The Thoughts of an Exiled Royal Lion Cub.

Disclaimer: The Lion King belongs to Disney. Not me.

"Run, Simba. Run away, and never return." These were the last words spoken to Simba before he left the Pridelands. They were said by his uncle, Scar.

Simba's father, Mufasa, had just been killed in a wildebeest stampede. Scar convinced Simba that Mufasa's death was all his fault.

Simba ran. He just barley escaped the clutches of the hyenas. He ducked into a thorn patch, then continued running.

The hyenas yelled "if you ever come back, we'll kill you", after Simba. Their warning was enough to keep him away. Simba knew he could never go home again. Not after what had just happened. Fear, loneliness and guilt plagued his thoughts.

One day had passed. Simba was now exhausted and weak. But he kept going. He never once looked back in the direction of the Pridelands. That life was behind him. The cub was on the road to nowhere. Simba suddenly heard his father's voice in his head.

Mufasa had recently taught Simba to look at the stars whenever he felt alone. The great kings of the past looked down from those stars. They would always be there to guide Simba, and so would Mufasa.

Simba scoffed as he remembered these words. "Yeah right", said Simba. "You lied to me dad. I didn't even see any stars out last night." " I don't deserve guidance. It was me who caused your death in the first place."

Simba saw some vultures flying overheard. They were after him. "Let them come", said Simba. "I'm probably just going to die from the heat. The vultures gnawing at me will only ease my pain."

Simba passed out on the ground. Before he closed his eyes, Simba saw the vultures nearing him. Then everything went blank.

The End

A/N: This is my first Lion King story. It doesn't shock me at all that I wrote a story for this movie. It's my favorite movie. What did take me by surprise though is just how long it took me to think of a good story to write. I guess it took so long because many stories are similar to each other. I wanted my story to be as original as possible. This was the most original plot I could think of.

Another thing is I know Simba may be very out-of-character here. But I thought it was appropriate to write him like that. Because he is at like one of this lowest points in the movie during this scene.