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"I figured out what I have to do. I know what the variable is. It's the surroundings. Take for example an elephant. The elephant then sees a mouse in front of the watering hole, so it takes a detour. In his detour, another mouse shows up. The mice keep detouring the elephant until he finds a watering hole with no mice. " Charlie said

"So, your saying that he might want to go to a place where no one he would know would be at?" Colby asked.

" Precisely. I'll be able to find Megan as soon as you give me some data on Megan's school friends and Jimmie's enemies." Charlie responded.

Charlie went with Colby to find the data.

Don asked David," Did you find any places that Megan could be?"

"There is one place. It's a big mansion in the south side of LA. Only one person uses it, and only once every month or so."

"Let's go check it out" Don left the room with David right behind him.

Jimmy Carnal enters a house. Megan, trying to get free of the chair, has a gun put to her head a second later. The place was surreal. She didn't remember how she got here in the first place. She tried fidgeting in the chair, trying to get her hands free, but the string tied around them was too strong. Megan was also trying to get the cloth out of her mouth.

"Don't move, or I'll shoot." He said.

Megan stopped moving. Jimmy Carnal came closer to Megan, keeping track of her every action. He came closer and closer to her. Still pointing the cocked gun at Megan's face, he took out the cloth.

"Why did you take me here?" Megan asked.

"Because you killed my mom."

What are you talking about? I never killed your mom."

"You wanted to kill her. Remember the day that we wet to the movies. Well guess what? She was kidnapped at the very same time the next day. And her body was found a week later in Chicago. You don't know how hard it was to not have her. Don't you understand how hard it was. My dad was a drunk and I have to live with him for 5 MORE YEARS!"

Megan was surprised at his reaction. None of that was her fault, she knew that.

"Quiet. You are so mean it wasn't her fault that your mom died." Megan didn't understand who he was talking to. Could it have been himself?

"She killed mom. I swore a vendetta when she died. I am going to kill her."

"Don't do that. She did nothing wrong." Then Megan understood. He was bi-polar. None of her cases had to deal with a bi-polar criminal.

"I should leave you hear for the night" Jimmy said. He then put the cloth tightly in her mouth and make sure that her arms were wrapped tightly.

I am sorry that I didn't write for so long. I was writing this while watching the Oscars.