A King Goes Home.

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Simba was a changed lion. He had been ever since his father's death, on that faithful day, several years ago. Many things happened to him in his exile.

Simba had befriended a meerkat named Timon, and a warthog named Pumbaa. He grew up living their "Hakuna Matata" lifestyle, and eating bugs.

Simba was also reunited with his childhood best friend, Nala. They fell in love.

Perhaps the greatest that happened to Simba was a chance encounter with the shaman baboon, Rafiki. Rafiki told Simba that his father's spirt lived on in him. Mufasa's ghost appeared to Simba.

The former king spoke to his son. His words were "You must take your place in the circle of life. Remember who you are. You are my son, and the one true king."

Mufasa's ghost vanished as quickly as it had appeared. Simba didn't even get a chance to ask his father about his death. Though something told him that the incident would be cleared up soon. Simba understood what he had to do. He began his long journey back to the Pridelands.

Simba made the trek back trough the desert. It was the same route he had taken when he ran away as a cub.

At last, Simba saw the Pridelands up ahead. He was home. He was happy to be home, after those many years.

But Simba's mission was far from over. He now had to claim his land, kingdom and crown back from Scar. It was a fight he was ready and willing to face.

The End.