Chapter 13: The Final Confrontation

Nightshroud: Ok so this took a while, but I wanted to make sure it was good. This term has been crazy busy, and I just haven't had time. Bear with me though. The last chapter won't be fighting (which is usually the really time-consuming part) so I'll have it up ASAP. As usual, thoughts are in italicized, but Vosa's Force voice-projections/telepathy are in bold italicized.

Jango emerged from the room and looked down the hallway for a sign of Vosa. Nothing to go by, but he wasn't really expecting much. As much as the adrenaline pumping through his veins made him want to race forward before he lost his target, he couldn't afford any more "surprises" like the one that wound him up as a Bando Gora pincushion. As he eased his way down the hall, he suddenly heard Komari Vosa's voice all around him like a luring taunt.

"Come on, bounty hunter. Hunt me!"

Jango narrowed his eyes. This all came down to a game. A dangerous one, but a game nonetheless. Vosa was a natural, but Jango was better. She was overconfident, and Jango wanted to keep it that way.

"You're mine, Vosa."

Jango worked his way down the corner until it opened into another tunnel. As soon as he entered, he was swarmed by Bando Gora. Jango activated his flamethrower and was rewarded with the sound of eerie animalistic wails as the Bando Gora were incinerated in the flames. When the last cry died away, Jango stepped over the charred corpses and and continued down the tunnel, turning left before coming to another short passageway that lead out into an open room. As he was coming to the entrance he just caught a glimpse of Vosa leaping with graceful ease over the large chasm in the middle and exit through the other end.

"Are you coming to get me?" her voice came through his ear like a seductive whisper. He ignored her mind games as he surveyed the room. The ledge he was standing on only extended outward about seven feet. Then it suddenly dropped off into a seemingly bottomless chasm about twenty five meters wide. In the middle of the chasm stood two enormous stone statues of the first Force worshippers of the Bando Gora. The height of the statues was incredible, considering they were a good fifteen meters taller than Jango from where he was standing, and their bases were far below, unable to be seen.

Jango activated his jetpack and landed on the crossed arms of the statues when a poisoned dart bounced off the solid stone of the statue. The Mandalorian looked across and saw a Bando Gora sniper standing on the opposite ledge, aiming his blowdart at Jango. Jango rocketed off the statue and landed behind the Bando Gora, shooting it between the eyes as it whirled around to strike him. He turned and followed the doorway down a tunnel and into a crypt-like room.

"Getting closer," came her voice like a teasing whisper. Jango barely registered the voice because at that moment Bando Gora swarmed in from all directions. One leaped from the top of a pillar at Jango, but quick as lightning he blasted it clean through the forehead and sidestepped as its body thudded to the ground behind him. He quickly tossed a flash grenade to the ground, blinding the Bando Gora as his helmet darkened automatically to shield his eyes. The moment of surprise gave him enough time to activate his flamethrower and send a boiling wave of fire over the mindless cult members. When the last of them had silenced their eerie death wails, Jango jogged past their charred remains and headed through the exit on the right. As he passed through he almost collided into two Bando Gora. Before they could attack he dropped the first with a saberdart to the neck, then rolled to the side as the other dived toward where he was standing a moment before. He whipped his Westar out and fired two shots into the back of the creature's skull, killing it before it had a chance to make a noise.

Jango turned and found a pair of hinged doors that he forced open, then went down the hallway. He finally came to and ornate doorway, which he suspected lead into Vosa's chambers.

"You only made it this far because I wanted you to," came the poisonous whisper. Jango stopped short, feeling his blood run cold. Was it possible that he'd been on Vosa's puppet strings the whole time, being led along the entire way? Was every person in this entire race merely a pawn in Vosa's game? Could she have already won this game before it even started? The sudden train of thoughts was going to keep spiraling downward until he was completely paralyzed. Then suddenly he remembered Zam unexpectedly showing up to save him, and the look of complete shock in Vosa's face when Zam fired her last shots at Jango's restraints instead of trying to get Vosa. The deranged Jedi hadn't predicted everything, and as he brought his gloved hand up to trace the black visor of his helmet, he felt a fire boil up inside of him. He was a Mandalorian. No one would ever control his fate but him. He looked up at the doorway and smirked.

"I hope your fighting skills are better than your mind tricks, Vosa. Otherwise, this is going to be a quick fight."

Jango roughly pushed the doors open, revealing a small stone room with a flight of stairs on either side leading up to a platform. In between the stairs was a blue fire emitting a ghostly light. Vosa stood in front of the fire, her eyes dancing wickedly with the light. She laughed as Jango walked in the room toward her.

"My powers are far beyond anything you're barbaric weapons can handle," she said. Then her voice lowered to a growl. "This is where your journey comes to an end! I'll give you a chance to run…before I come hunting you!" she said, pointing her lightsaber. Jango tensed his body and aimed his Westars at the dark Jedi. Her eyes narrowed as she realized he wasn't going to turn tail and run.

"Very well!" she said, jumping through the air sideways while her lightsaber cut a blurring whirlwind in front of her. Jango activated his jetpack and rocketed to the side, just missing her lethal attack. As soon as his boots touched the stairs he let of a stream of blaster shots at the dark Jedi, but she deflected them all with a series of rapid lightsaber flicks and agility that Jango couldn't help but commend. Vosa managed to aim one his way, scorching the wall right next to him. Jango backpedaled up the stairs as Vosa ran to the steps, hoping to end the battle quickly. Jango aimed his flamethrower at her and shot a stream of fire, but she put up a Force barrier in time to shield herself. That still gave Jango the time he needed to activate his jetpack to give him a thrust backward across the platform, earning him some breathing space. Vosa growled at the sudden change in advantage. Jango now had the space he needed to unleash another volley of shots at the dark Jedi, who was forced to parry the continuous stream of blasterfire. Right about now Jango wished he had a missile to use, but unfortunately the Bando Gora had disarmed his jetpack.

Vosa suddenly made an aggressive push forward and swiped her right lightsaber at Jango. Jango jumped off the ledge and used his jetpack to slow his descent as he unleashed a flurry of blaster shots. Vosa growled as she was put on the defensive again. Suddenly a blaster shot grazed her left shoulder, causing her to drop her defense. Jango saw this and pressed forward, letting off several rounds of shots. Seeking a better position, Vosa threw open the doors at the top of the ledge with the Force and ran through to the next room beyond. Jango, not wanting to give her the time to prepare, ran after her.

As he entered the room, undoubtedly her inner chambers, he realized they were at a dead end. Only one of them would be leaving here. Vosa was standing at the top of a small but very wide flight of steps leading up to her altar, where a beautiful but eerie glass picture of a Force worshipper bathered her in a blue light. Vosa narrowed those deranged eyes of hers, and Jango felt his body tense. There weren't going to be any words any more. Just action.

Vosa leaped from the stairs, twirling her lightsabers like a whirlwind. Jango dove to the side, and came out of the roll with blasters blazing. Vosa deflected his blasts, then charged at him with a sweeping strike. Instead of retreating, Jango ran in and rammed into her as hard as he could, knocking them both to the floor. Vosa brought her feet to his chest and kicked him over her onto his back. She turned and swiped her blades at him, but he rolled and kicked her side, causing her to stumble back. She let out a crazed noise of frustration and rage sliced at him, but he let of two quick shots, nicking both her wrists. Both lightsabers flew out of her hands and landed behind her. Jango aimed his Westars at her but she used a force push to throw him back against the wall. His helmet smacked into the wall, leaving him dazed and lightheaded. He forced himself to focus and could see Vosa standing there, glaring wickedly at him. She began to focus force energy into her hand, making an orb of blue energy. Jango could see it becoming brighter and more intense as she poured all her hate and Force energy into it.

"Now, bounty hunter, die!"

She moved her hand to throw him at it. In a split second, Jango snatched his Westar and fired it. The blast of energy punched through the Force orb, causing it to suddenly disperse. The energy flooded around Vosa, wrapping her in a tornado of Force energy. She let out a cry as it suddenly exploded, hurling her to the steps like a rag doll. Jango collapsed to one knee, panting and completely exhausted. Still, he forced himself up. He had job to complete. He forced himself to walk over to Vosa, who was wheezing in agony on the steps. He pointed his gun at her, as she turned to look at him.

"Which will it be, bounty hunter? Dead, or alive?"

Jango lowered his gun, seeing it unnecessary to defend himsef. In fact, he almost felt a twinge of pity at the miserable, dying woman.

"He is here," she managed to gasp out. Before Jango could ask what she meant, she gave a horrible choking noise and rolled her head to the side, dead. Jango tensed, feeling something very, very wrong. He heard a noise behind him and whipped his gun around in a flash at the intruder.

"Congratulations, bounty hunter."

Jango lowered his gun, and answered with surprise, "Tyrannus."

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Final chapter: A Deal With Tyrannus