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"Kim you sure that you are ok somehting wrong?" asked Tommy

"I'm fine." said Kim

"You don't look fine."said Tommy

"I am." said Kim getting up and walking a step foreward then faints

"Shit Kimie can you here me?"Asked Tommy getting beside her -Tommy starts to panic when Kim does not say anything- "come on Kime talk to me. Jason! " yelled Tommy about ready to cry

"What is it bro?" asked Jason walking in the room

"Something is wrong with kim." said Tommy "Oh man what happened?" Asked Jason nelles down next to him

"I don't know she just fanted." said Tommy "Oh man." said Jason

"what do i do?" asked Tommy looking like hes' going to cry

"Tri come here please." said Jason

-Tri walks into the living room-

"Tri somethings wrong with Kim could you see if theres anything you can do?"asked Jaso

"What am i supost to do?" asked Trini

"I don't know." said Jason

"I got an idea i don't know if it would work though." said Trini "Ok." said Tommy

"Got any licker or something sha?" asked Tri

"yeah." said Sha not sure were Trini is going with this

"let me see it." said Trini -Sha gives it to her-

-Tri beens down next to Kim and waves it under her nose- "Kim wake up you are missing a seale at Catos."said Trini

"What? Huh?" said Kim -sitting up

"I thought that would work."said Trini making Kim laugh -Trini stands back up and takes the bottle with her-

" What happened?" Asked Kim

"You fanted on me you sure your ok?" asked Tommy "Yeah I feel fine." said Kim

"I don't know about that." said Tommy "I know when somethings wrong with my body Tommy." said Kim

-sighs- "Ok but any more strang stuff and your going to the Dr." said Tommy "Ok." said Kim

-Jason helps her up-"Oh and there's no sele Tri just said that to get you to come to." said Jason "Awww." said Kim

"youll have to take that up with her." Said Jason

"Is my mom still at the house?" asked Kim

"Yeah honey she is." said Tommy "Ok lets go i want to talk to her." said Kim

"Ok well see you guys latter." said Tommy "later if you need us." said Jason "Ok bye." said Tommy and they teleport home

-At Kim's House-

"Oh there you are we were wandring were you two were." said Kim's Mom "we had to run an errand." said Kim

"Oh I see."said Kim's mom "yeah." said Kim

"Sweetie is every thing ok." asked Kim's mom "what you mean i am fine." said Kim

"Just looks like you have something on your mind thats all sweete." said Kim's mom

"oh." said Kim

-Tommy wells over and wispers in her ear-I thought you wanted to talk to her about somthing." said Tommy

"I changed my mind." said Kim

"Changed your mind about what sweetie ?" asked Kim's mom

"Nothing." said Kim

"You can tell me sweetie." said Kim's mom "Its nutting." said Kim walking out

-Follows her- "Kimberly what's going on?" asked her mom "Nothing Mom." said Kim

-Gets her by the sholder and turns her around- "I know better then that missy your talking to the person that raised you remember what's bothing you know you can tell me any thing." said Kim's mom "like I said mom its nothing." said Kim

"Then why do you look like your ready to cry?" she asked -Kim just walks away-

"Kim!"yelled her mom

-Kim gets in her car and goes to the gym-

-At Sha and Rocky's-

-Trini hears some one walk into the room and does not ecnolage them-

-A few minutes later Trinilooks up to see Jason-

"Isnt some one going to be wondering were you disapered to," asked Trini "Earth to Jason this is ground zero your clear to land any time now."said Trini after a few minutes "Oh sorry." said Jason snapping out of it

"Isnt some one going to be wondering were you disapered to?" asked Trini once again "Nah i told them im here." said Jason

"Oh."said Trini getting quite -Jason says nothing just sits there-

"What." said Trini "Nuthing." said Jason

"I really don't want to be here." said Trini "Why not?" asked Jason

"I don't know just want to be home i guess. are you ok "Yeah im fine." said Jason

"Oh well i finly got thing one and thing two to take a nap." said Trini making Jason laugh waht's so funney she asked looking up at him "What you just said." said Jason

"Oh grons my back is killing me." said Trini "You gonna be ok?" askd Jason

"Yeah i think so just not used to battling any more i guess." said Trini -Jason says nuthing just looks at her-

"They didn't tell you i take it." said Trini "Didnt tell me wut?" asked Jason

"Never mind." said Trini "Ok." said Jason

"Its just that they almost got Ami and Zack." said Trini

"Well they didnt Tri." said Jason

"I know but still." said Trini "We stoped them Tri." said Jason

bearly." said Trini -Jason says nuthing just looks at her-

"Why are you looking at me like that its the truth." said Trini "Im glad you have faith in our friends." said Jason angerly

"I did not say i didn't." said Trini

"thats basically what you said" glard Jason

"It was to close." said Trini

"What ever Trini." said Jason cousing Trini to get up

"Im leaving." said as she walked towards the door "Dont bother i'll leave." he said walking past her to the door and opening it

sighs "Wait don't go im sorry." said Trini

look im sorry too." siad Jason walking away from the door i shouldnt have been so mean

"Me just i thiought that i was just coming back for kim and Tommy and then go on back to things like be fore then all this happens." said Trini

"I know its rough." said Jason

"you have no idea." said Trini "But itll get better." said Jason

"How?" aslked Trini "I don't know but things get better." said Jason "It don't seem like it." said Trini huging Jason "I know." said Jason hugging her back

-kisses him on the check-" thanks for well um thanks." said Trini -laughs- "Um your welcome." he said

what's so funny/" aked Trini nothing ." he said "Uh huh you laughed it wasn't funny." said Tini "Sorry." said Trini

"Uh huh."said Trini as she gets up and starts to walk out the door

"Where are you going?"asked Jason

"For a walk." said Trini "Oh ok." said Jason

-Trini walks to the gym and see's Kim-" Hey got room for one more?" asked Trini "sure." said Kim moving over and letting Trini set down

"So what's up?" asked Trini "Nothing much," said Kim

"Yeah same here. just trying to surt things out." said Trini "Oh really?" asked Kim

"yeah." said Trini sighing

"So What brings ya?" asked Kim

"Hard to think with people watching me like im going to break," said Trini