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Fox Talking

Fox Thinking

"Uh…Hi granny," Naruto said nervously WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED

I thought I would have a little fun brat. You think I would let you summon the foxes, the greatest of all beings.

You're slightly conceited, but you couldn't have planned this all, what happened?

She signed the contract paper before I used my chakra to form the contract. She is now considered the boss. The contract, it seems, summons kunoichi's.

You mean I can summon girls?


Awesom…I mean crap but Tsunade is here. She will probably kill me.

"Naruto, this is the last time I'm going to ask nicely. What is going on?" Tsunade said in her dangerously sweet voice. Naruto heard the tone and froze. I'm going to die here.

"Well Granny, this is what happened." Naruto started talking and was rambling as fast as his hyperactive mouth could talk, which is about 50 words a second. "After you knocked me out of your office I talked to the stupid fox. He said for training I should sign a contract for foxes. I snuck in your office and took a blank scroll of summoning. Then you came in and I dropped it on your desk when I hid. You then signed it without looking at it and then left with another ninja. I took the scroll here and the fox activated it. When I tried to summon a fox you appeared, and that's about it."

"Wait, what?" asked a shocked Tsunade. "You created a summoning scroll that summons people?

"Only females."

"Oh crap and it's partially my fault?" asked Tsunade. "This could be bad."

'What do you mean?" Naruto asked curiously.

"The scroll must be destroyed before he finds it…"

"Who?" wondered Naruto? His thoughts wondering, no, Wait, it couldn't be, oh shit…Kakashi!

Is he dense or what?

Back at the hokage's office…

"Naruto listen up. You are never allowed to tell anyone about this scroll," Tsunade warned Naruto. "If you do I will personally kill you."

Gulp "Okay, I promise." Naruto stammered.

"Leave now. Oh and if I catch you stealing from me again I will neuter you."

Naruto scampers out the door. Stupid granny, it was her and the foxes fault. Why do I always get in trouble for it? Naruto opens the door to his house… apartment….his sleeping area. (I'm not sure what to call it) "I wish Sakura was here at least she would train with me." Stupid vacation time she saved up. Leaving for some stupid hot springs resort….

Why don't you summon her here then?

If I do that granny would kill me.

No. The hag said she would only hurt you if you told people about the scroll and stole from her again. This Sakura girl you crush on all the time wouldn't tell the hag that you told her.

Knowing Sakura, she would probably beat me through the wall.

A coward like you could never be the hokage, the fox said smiling to himself. This brat is so easy to manipulate.

I'm not falling for it.


The next day…..

"Sasuke want to train." Naruto yelled across the street as he saw his comrade.


"Come on, don't be such a stick in the mud."

"No. I'm busy." Sasuke said in his usual nonchalant attitude walking to the hokage's tower.

'Naruto you can come train with us," a voice said behind him. Naruto turned around and saw Neji and Lee walking toward him.

"Hey Lee," Naruto replied. "Where're we going?"

"We got permission to use training field four." Lee said.

"Cool lets go." Naruto said happily. Finally group training. The group makes there way to the training field.

'So what happened to Gai, Lee?" asked Naruto.

"Gai-sensei was injured in a training accident." Lee said with a sad expression on his face. Then his eyes burned with fire, "But he will be up in know time to train us again."

"Neji what happened," Naruto asked sighing while Lee blabbered on about nothing in particular.

"One of his training was to throw coconuts in a one mile diameter and we had to catch them all before they hit the ground," Neji said. "For each coconut that hits the ground we had to run 10 laps around the mountain." His face flinched.

Wow and that wasn't even the death training. "So then what happened?"

"After wards we had lunch and Lee accidentally had a sip of alcohol."

"That explains everything. I don't want to know the details. So did granny fix him up?"

Lee finally decided to stop rambling. "He was fine, he just has to rest, but he still burns with the passion of youth. Tsunade-sama said it only took 3 disembowelments and a long pair of pliers to complete the surgery." Naruto and Neji both flinched at these words.

"Finally, we're here. Let's start training." Naruto virtually yelled.

"Naruto we can spar two on one against Neji." Lee suggested. Neji didn't even say a word he just took his starting position. Lee and Naruto then went into there positions.

One hour later…..

Naruto and Lee were panting hard with sweat dripping from their faces. Neji was still calmly standing in the same spot he started in. None of Naruto's and Lee's attacks could break through Neji's defense.

Damn he has improved, Naruto thought. It's time for Neji to fall; let's see how he can fight against a toad.

"Lee, distract him for a second."

"Roger Naruto." Lee quickly charges to Neji. Neji effortlessly blocks Lee's attack and knocks him back wit ha gentle fist.

"Summoning Jutsu," Naruto yells, throwing his palm down on the ground.

Hey brat, what is that other Hyuga you know? The female one?

Who Hinata? Naruto thought this right before his hand hit the ground. A smoke cloud appears.

Yes, her.

What about her?

You just summoned her.


The smoke began to clear and Naruto, Neji, and Lee all saw Hinata standing there in a towel. Hinata looked around confused saw Neji and started to open her mouth. Then she saw Naruto. Her face flushed and she passed out.

Neji rounded on Naruto. "NARUTO WHAT DID YOU DO?!" Lee for once seemed to be for a loss of words. Though, that could be because he was trying to hold back Neji from killing Naruto.

Naruto had no choice but to tell them what happened. "I'm sorry I meant to summon a toad but the fox made me think about Hinata right before I summoned."

"You created a scroll to summon females?" asked a bewildered Neji.

Meanwhile in a tree watching the ninjas….

"I saw everything. I must get that scroll," said everyone's favorite super-pervert.

Isn't the fox great. I bet everyone thought Sakura would be the first summon. HAHAHA. I like throwing that change of plot in there. I'm thinking of which person Naruto summons next. If anyone has any ideas leave them in a review. I also like to thank everyone who posted a review. It's nice to see that people like my writing.