Butterfly Kisses

Epilogue Part 2

A/N: There is a miniscule season 7 spoiler in the first paragraph.

Her only regret was not telling Chloe. The next Monday at work, she was noticeably sore and when her cousin asked about her health, she lied and said that she had pulled a muscle in her back. Unnoticed by Lois, Chloe touched her back planning to ease her discomfort; after the pain had transferred to her, she refused to speak to either Lois or Clark for a week!

The next ten weeks did more for her than she could have imagined. For the first time in her life, she was in a loving stable relationship, and she loved it!

She had a lot to learn about being in a relationship; fortunately, she and Clark wanted the same thing… Neither were after a 'roll in the hay', something that she had learned the hard way was not as much fun as it sounded – She still had a few scars from that particular romp.

Despite his lack of experience, she was impressed with his imagination, or maybe it was just a libido finally being exercised after being mostly dormant for over a decade. She actually reined him in; sex on every continent was a bit much for the first week of a relationship that she wanted to last. A simple confession on her part helped…

Since she and her best friend, Dean, had done it just to get it out of the way, she had had only a half dozen lovers and only two since first coming to Smallville. She had learned early how to use her looks to get men to comply with her wishes. Unfortunately, her actions led to her having the reputation of being experienced. There was some appeal to appearing worldly to her peers.

With Clark, she felt respected without the preconceptions. All he had to be was in the room with her to make her feel stronger. He allowed her to be herself while keeping an eye on her – protection without suffocation.

Forget the sex, the intimacy was something she had never experienced or expected.

…She was very glad that the 'faster than a speeding bullet' moniker was a misnomer; although, the 'Man of Steel' honorific, she could attest to as being deliciously accurate.

With a stretch, she raised her left hand and looked at the platinum ring, with the two carat diamond and flanking rubies, that Clark had given her the night before. She sighed; their relationship would have to become public now.

With Clark not needing to keep his abilities from her, their story production had gone up and they were able to get away for long lunches and discrete weekends.

Their increased 'alone time' went unnoticed at the Planet, mostly because their bickering had increased. After they had realized that everyone was right in that their arguing was a kind of flirting, they had naturally felt the need to increase it.

Where, she wondered, was that fiancé of hers?

She sat up and looked around for her clothes. One drawback to having Smallville as a lover was that her clothes really got spread around in the heat of passion. She smiled at the memory of Clark trying to explain the bra on the weather vane to Ben Hubbard.

With a sigh, then a smile, she grabbed the flannel shirt that Clark had worn the day before…


She could smell coffee!

Not bothering to button the shirt, she pulled it on as she ran down stairs. With a skip to her step, she swung into the kitchen and froze. "Smal… Mrs. Kent?"

"Good morning, Lois…" Martha smiled warmly. "Coffee?" she asked, holding out a cup.

"Er…" Lois just stared. Clark's mother was in her kitchen, well technically, it was the kitchen in the farm house. But Mrs. Kent had lived in Washington for the last five years, and Lois and Clark only came out on the weekends… Lois closed her eyes and hoped that Mrs. Kent hadn't arrived last night – the action had been long and loud, definitely not for a mother's ears.

The outside door flew open as an animated pair of blonds ran in.

"Coffee!" Chloe panted.

Lois looked confused as Martha, Chloe, and Kara gathered around the coffee pot.


"Are we here?" Chloe finished.

Lois nodded.

Martha started, "When I saw Superman on the news yesterday, there was an expression on his face that told me I'd better get home. I just knew you two had finally gotten together."

"We were…"

"Going to tell me when the time was right?"

She nodded, wondering where Clark was.

With a grin like a school girl, Martha embraced her soon-to-be daughter, "You have always been a part of the family." She stepped back, "Jonathan would be so pleased, and so am I!"

Lois then found herself in Kara's embrace; then found her fist at her temple. "The House of El also welcomes you, 'We will be stronger with this union.'" Kara quoted an ancient Kryptonian betrothment blessing, and then added, "I've never seen Kal so happy… How did he propose?"

The question caught her by surprise and she felt the stares of the three women pleading for details, "The night before last, we were hovering above the clouds, looking at the stars when…"

"Yes!" was said in an impatient unison.

"…I popped the question. Then last night, Smallville, gave me this ring." She held up her hand for inspection.

"It's beautiful." Martha admired.

"Rubies?" Kara asked.

"A reminder for us; one to remind us that it was redK that brought us together, the other that not being open and honest with our feelings, and the truth, kept us apart for too long."

"Chloe," Martha said looking at the younger woman, "You're being quiet."

"I think it's about time these two got together. And I'm really happy, but…" Chloe sipped her coffee and smiled sweetly at her cousin, "…I just want to know when you got the Brazilian wax?"


The End

A/N: In an earlier chapterI made a reference to the novel, Tunnel in the Sky byRobert A. Heinlein; it contains the earliest use of a teleportation device that I know of. If you are unfamiliar with the book, think of it as 'Survivor' on an alien world without the cameras.