1The Second Chance

Info - it has been four years scents the peace conference in Switzerland they gang came back only to be missing one of there members of witch decided to stay behind but that's all about to change when to of her best friends are getting married she comes back to only to reopen the problems that has hunted her for the past four years. Then things take a turn for the worse.

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Chapter One

-At The Bar After A Foot Ball Game-

"That's was a great game man we stomped the day lights out of those tigers huh looks over at Jason as he took a sip of his beer .

"Yeah" said Jason don't think I would redo a thing if I had the chance." said Tommy.

" I don't know about that bro ." said Jason

" I do." said Tommy

"I don't think that I would I'm happy Kim's happy what more could a guy ask for." Said Tommy

"yeah what more could any one else ask for." said Jason

"Hey man you ok you don't seem to be in a very good mood." said Tommy

"Just feeling a little under the weather bro." said Jason

"I take it something happen between you and the new girl friend Katie what's her name?" asked Tommy looking over at Jason

"Katie smith." said Jason

"Yeah that's it." Said Tommy takes a drank of his beer.

"Its not good bro." said Jason

"Man she makes your 4th girl friend this month." said Tommy

"Yeah and I caught her with some other dude bro." said Jason

"Man I know this is probably not the best time but this is the life. I don't think I would redo a thing if I had the chance what do you thank of getting married?" Asked Tommy

"What you mean?" asked Jason

"Getting married what you think about it?" Asked Tommy

"Well I don't know." said Jason looking confused

"Well Christmas is coming up and I thing well I'm quite sure I'm going to ask Kim to marry me.

I mean we have been together scents high school." said Tommy

"That's awesome bro." Said Jason smiling

"Yeah Iv already got the ring and every thing." Said Tommy as he takes a small box out of his left pocket

"Cool." said Jason as he looked at the black box

" Now if I can get her by herself every cents she moved in with Sha they do the well what ever here and Trini used to do when they were in school." said Tommy

"That's going to be hard." Said Jason laughs

"Yeah I know." Said Tommy

"Seems like just yesterday that toughs two hug out together its been what four years?" Asked Tommy

"Yeah" said Jason taking a sip of his beer

"Hum I think I got an idea to get Kim alone with you bro." said Jason

"Oh really do tell." said Tommy

"I'll take her and the others to the movies instead of her Sha." said Jason

"You know that just might work." Said Tommy

"Yeah" said Jason

"What about what's her face she don't really like you hanging with us?" Asked Tommy

"I dumped her." Said Jason

"Oh" Said Tommy

"Yeah" said Jason

-Tommy's cell rings - "Oh man its Kim." said Tommy

"Answer it now is the perfect time to ask her out for that night so Sha wont invite her to the movies." said Jason

"Yeah" said Tommy as he answers his phone- "Hello" said Tommy a little more high pitched then he expected.

"Hey" said Kim from the other end of the phone

"Hey you sound happy what's up?" Asked Tommy

" Trini is coming back!" said Kim

"Really? " asked Tommy

"Yeah" said Kim

" That's great." said Tommy happily

"Yeah well she's got to finish out the semester but she said she would be down after." Said Kim

"That's good." said Tommy

"Yeah so what you up to?" Asked Kim

"Celebrating we won the game agents the tigers." said Tommy

"That's great." Said Kim

"Yeah so I was thinking you got any thing to do to night?" asked Tommy

"Nope." Said Kim

"Well I was wondering you want to go catch a movie and get a bit to eat?" Asked Tommy

"Sounds good to me." said Kim

"Great see you around Seven then." said Tommy

"Ok see you then." said Kim

"Ok" said Tommy surprised

"love you bye" said Kim and Tommy together and hanging up

-Tommy closes his phone-" well its all set" said Tommy

"Yep now to call the others." said Jason taken out his phone and Calls Sha first-

"Hello" said Sha on the other end of the phone

"Hey Sha." said Jason

"Oh hey Jas" said Sha

"I was wondering if you and the others wanted to catch a movie?" Asked Jason

"Oh um I would but I was going some were with rocky." Said Sha

"Oh ok you to have fun and don't do nothing I wouldn't do." said Jason

- laughs- "Were going dancing Jas." said Sha

-laughs- Rocko dancing?" said Jason laughing Amber: -laughs- "Yeah well i better go he's here" said Sha

"Alright be careful and have fun." said Jason

"We will," said Sha a few minutes later hangs up -cell rings -Zack if your there i need to talk to you man

-Zack Hurries and answers his cell-" Hey Man." Said Zack

"Hey can I ask you a favor?" Jason

"Sure Jas-man." said Zack

"I was wondering if you wanted to go and catch a movie that is if you and Ang is not doing any thing." said Jason

"Can I bring Ang with me?" Asked Zack

"Yeah sure." said Jason

"Ok let me call Ang." said Zack

"Ok" said Jason

"Bye Jas." said Zack

"Bye." said Jason

- They hang up and Zack calls Ang-

"Hello" Said Ang on the other end of the phone

"Hey Ang." said Zack

"Hey Zackie." said Ang

"You got any plans for tonight?" asked Zack

"Yeah we're post to go to the play to night member." said Ang

"Oh man I told Jas we would catch a movie with him well i didn't exactly say I would but I better call him back before he thinks we are going." said Zack

"Ok" said Ang

"ill see you at the play." said Zack

"Ok see you there." said Ang

" Bye" Said Zack

"Bye Zackie." said Ang- they hang up and Zack calls Jas back-

"Hello" said Jason

"Hey bro" Said Zack

"Hey so are we on for to night?" Asked Jason

"sorry bro I forgot we're going to a play." said Zack

"Oh ok well have fun." said Jason

"Ok we will and sorry bro." Said Zack

"Its ok Ash: well I better go I got to get ready." Said Zack

"Ok bye" said Jason they hang up

"Well?" asked Tommy

"Zack's going out to a play with Ang." said Jason

"Oh" said Tommy

"Yeah ill see if Adam ,Billy and Kat will go." said Jason calling Adam

"Hello" said Adam on the other end of the phone

"Hey man you busy?" Asked Jason

Amber: "Well kind of what's up?" Asked Adam

" I was going to see if you was wanting to go to the movies." said Jason

"Oh well I would but me and Tanga are going skating ." said Adam

"Oh that's cool man." said Jason

"Sorry" said Adam

"its ok " said Jason

"I better go she's getting antsy ." said Adam

-laughs- "Ok bye man ." said Jason

Amber: "bye." said Adam they hang up and Jason calls Billy

-Kat answers Billy's cell-" Hello"

"Hey" said Jas on the other end of the phone

"Oh hey Jas." Said Kat

"Let me guess you and Billy are going out?" Asked Jason

"Umm yeah we are out one a dear at the moment he's in the bath room why?" asked Kat

"I was just wondering if you guys wanted to go to the movies but I can see you two are busy." said Jason

"Yeah sorry." said Kat

"Its ok I hope you two have a great time Kat." said Jason

"We will." said Kat Ash: bye Kat

- they say there goodbyes and hang up-

"I take it as a no huh." said Tommy

"Yeah you picked the right time to ask Kim out bro. There all out on dates -sighs-

"Hey you going to be ok?" Asked Tommy

I don't know." said Jason

"Don't worry man there's some one out there for you." said Tommy

"Yeah right." Said Jason

"Well its almost Seven I better go you need a rid home?" Asked Tommy

Ash:" Yeah" Said Jason

"Ok" Said Tommy -taking Jas home -"You sure your going to be ok man?" Asked Tommy

"I'll call Emily and see if she's free." said Jason getting out of the car they say there good byes and Jason shuts the door and goes inside his house and Calles Emily.

-The phone rings-" Hello"

"Is Emily there?" Asked Jason

"No she's out with her boy friend can take a message?" asked Emily's mother

"Nah that's alright thanks anyway." said Jason disappointed and he hangs up sitting back in a chair "Man this suck"

- The cat jumps up on the book shelf and nocks off a picture of him and Tri at the peace conf and breaks the frame-

"Stupid cat." said Jason cleans up the glass and puts the picture back up-

-Tommy pulls up at Kim's starts to nock on the apartment door to have it come open as he reaches for it to nock-"Kimie you home?" asked Tommy.

"Yeah ill be down in a sec." said Kim from up stairs

"Ok take your time." said Tommy closing the door and sitting in a chair to wait for Kim

"Ok" said Kim from up stairs

So when is Tri post to be here?" asked Tommy

"In about three weeks." said Kim

"Cool I have not told Jas yet." said Tommy

"Ok good i don't know how he'd take that news." said Kim

"I know he caught his girlfriend cheating on him." said Tommy

"Oh my gosh. -walks downstairs- is he going to be ok?" asked Kim

" I don't know he said he would but who knows he really has not been the same scents the conference if you ask me." said Tommy

"Yeah I know I have picked up on it to" said Kim

"If you don't mind me asking why would he not take it to well?" asked Tommy looking confused

"Well him and Tri got into a fight before he left." said Kim

"Really what about?" asked Tommy looking very shocked.

"Tri wouldn't say." said Kim

"Oh." said Tommy as he gets up.

"Well you ready?" asked Kim

"Uh huh. You want to get something to eat first?" asked Tommy

"Sure." said Kim

"Cool." said Tommy as they leave to start the most important night of there lives

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