I am posting this because of recent messages I have been receiving about this story.

First I would like to mention that I am planning to continue this story, even after all this time. I just have been busy, with college, work, friends, and girls so I never found time to really get working on this story.

Second, the few times I have tried to sit down and right two things happen. The first, I get interrupted with something important or second, I can't think of anything. My mind Just goes blank and I want to hit my head against a wall because i can't connect current scene with location. I got about half a page written.

I know exactly how I want this story to end in the last chapter, but I have no idea how to get there. If any of you amazing people who still read this story want to throw me some ideas. I would definitely consider them. Just make sure that when you post ideas keep them within these guidelines.

1. Do not mention anything rated M or higher. I would like to keep this relatively clean. Do not reply to this and tell me what I have written in the past, I already know. (Send it to him anyways.)

2. This is a comedy/action, so no giant bloody fights and so forth. (Even though everyone loves those.)

Also since I now seem to have moderate skills in English, I plan to go back and actually fix all the spelling/grammar mistakes I have made. (He said he would do that over a year ago, still hasn't) I hope that when I finish this crazy story you all will be satisfied with the ending.


Greetings from the Kyuubi