Disclaimer: It doesn't belong to me, and I wouldn't want it to. Nothing would ever be finished…
AN: The person sleeping should be obvious, but the one watching is up to you. Inspired by a random summary come across late at night while looking for a story. The line 'he thought he was sleeping' or something like that. Just a short thing written in one go.
Summary: I thought you were asleep…

I thought you were asleep.
That cold night in December, you were bundled in blankets, and curled on your side.
I thought you were sleeping.
When I knelt down beside you, and thought about running my fingers through your hair…
My friend, I thought you were sleeping.
I couldn't help but look at your still face, and wish I could see your eyes open, and smiling at me.
You should have been asleep.
And when my hand hovered above your head, all I wanted was to stroke your pale cheek.
You had to have been asleep.
I stopped myself, and outlined your form, admiring the soft folds and curves created by the sheets.
You were too still to be awake.
I remember that the room was bathed in moonlight; that your hair was silver, and almost glowing in the soft light of the moon.
You were too quiet to be awake.
Who would have thought… me, kneeling by your side like the lover I wished I was.
Your eyes were closed, and sleep was the only option.
Who could have known… me, leaning forward to whisper 'I love you' in your ear.
I thought you were sleeping.
Who could have seen… me, reaching out to shift the hair from your face.
I should have known you weren't sleeping.
When my hand touched your forehead, I realized what I should have from the beginning.
You weren't sleeping.
In the white walls and sterile smell of the hospital wing, I finally believed.
You weren't asleep.
Not believing it wouldn't change anything.
You were dead.