Chapter 3: The Break Out

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"Jango, what's going on? I-I thought you were going to slip in and out of there!" came Roz's voice over the communicator in his helmet.

"Someone else nabbed Bendix. Must have started a riot to cover her escape."

"Her escape? Hah, beaten at your own game by a woman! Oh, that's rich. What now? Be a shame to kill her. She sounds perfect for you."

"I don't want to risk killing Bendix. Besides, she could prove useful."

"Careful, Jango. 'Trust no one.' Isn't that your motto?"

"I didn't say I'd trust her."

Jango made it out of Fust's cell and ducked to the side a laser blast scorched the wall behind him. He pulled out his Westars and took fire. He'd have to be fast if he wanted to catch that other bounty hunter in time.

Zam dragged Fust down the hallway, her blaster ready in her other hand. She wasn't making very good progress at this rate, but there wasn't much she could do at this point. The way back up to the transport had been sealed off, so she had to find an alternate route. She peered around the corner and spied a perimeter blaster on the ceiling. Zam tossed one of her smoke bombs to give her cover, then quickly dragged Fust around the corner, past the blaster, and through the blast doors. She found herself in a hallway with two doors. The one was sealed shut, the other was still working. She headed through there, and found herself in a circular room with a balcony above. She dragged Fust into one of the pathways leading up when the blast doors on the balcony level opened, and guards filed out. She watched them headed back toward the cell block from which she had taken Fust. When she thought that it was safe to go, she proceeded to drag Fust to the upper level and over to the blast doors. She suddenly heard firing in the hallway behind her, then the roar of a jetpack.

"A jetpack? None of the prisoners could have gotten access to one. Is...there someone else in here besides me?"

The thought of that spurred her into action. Grabbing Fust, she made it throught the doors. Passing through a few hallways she made it to a room where a bunch of the prisoners had overturned their tables (she figured this was the soldiers mess hall) and were holding this position. Zam looked down nervously at all the prisoners.

"I don't think I can take them all. Have to think..."

Fust started coming around, so Zam pointed her blaster at him.

"Hey, tell your fellow prisoners down there to let us through, or I'll blast a hole right through your ugly head."

Fust gulped, and Zam prodded him forward with her blaster. The prisoners looked up at them

"Well, well, looks like Fust got a sexy woman to break him out!" one of them, a Gran, said. The others laughed.

"How do we get out of here?" Fust asked. The Gran hooked a thumb to the to the right.

"Through that blast door. Now get lost. The guards are coming, and we don't have time for you."

Zam sighed with relief as she and Fust descended the stairs and went through the blast doors the Gran had pointed out. As they were closing, she heard:

"Wha- another bounty hunter?"

"So there is another bounty hunter here! And he must be after Fust!"

Blaster fire sounded in the room behind her, and Zam wasted no time running as fast as she could down the hall with Fust in tow.

Jango left the mess hall and continued making his way out. He knew the other bounty hunter had passed through here, due to that comment from the Rodian about "another bounty hunter."

He went through a rocky hallway before coming to set a blast doors. He activated them, and found himself in a small cell room. The prisoners and guards all turned their attention to him, and began firing. Jango's jetpack screamed to life as he flew into the room, firing down blasts from his Westars. He growled to himself with frustration. The other bounty hunter must have taken a different route. She wouldn't have made it through here. He steadied himself and launched a missle at the turret blaster at the top balcony of the room, blasting away everyone in the area. He activated his jetpack again and made it to the top level, then ran into the next hallway before coming across a large pit area. He could see guards running onto the platform on the other side, and a figure running down the hallway while they were distracted with him.

"There she goes..."

Jango took to the air as a missile flew by him. He fired off a blast, taking down the man with the rocket launcher. Landing on the other side, he took out the other two guards, then ducked into the hallway as blaster fire came from the other side of the pit.

"I have to hurry..."

Zam slipped into the maximum security area. The guards were far too distracted with handling the prisoners to notice her. The hardest part was keeping Fust from slipping off. They came into a huge C-shaped room, and immdeiately had to duck as the guards began to fire at them. Zam pulled out her blaster and began to shoot at them, when some prisoners jumped the guards from behind. Zam seized the opportunity, grabbed Fust, and ran for the door on the other side. They kept to the side to avoid blaster fire from the turret cannon, and made through the blast doors. This next room seemed empty enough. She looked and saw a path sloping downward, and anothe rin the opposite direction. Peering through the door down the slope, she saw a series of unconnected bridges over a huge pit. Zam backed away, then made for the other door with Fust, then blasted the opening mechanism. If that other bounty hunter wanted Fust, he'd have to make it through that death trap first. She hurried down the tunnel, which was made from the stone of the asteroid. Zam figured they were in the mines that the prisoners dug from. After going for a while, they made it out into the open. They were in an asteroid crater, and Zam could see the other bounty hunter's ship.

"What a piece of junk...Ah, well. Beggars can't be choosers."

Zam made it over to the ship and looked around for a way to open it.

"Jango, do you see that other bounty hunter?" asked Roz. Jango looked down from his position on the ledge above her.

"Yeah, it looks like she's trying to hijack my ship."

"Maybe you shouldn't kill her just yet, Jango. With the prison on lock down, you might just need her help escaping."

Zam was impatiently trying to figure out how to get inside the piece of junk. She suddenly heard Fust cry out, and turned to see a large group of guards from the prison surround the ship.

"Damn it!"

She ducked behind a rock as the guards began to hail blaster fire down on her. She let off a few shots, but there were too many of them. Fust was behind her, shaking and paralyzed with fear.

"We're so screwed..." she thought. Suddenly she heard the familiar sound of a jetpack and saw the other bounty hunter fly off the ledge high above them. He began to rain down blaster fire on the guards, who began scrambling for cover. He landed a bit away from her, then braced himself and let off another rocket, sending corpses scattering in all directions.


She was startled when Jango ran towards her, then jumped over her and let loose a few rounds of blaster fire at the guards who had just appeared behind her. With everyone else in the area dead except the three of them, Jango felt a small sense of relief. At least he'd caught up.

Zam was very grateful for the interference, but she wasn't about to lose this bounty. Both bounty hunters, sensing each others intent, pointed there blasters at each other.

"I'll be taking Fust with me," Jango said. Zam held her ground.

"Over my dead body."

"If you insist," he replied cooly, sending shivers down her spine.

"Look, we're both professionals. We can work something out. There's no sense killing each other over this scum," said Zam, motioning to Fust with her blaster. Jango lowered his defenses slightly.

"Can't argue with that."

"Just get me off this hunk of rock. We can split the reward fifty-fifty. Maybe you can use the money to get yourself a nicer ship."

Just at that moment, a firespray prototype ship spied them in the crater. The prison security ship shot down at them. They ducked for cover, but Jaster's Legacy took some nasty hits, and the ship sunk to the ground, obviously out of commission.

"I hope you brought a ship," said Jango.

"I stowed aboard a supply transport. Until you arrived, that was my way off."

"Some bounty hunters you two are! We're doomed!" Fust shouted.

"Well, what now?" asked Zam. Jango wasn't listening to her, however. His eyes were following the firespray prototype.

"That ship is mine. Where's the hangar bay?" Jango asked, turning to Fust.

"In the security tower. But you'll never get out of there with the shields active."

"Then I'll just have to take those shields out."

"How do you plan to do that?" Zam asked.

"I met an old timer who might know the answer," said Jango, recalling the old prisoner he had met in the elevator.

"You keep Fust with you and follow me at a safe distance. I'll see what I can salvage from my ship."

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