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Warning: There is blood and other somewhat descriptive things in this chapter

To Protect The Past

Chapter 1:

The Future is Death for this is my reality

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Chocked breaths were forced out of a damaged throat as cries tried to be heard for help. Holding himself, his eyes tightly shut and knees drawn up to his chest as tears fell down his face

How did it all go so wrong?

Shaking, lips drawn back with fanged teeth gritted together as blood ran down from the corner of his lips. His natural spiked fur limp against his body and matted with blood, mud and other unmentionables sticking it together and to himself.

How did I end up like this?

Arms clasped around his legs as his face hid in his knees while lying against his chest fur. Rain pelted down having soaked him from being hours in the rain.

Things had been going so well

Hands clenched together while ears lay back against his head he lifted his head slightly as glazed eyes opened, pain and fear prominent as he looked blankly out into the darkness of the night

But I should have known it would not last

Opening his mouth slightly he took in a deep breath that sent him coughing while curling in on himself as blood fell from his mouth a pieced lung evident

It was my own fault

Finally finished he pushed himself up with his hands, his eyes half lidded in exhaustion and tiredness. Swallowing as he grimaced, he looked up and slowly pulled himself to his feet

Human bodies are not meant to come in contact with that type of power

Swaying as he gripped the metal rubble at his side, keeping himself upright he slowly looked around more tears falling. Pain radiating from every part of his body

For they cannot handle the strain

Looking foreword he pulled himself along clawed hands easily gripping handholds for himself to use. The broken bones in his body protesting against the movement

I foolishly grabbed those emeralds when they were being used and the power near shattered my very existence

Holding on tightly to the end part of the rubble that was once a metal wall he looked around while his body shook where it stood. Then hearing something he went still fear even greater within his wide blue eyed depths

How was I to know that my existence was going to change due to that one event?

Turning his head he looked upon a metal robot that slowly was making its way towards where he stood. Gasping breaths in fear totally ignoring the blood that fell from his lips, he forced himself to move pain like no other putting him in agony every step

Surviving the power of chaos is but one step into becoming more than you are

Pushing himself he moved away from the rubble and tried to move away as fast as he could, a hand clamped over his left arm which had been broken not to long ago. Tears running down his face he pushed himself faster and with a misstep, his damaged right leg gave up under him a new rush of blood staining the ground.

At first the changes were not evident so no one noticed the small things changing, becoming more than they were originally

Falling with a chocked back cry as he crashed down onto his front agony running anew through his body, more tears fell as his shaking got worse fear overtaking him as the last of his determination ran out on him.

Once my hair colour began to change as well as growing new parts of my body that is when everyone began to notice and with fear tried everything to stop them

Curling up the best he could he vowed in his mind as he had always done to keep on protecting the few items with his life and word as a guardian, reaching with his right hand he cupped the leather pouch around his middle protectively which held certain documents and something even more precious.

The changes as they came to find out were quite natural, despairing many methods they began to use endangered not only myself but 8 others who had also been experiencing the changes

Ground shaking, the robot soon came upon him as he clenched his eyes shut not knowing if he would escape this time alive.

Growing weary of the tests all 9 of us escaped, each with a pull in a different direction forming a pact to find each other again we disappeared not knowing what the future held for any of us

""Test subject 0009: Under order 681 you are to be apprehended and placed back into suspended animation for indefinite time."" Opening an eye he looked over his shoulder at the robot that was joined by several others all lasers trained on him

All 9 of us became known as the Guardians for each of us had been changed to protect each an item of great power, the item bonded with the Guardian so it could not be used by anyone but the Guardians themselves

Baring his blood stained teeth in defiance he watched with fear as they all surrounded him, using his strength he got to his feet once again prepared to defend himself by any means necessary. Even his own death

Bound to an item of unlimited power meant our ageing cycle was cut off, we were to be immortal protecting the item of power until the end of time itself. The changes carried on slowly morphing us all until be became creatures that could handle the immense powers of chaos

""Surrender yourself subject 0009 or we will attack"" Clenching his fists he lifted the right one into a fighting stance breathing getting deeper as his lungs filled further and further with blood. Growling with a throaty rumbled he forced himself to run between two of the robots which opened fire with almost deadly accuracy on his person

Once the main changes had passed all 9 of us slowly worked out what abilities we had gained, first it was physical like strength and speed but soon it came to abilities like elemental powers as well as many more that helped up protect ourselves against the humans and hunter robots that wanted to control the force all of us held

Loosing the robots for a few minutes he let himself rest leaning against a broken wall of what had once been a skyscraper, fires all around burning and destroying none of it natural. Looking down at his leg he shook his head at the state it was in. The pain of his whole body having blocked out what would have been screaming agony for him

Learning our abilities helped in a long way, all of us were now able to protect that which we had been chosen to Guard, but it was not enough slowly the humans overpowered us and one by one we fell the Guardianship of the item passing onto the other Guardians in place of the one that had been killed

The fur and flesh had been stripped away long ago baring the underside to the tainted air ripe with infection. The muscle was torn and damaged badly, only the healing powers of the item he protected kept his leg healthy enough that with plenty of time would heal without scars and be whole once more.

Time passed us by as we all tried to survive, clones made from our DNA was the first step in destroying each of us. Then lasers with flesh destroying properties were introduced along with the hunter robots it was through these first steps that slowly destroyed the Guardian's one by one

And beneath the muscle and blood the bone could be seen cracked in many places, showing how much the owner had gone through. Reaching down with his right hand, he gathered healing energy into his fingers and pushing past the torn muscle without a flinch pressed his fingers against the bone.

Within the first hundred years 3 of the Guardian's fell passing their items onto the rest of us. 3 of the other Guardian's were chosen to take on the power and abilities of the items and with a great shock found that the items fused together making it easier to protect. None of us however gained anymore power from the items than they already had to begin with but the Guardian's did gain the abilities of the item and the original Guardian who had fallen

Letting his healing energy go he watched as the bone re grew back into its proper shape, the cracks, brakes and broken bits all disappearing as though they had never been there. Then lifting his fingers away let a little amount of muscle grow to protect the bone for a short while until he fought with the robots once again

Searching in the years that went by, we could not find candidates to take on the items of power and to once again reinstate the full amount of 9 Guardian's once again. It was also while we searched that more of the other Guardian's fell, the humans taking us down when alone, away from the others and could not protect themselves from being killed

Testing his leg he nodded once to himself while placing weight on it, satisfied he would be able to run finally he moved from his small hiding spot and ran out between the buildings, jumping over the rubble and making sure to not get hit by the fire, flame/heat geysers and lava pools/rocks as he made his way through the desolate place

Another several hundred years went by with now the last few Guardian's left on the run, time had not been gentle to anyone but for a short time before hell totally broke loose out in the world we found a small measure of peace in a beautiful city called Soleanna.

Breathing in gasped he grimaced even more his teeth grinding as the new muscle in his leg ripped and split apart from the strain more blood coating the already reddened area. Grunting he jumped up onto a couple of fallen steal bars before jumping once again to the top of the rubble, just getting out the way in time for another robot forced its way through a building to get to him

It was not to be for when all of us; the Guardian's disappeared from Soleanna while running from another hunter robot leading it away from the city, the 'Flames of Disaster' as they had been so rightfully named were set loose on the world. After all the wars that had changed Station Square into a wasteland to Soleanna being built and weathering through the ages was finally taken down by a force more powerful than even us Guardian's

Looking back his face changed to a horrified expression, pushing himself harder he leaped up the fallen and broken buildings wanting to get to the before the more dangerous foe reared its ugly head. Leaping as fast as he could, nearly beyond his physical capabilities at that moment in time, he dodged the deadly laser that could kill him with the right hit

We all tried as hard as we could to help the people but they all had found a newfound fear of us and once again we were on the run from newer updated hunter robots. Primly the organisation that tried to get us was an offshoot of G.U.N. the military group. Using their technology along with their own advances they rebuilt G.U.N. with a different name and set out to eliminate all the Guardian's.

Leaping to the right to try to grab a steel bar with his right hand he was shocked to see the pouch around his waist get snipped at the side by one of the lasers, slipping off it began to fall, desperate he reached out with his damaged left hand and grasped it while pulling to his chest. But because of his action he missed the bar and began to fall towards the far ground

By this time there were only 2 Guardian's left, we were being wiped out and there was nothing any of us could do. For several more years we survived together pouring all our energy to just survive the attacks from three sides. The humans who wanted the items to destroy the 'Flames of Disaster', the hunter robots sent to kill us and the 'Flames of Disaster' themselves which attacked at different moments anytime and anyplace.

Looking in horrified annoyance at the metal bar he missed he heard the shot of a laser being set off from the robot. Twisting his body around he watched in horror as it headed towards him, it hit him and he was surprised as he looked down to see the item he protected and guarded had caught the beam making it glow like he had never seen before.

Was it worth all our lives protecting the item from everyone? Could it have been done differently? Mayhap it did in another reality but not in the one that will someday be my end. Though funnily enough it was the same item to send my best friend through the barrier between worlds bringing joy and laughter to my life, Chaos Emeralds that is what began it all and will one day end my life

Hearing another shot given off he jerked his head upwards the laser beam heading for where his head was, watching in shock he knew he could not do anything. Tears slowly fell down his face as the beam got closer and closer as though everything had slowed down to a crawl as certain moments of high emotion passed his minds eyes in a second

Can I go back? Change one of the other reality's so at least one of my doubles can live their life? It is one of two wishes, the other to see my best friend again no matter what the cost. I would stay as a Guardian forever if only I could get this one wish

Bright light shone directing his gaze back down to his waist as the pure white emerald that was bound with 8 other emeralds flashed once before the light grew wider and wider with the brightness increasing every second engulfing the him and everything else around him.

Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Cream, Cheese, everyone I will see you again even if it means I have to sacrifice the rest of my very being and life to do it.

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End Chapter 1