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Chapter Four

"I don't feel right about this."

"Me neither."

"Actually, I feel like I'm in that one movie with Lindsay Lohan where they plot against that one girl to ruin her. I don't want to feel like Lindsay Lohan. Ever."

Embry nodded in remembrance. "Mean Girls."

"I don't even want to know how you know the name of that movie," Jake told him, shaking his head with wide eyes.

"You're the one who knows the plot," Embry pointed out defensively.

"Yeah, but in order to know the name of a movie you have to know the plot. You knew both. That's worse."

"Can you guys just like shut up for two seconds?" Quil snapped.

"Somebody's cranky," Jacob murmured.

"Seriously, Quil," Embry said. "What side of the bed did you wake up on?"

"If you guys aren't going to take this seriously-"

Jacob cut him off with a bark of laughter and Embry rolled himself off of his chair and onto the floor.

"That's it! You guys can leave." Quil shook his head and turned his back to them.

"Take it seriously?" Embry repeated, disbelieving.

"You're talking about destroying a six year old and-"

"Seven. It's his birthday today."

"Aww," Embry cut in. "I bet you Claire's going to give him a kiss."

Embry had to thank his werewolf reflexes as he easily dodged the picture frame Quil threw at his head. People thought Paul was the most volatile one among them, but that's just because they never needled Quil about Claire.

"Now that I think about it," Jacob said. "Derrick and Claire actually sounds really good. I mean they're both good, strong names and they just look so darn cute together."

"I agree, Jacob," Embry said.

"Do you two live just to piss me off?"

"Naw. It's just a bonus to life."

"Okay, okay," Jacob said coming to stand between the two. "You're our friend, Quil. And even if we both think you're freaking crazy this is really serious to you. So we'll help, but I draw the line at killing him."

"Yeah, me too," Embry agreed.

Quil bit back a grin and sighed, "I was only joking."

After an annoying and a complete waste of time that Quil had referred to as a "meeting" he found himself outside of Claire's house waiting for her to get back from Derrick's birthday party. What kind of guy- sorry, boy goes horseback riding for his birthday? What a little fruit.

Quil knew that it was completely irrational to hate a six year old and to devote the majority of his day knocking the kid down. Although, nothing he said seemed to sway Claire's thoughts away from the little brat.

Quil harshly kicked a rock sitting on the front porch of the little house and glared as it hit a pillar and made its way right back to him.

"Stupid rock," Quil mumbled, kicking it again. "Stupid Derrick."

Pity there wasn't a Derrick to kick.

"Quil!" Claire squealed.

He swiftly looked up to see his favorite little girl race across her front lawn with her blonde pigtails tied by light pink ribbons flying behind her. She donned a white dress with pink lace, white tights, and black dress shoes. He almost laughed out loud as he spotted all the dirt tainting the white dress and her white tights.

His Claire loved to play. She didn't care if her mother was in her ear telling her that she might get dirty. She didn't care if and when she did get dirty.

"Quil! Quil! Quil! Quil!" She chanted excitedly.

"How was the party, Claire Bear?" Quil asked. He gently scooped her up off her feet and her arms wound around his neck.

"Fun!" She yelled.


"Yeah, my horse was named Horsey."

"Horsey?" Quil asked. "How original."

"Yep. He was funny."

"Did you have a good time?" Quil asked.

"Oh, she had the best time," Sarah cut in from behind. Quil turned around to throw a glare at her grin. "Didn't you sweetie? Derrick sure did love his present didn't he?"

"Yeah!" Claire yelled, kicking her feet in enthusiasm. "He said it was his favorite."

"That's great," Quil said faking a smile.

He really didn't care if the kid got hit by a bus let alone liked his birthday presents.

"Isn't it?" Sarah asked, pushing open the front door. "The cake was delicious, too."

"I'm sure it was."

"No," Claire said, pushing away from Quil. He obliged and set her on her feet. "It was vanilla. I hate vanilla."

"Vanilla? What kind of cake is that?" Quil asked.

"Not a real one!"


Claire grinned up at him and giggled. She had the cutest smile he had ever seen. Missing teeth or not.

"Does he not like chocolate or something?" Quil asked. He knelt down so that he was eye level with her. Which didn't really work; he still saw over her head.

Damn werewolf height.

"He's allergic," his favorite little girl told him.


"Derrick's allergic to chocolate," Sarah said. "I know you're not the brightest but geeze."

"Shut up," Quil said.

"Oh, very mature."

"You guys are funny," Claire giggled.

"Claire, sweetie," Sarah said. "You need to go upstairs and take a bath. You're all dirty."

Claire gave another giggle.

"I know."

"Wait, wait," Quil cut in. "Let's go back to the chocolate thing."

This was perfect.

Claire loved chocolate. More than she loved barbies. More than she loved to play. More than she loved to color. More than she loved swimming. More than anything.

Now if only he could get that annoying pro-Derrick woman out of the room.

"What about it?" Claire asked.

"He's allergic to chocolate?" Quil asked as he put on the best horrified expression he could muster.

Claire nodded.

"How does he live?"

"I don't know," Claire answered with a light shrug of her shoulders.

"It must be such a sad, colorless life."

Sarah snorted.

"Derrick said he doesn't really care about it, because he's never had any," Claire explained.

"I guess that makes sense," Quil said quietly. "But that has to be hard for you."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, when you go over to his house there's no chocolate. How can you not have any chocolate?"

"It's hard," Claire said seriously. "But I know that when I come home there's always chocolate waiting for me. Unless that stupid piggy eats it all."

"Hey, hey," Sarah butted in using her best motherly tone. "Don't talk about your sister like that."

Claire rolled her eyes and apologized.

"But Claire," Quil continued. "How you can you 'date'", and he used that term loosely, "someone who doesn't like chocolate?"

"I don't know."

"Well, I think you should just dump him. No guy is worth you not getting your chocolate fix."

Claire pursed her lips together and squinted her eyes in thought.

"You make a good point," Sarah said. She bent down and took Claire's hand in hers. "But where would we be without sacrifices?"

"What's a sacrifice?" Claire asked.

"It's when someone gives something up to make somebody happy. And didn't Derrick sacrifice his belief on not playing with barbies for you?"

"He did!" Claire exclaimed, smiling.

"Yes, he did. So can't you sacrifice your want for chocolate just for the few hours you're at his house every other day?"

Claire twisted her fingers and thought for a moment.

"I guess I can."

"That's my girl!" Sarah said. "Now chop chop! We need to get you clean!"

Quil stood back up and watched as Claire bounced up the stairs and to her bathroom. As soon as she was out of sight he turned back to the mother of his imprint.

"So much hate for you Sarah. So much hate," Quil muttered.

"That hurts, Quil. Really- it does."

"You ever need a kidney- don't come looking here."

"Right," Sarah scoffed. "Because if I ever need a kidney I'm going to ask you for one. God only knows what you've done to it."

"Hey! My kidney's in good shape!"

"And I care why?"

"I'm just saying if you need one. Mine's good."

"I wouldn't want it anyways."

Sarah turned on her heel and sashayed up the stairs.

"Well I wouldn't want yours either!" Quil yelled after her.

Quil spotted a pen lying on the floor and kicked it as hard as he could.

"Stupid Sarah," he muttered.