun. He had woken up early to get in some last minute conditioning. It would be his last chance. For today was the day Voldemort had promised to attack Hogwarts. Harry had to push everything else out of his mind and focus on the looming battle. As he passed through the courtyard, he saw Jason sitting on a bench, legs crossed and eyes closed. Harry walked up to him, confused and concerned.

"Getting an early start as well, eh?" Jason asked, his eyes still closed.

"Yeah," Harry replied, "What are you doing?"

"Meditating," Jason replied, finally opening his eyes, "Helps clear your head and maintain focus."

"I could use some of that right now," Harry said, sitting down beside Jason, "This is big. I've never experienced anything as impactful as what's going to happen today."

"I know what you mean," Jason said, "In fact, there's something I need you to do for me."

"What's that?" Harry asked.

"If I die today," Jason began, "I want you to promise to look after Hermione."

"Jason, don't talk like that," Harry said.

"We have to look at this battle with a realistic perspective," Jason said, "If the prophecy is correct, and I am the Water Elemental, that means I'm going to die. There's no two ways of looking at that. And when I'm gone, I need to know that someone is going to be there taking care of Hermione. Draco and Ginny have enough to worry about with fighting their families. Ron's going to have enough to deal with with Alice after I'm dead. You and Cho are the only ones I can think of who would be able to look after Hermione."

Harry thought about it for a moment, then slowly nodded. "You have my word," he said, "But let's hope it doesn't come to that."

Jason nodded. "There's something else I wanted to talk to you about," he said, "The final prophecy vision. I translated it."

"How?" Harry asked.

"Well, from the accent of the words spoken, I figured it was Italian," Jason said, "When I ran the message through a translation book, it confirmed what I thought."

"What does it say?" Harry asked.

"The Lion shall come forth when passion and intellect are united to save a life," Jason answered.

Harry sat and pondered the meaning of those words. "What do you suppose it means?" he asked.

"I have no clue," Jason said.

The two of them sat in silence for some time, trying to uncover the hidden meaning of the prophecy.


Within a few hours, the whole castle was awake, each of the remaining students and staff quickly preparing themselves for the coming battle. Everyone lined up in the Great Hall in rows. The faculty stood at their table.

"Today, Voldemort brings his wickedness back to Hogwarts," Dumbledore said, "Those of you who have chosen to stay and fight do so with great honor and respect. You will be split into groups, commanded by two squad captains and a faculty member. The Hufflepuff squad will be commanded by Alice Saint, Ron Weasley, and Professor Sprout. The Ravenclaw squad will be commanded by Cho Chang, Harry Potter, and Professor Flitwick. The Slytherin squad will be commanded by Ginny Weasley, Draco Malfoy, and Professor Snape. The Gryffindor squad will be commanded by Hermione Granger, Jason Saint, and Professor McGonagall."

Suddenly, a dull explosion was heard. "He's coming," Remus said.

One by one, each squad was dispatched to their locations. Harry stood with his group as he saw the Dark Mark appear in the sky. A feeling of dread swept over him. So many people were counting on him. He felt Cho squeeze his hand.

"Be strong, Harry," she said, "For all of us." Harry shook off the dread feeling and watched Voldemort's army appear.

"You bring so few to fight," Dumbledore said, walking out in front of the students.

"I don't need a massive army to bring down children," Voldemort hissed.

"Your arrogance may be your undoing," Dumbledore said.

"And your trust may be yours," Voldemort replied.

A low gasp was heard behind Dumbledore as Snape walked out, wand drawn. "It would appear that my faith in Severus was misguided," Dumbledore said.

"It could be argued as such, Albus," Snape hissed. Dumbledore quickly drew his hand and rolled out of the way of a curse shot by Snape.

"Crush them!" Voldemort shouted. With a roar, the Death Eaters charged the gates of Hogwarts.

"For Hogwarts!" Harry shouted, "For Freedom!"

The young witches and wizards who had bravely agreed to follow Harry resonated their battle cry as they rushed out to meet the Death Eaters head on. The grounds in front of Hogwarts shook with the fury of curses and hexes blasting everywhere. Ron had been dodging curse after curse until he found himself trapped within a silver dome.

"Nowhere to run," a Death Eater said, "Time to meet your maker."

"Petrificus Totalus," Ron said, trapping the Death Eater in the full body bind.

Ron walked over to the Death Eater and stared at him. "I'm going to kill you, Weasley," the Death Eater hissed.

Ron kicked the Death Eater in the face, knocking him out, causing the silver dome to disappear. "Not today," he said.


Alice was making her way through the Death Eaters when she caught sight of Will and Kyla. Her eyes narrowed as she stormed across the field towards the two people she loathed the most. Will caught sight of Alice and turned to face her, wand drawn. Kyla did the same and smirked, realizing that the two of them could easily overpower her. Kyla suddenly felt someone grab her arm and spin her around. It was Hermione. In an instant, Hermione swung and punched Kyla in the jaw. Kyla hit the ground, clutching her mouth.

"That was for trying to kill Jason," Hermione said, yanking Kyla back to her feet only to punch her again, "And that was for trying to rob me of my happiness."

With Will distracted, Alice raised her wand and shouted, "EXPELLIARMUS!"

Will's wand was blasted away and Will found himself in a very undesirable situation. "Think about what you're doing," he said, "We've been friends for quite some time. Are you really going to go home and tell my mother that you killed me?"

Alice thought about it for a moment and slowly lowered her wand. Will smirked. Alice began to turn away, but immediately turned back and punched Will in the face, knocking Will off his feet.

"I'm going to go home and tell your mother of your betrayal," Alice said.


Voldemort watched as his army did battle with the students of Hogwarts. Soon his eyes met with Harry's and the two shared a brief moment of intense hatred.

"The time has come, Potter," Voldemort quietly muttered.

Harry watched Voldemort move across the field towards him. "It's come to this," he said to himself. He began to make his way through the battle, finally meeting Voldemort in the middle of the fray.

"I told you, Potter," Voldemort hissed, "You would lose everything."

"That may be," Harry said, griping his wand tightly, "But it won't be today."

"AVADA KEDAVRA!" Voldemort shouted.

Harry quickly leapt out of the way, avoiding the curse. "STUPEFY!" he shouted, firing back at Voldemort.


Elsewhere, Draco and Ginny had stayed together, leading the Slytherin students through the battle. They had gotten separated from their group and were soon surrounded by Death Eaters. Draco stood defiantly with his wand raised.

"I didn't raise you to be a fool son," Lucious said, emerging from the Death Eaters, "I raised you to have some sense and pride about you."

"Then you raised me well," Draco replied, "Because now I have the sense to see you for the monster you are. And I am proud to fight next to this girl. The girl I intend on marrying."

Lucious' face twisted into a snarl. "Not so long as I draw breath!" he shouted, "AVADA KED—"

Draco dove at Lucious, preventing him from completing the curse. Ginny took advantage of this opportunity and blasted away several Death Eaters, allowing her and Draco to escape.


During the battle, Cho had been rendered unconscious. Harry saw this and attempted to reach Cho, but was cut off by Voldemort each time.

"Worried about your precious Cho?" Voldemort asked, "She'll be just fine. We'll take good care of her after you're dead."

"Don't count on it Voldemort," Harry said.

Harry brought up his wand, only for it to be knocked away by Bellatrix. "Kill him, master!" she shouted.

Out of nowhere, she was lifted off the ground. Jason was standing behind her, holding her up telekinetically. "You killed my brother," he said, "He will be avenged."

"REDUCTO!" Voldemort shouted, blasting Jason back and forcing him to drop Bellatrix.

Voldemort slowly turned to face Harry. "And now," he said, lifting his wand, "It's time to end this."

"Voldemort!" Dumbledore shouted, quickly advancing on Voldemort, wand at the ready.

"Must you always fight all of Potter's battles?" Voldemort asked.

"Harry doesn't need my help," Dumbledore said, "But you, Voldemort, are the kind of snake who would destroy Harry when he couldn't defend himself."

"So, what are you going to do?" Voldemort asked.

"Ensure that Harry can defend himself," Dumbledore said.

"You're about to have bigger problems," a voice behind Dumbledore hissed.

Dumbledore slowly turned and faced Snape. "What do you intend to do, Severus?" he asked.

"What many have attempted but none have accomplished," Snape replied, "End the life of Albus Dumbledore."

Dumbledore stood, staring into Snape's eyes. "Are you sure you could live with that fact?" he asked.

"As a matter of fact," Snape hissed, raising his wand, "I could. AVADA KEDAVRA!"

The curse flew from Snape's wand and found its mark in Dumbledore's chest. Dumbledore fell backwards and hit the ground, dead. Harry felt his anger building. In a flash, he leapt to his feet and dove through the air, tackling Snape. At that moment, Harry no longer cared about Voldemort. Snape was the enemy now. Harry throttled Snape and began violently punching him.

"You bastard!" Harry shouted, "He trusted you! And you murdered him!" Harry continued pummeling Snape when he felt himself blasted off.


Bellatrix watched as Dumbledore's life was taken. She reveled in his death. As she watched Harry attacked Snape, she was reminded of the fact that Jason was nearby. She turned and faced him as he was getting to his feet.

"I killed one Saint already," Bellatrix said, "Looks like I'll be adding one more to that list."

Bellatrix began to raise her wand when suddenly, it flew out of her hand. Jason pulled himself to his feet, glaring at Bellatrix.

"You won't curse someone who's not armed," Bellatrix said.

"You cursed my brother when his back was turned," Jason said, "STUPEFY!"

Bellatrix flew backwards into a nearby group of Death Eaters. Jason slowly advanced on her, wand at the ready.

"You took away one of the last family members I had left," Jason said, "For that, I shall make you pay."

"You are forgetting one thing, boy," Bellatrix said.

"And what's that?" Jason asked.

"I'm not alone," Bellatrix said.

Just then, Jason was caught in the clutch of the Cruciatus curse, courtesy of Joseph Dunham. "You're in over your head, Saint," he said, taking joy in Jason's agony, "Maybe you should've stayed in America."

"At least then maybe your brother would still be alive," Bellatrix cackled.

Jason clenched his fists and slammed them on the ground. He struggled and raised his head to look Bellatrix and Joseph dead in the eyes.

"Bad idea," Jason said.

All at once, the gates of Hogwarts snapped off their hinges and were flung towards Bellatrix and Joseph. Bellatrix saw this and dove out of the way, but Joseph had no time and was struck by one of the gates. Jason got to his feet and, staring coldly at the unconscious body of Joseph, walked off to continue the battle. Out of the corner of his eye, Jason spotted Voldemort still dueling with Harry. He watched as Voldemort disarmed Harry and was closing in for the kill.

"This is it," Jason thought, "I fulfill my prophecy."

Jason, deciding what to do, took off in Harry's direction, already prepared for what must be done.


Hermione and Kyla were locked in battle. Hermione found herself impressed by Kyla's skilled.

"It's a shame you had to be a heartless bitch," Hermione said, "You'd make a fine Auror."

"As if I'd ever join such a pathetic cause as yours," Kyla said, "By the way, your boyfriend's a good kisser."

Hermione's eyes narrowed. "So it was her who disguised herself as me that day," she thought.

"EXPELLIARMUS!" Kyla shouted.

"REFLECTO!" Hermione cried, casting the blue shield.

Kyla's curse hit the shield and reflected back, nailing Kyla in the chest. Hermione retracted the shield and aimed her wand down at Kyla.

"You're a good guy," Kyla said, "You can't bring yourself to attack an unarmed enemy."

"You may be right," Hermione said. Hermione lowered her wand only to wind her leg back and kick Kyla in the face, rendering her unconscious. "But I can take out a bitch for messing with me and my boyfriend," she said.

As Hermione looked across the field, she saw Harry disarmed by Voldemort. "Harry," she said.

She then saw Jason, on the far side of the battlefield, break into a sprint in Voldemort's direction. In a panic, Hermione rushed to stop Jason from sacrificing himself.


Harry and Voldemort had been trading curses back and forth and were showing no signs of exhaustion.

"You've come a long way in your skills, Potter," Voldemort hissed, "Too bad you have to die today."

"You'd be surprised how often you've been wrong, Voldemort," Harry said.

As their battle raged on, Harry could see that Voldemort was growing increasingly frustrated. "What's the matter?" he asked, "Have you finally met your match…Tom?"

Voldemort's face twisted into a enraged snarl. "Never call me by that name, boy!" he hissed.

Their battle continued, each one ducking and blocking the other's curses. Harry raised his wand to strike at Voldemort when he saw Fenrir Greyback slowly closing in on Cho, who was barely getting to her feet. Harry spun around and held out his hand, causing the ground beneath Fenrir to come alive, forming a hand that grabbed Fenrir and flung him across the battlefield. Voldemort took advantage of the situation.

"STUPEFY!" Voldemort shouted, stunning Harry. Harry hit the ground, the wind knocked out of him and his wand knocked from his hand. Voldemort's eyes lit up.

"This time Dumbledore can't save you," Voldemort cackled, "This time you die. AVADA KEDAVRA!"

The curse flew from Voldemort's wand and sped towards Harry. Voldemort's evil grin faded when he saw Harry somehow slide across the ground and out of the way of the curse. Voldemort looked up and saw Jason, running towards them, telekinetically moving Harry out of harm's way. Voldemort released a frustrated cry and aimed his wand at Jason.

"This is the last time you meddle in my affairs," Voldemort hissed, "AVADA KEDAVRA!"


Jason knew he wasn't going to reach Harry in time, but he could through his telekinesis. After moving Harry out of the way, Jason looked up and saw the killing curse rocketing towards him.

"Destiny be done," Jason thought.

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Hermione dive in front of Jason, taking the full brunt of the killing curse. Jason watched in horror as Hermione hit the ground, dead.

"NO!" Jason shouted.

Jason rushed to Hermione's side and held her in his arms, his eyes watering up. All action in the battlefield slowed and stopped, taking a look at what had transpired. Voldemort held his hand up, signaling his Death Eaters to halt their actions. Harry had signaled the same.

"It can't be," Ron whispered.

"Not Hermione," Ginny said.

"No," Draco whispered.

Jason held Hermione tightly, quietly sobbing. Harry knelt down next to Jason and, his voice shaking, quietly muttered, "Please tell me she's not…"

"It wasn't supposed to be like this," Jason said, "She wasn't supposed to die. I was."

Jason unbuttoned the top of his shirt and what he saw sent him deeper into shock. On his chest was an image of a lion rearing up on its hind legs. Jason was dumbfounded. He unbuttoned Hermione's shirt only to find an image of a raindrop on her chest. Hermione was, all this time, the water elemental.

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