A Day of Blood

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"Konoha's dooms day clock is ticking down to zero. I am the gears that make this clock work. To stop the clock you must discover who I am. Let the game begin."

Konoha,10:30pm, Sunday 12, 27th year of the Snake.

Haruno Sakura; jonin, medic-nin, kunoichi. She was all of these things for years. She had trained under Tsunade of the Sannin and Sharingan Kakashi. She had even fought an s-class ninja and won, with help of course. But none of this prepared her for waking up naked and tied up on her bed.

As she took in her surroundings she realised that she was still in her room. She was on her back. Her hands were hand cuffed to metal poles that came out where her bed posts used to be. She experimented trying to break them, but they wouldn't budge.
Seeing the futility of continued attempts at escape she looked to her feet. They where tied in what looked like ropes. The ropes went over to two machines on opposite walls. Sakura couldn't figure out what they were for, but was worried none the less. Her torso was also strapped down just below her chest.

Suddenly a voice spoke. "Hello Sakura." Her eye's widening she looked to her right. There was a man wearing a black cloak and an ANBU styled mask. The mask had two large black eyes that didn't look to be made from shadow but more like they were shadow. On the mask's right cheek were two yellow gears. He spoke again, "You will be the first of the deaths that will occur tomorrow." as the man left the room he pressed a button on a control he held in his hand. The machines on the wall then started to pull in the rope slowly. She realized what was happening. She was going to be ripped in half. Her eyes widened as she struggled against her bindings. Eventually she struggled to hold her legs together. Then finally, crying, she accepted it.

Konoha, 1:00am, Monday 13, 27th year of the Snake

The Hokage was sleeping in her room when an ANBU crashed into her room. "Hokage-sama! There is urgent business! Your apprentice Haruno Sakura has been killed!" Tsunade was up and dressed in an instant. "How?" was all she asked. "Its best you see for yourself... two of my squad members left to find Kakashi and Jirya. We should get to the crime scene."

That was how Tsunade found herself jumping on rooftops. Finnaly they arrived at Sakura's apartment. As she got to the room Tsunade met Jirya and Kakashi.

"Tsunade... before you go in there... its pretty gruesome..." said Jirya. "I can handle it." "Suit yourself." Tsunade then entered the apartment. Sakura had a large apartment. It entered into the kitchen from there you could go left into the bedroom, or right into the living room. The kitchen was pretty normal except for the large red symbols and numbers that were written on the wall across from the door. Prepare yourselves. It read. Only sparing a glance at it Tsunade continued toward Sakura's bedroom. She opened the door and threw up. Sakura from the top of her stomach to in between her legs was ripped in half. There was a lot of blood. When she recovered she weakly looked around. She sensed Kakashi and Jirya behind her. As she got up and looked at them she noticed that Kakashi wasn't and hadn't been reading his book. "How did this device get snuck in here unnoticed?" she asked. "We nor the ANBU who found her know." said Kakashi.

"Hokage-sama! I found something in Sakura's living room that may interest you!" yelled another ANBU with a lizard mask. "Lets see it then." Tsunade said to Lizard. "It's a video tape. Addressed to you three..." "Come on, we can watch it on Sakura's TV." said Jirya who was the first to clear his head. The others nodded and went to the living room.

Lizard put the video tape in then stepped back so everyone could see the screen. There was fuzziness for a couple seconds before the background became a black canvas and a masked man appeared. The mask was ANBU styled and it's only features were the eyes that appeared to be shadows and two yellow gears on it's right cheek. The man then spoke in a voice that anyone could tell was distorted by some type of machine.
"Greetings Kakashi, Jirya, Tsunade, and anyone else who may be listening. At exactly 12:00pm Konoha will be destroyed. You have till then to discover who I really am. I am known as Gear Freak. Konoha's dooms day clock is ticking down to zero. I am the gears that make this clock work. To stop the clock you must discover who I am. Let the game begin." the video then turned static.

Tsunade ejected the video and handed it to Lizard. "Take this to ANBU headquarters. I want it studied for anything that may help this investigation. Alert all ANBU of a threat to Konoha and have all acounts on anything searched for a refrence to this 'Gear Freak' as he calls himself. Also search for a description or picture of that mask of his. Go! Kakashi, Jirya come with me to my office to await any news." and with that the ninjas who weren't a part of the group waiting the medical squad left.

Konoha, 1:41am, Monday 13, 27th year of the Snake

"Hokage-sama! We found something!" said Rat, the ANBU captain also known as Yuugao. "Well?" asked Kakashi. "It appears that there was a guy arrested in a town two hours away from here for murder. He had two victims that were killed not by him but by machines that he apparently strapped them into. He was repeatedly tortured for what he did but he never claimed guilty. He was always saying that a guy named Gear Freak forced him to do it... but he wasn't believed. He's still alive." "All right. Kakashi go to this village. Find out what you can. Me and Jirya will wait here. Do not get side tracked by anything we can take care of Konoha." said Tsunade. "Hai Hokage-sama." said Kakashi. As Kakashi had his hand on the handle of the door someone from the outside opened it.

Into Tsunade's office walked Hyuuga Hiashi. Now the stoic Hyuuga didn't usually worry Tsunade even when he did visit her, but right now he did. Not because she wasn't in the mood for him. No. The reason he was worrying her was that instead of emotionless he was worried. As Kakashi hesitated Tsunade said "Remember what I said Kakashi." Kakash nodded then left Tsunade's office.
"So Hiashi, what can I do for you?" asked Tsunade. "My daughter Hanabi was almost kidnaped four minutes ago." "So? Deal with it. I'll give you some ANBU and-"

"She was inside the compound when she was taken and we stoped the person when he was almost out." said Hiashi. Tsunade was shocked to hear this. To sneak into the Hyuuga compound, capture a princess, and almost escape? This was trouble. "Did you see who did it?" asked the Hokage. "It was a man wearing a black cloak and an ANBU styled mask with gears on the right cheek. The mask also didn't allow the Byakugan to see through it." said Hiashi. "Jirya come on! We need to get over there!" said the Hokage as she jumped through her window followed by Jirya and Hiashi.

Konoha, 1:52am, Monday 13, 27th year of the Snake

"I don't like this." Jirya said "If this guy could sneak into and almost out of the compound how was he spotted. You would think he would have a better way out... hey Hiashi! When your men saw him how did they get your daughter from him?" "He just dropped her and left. We couldn't trace him so I came to you..." said Hiashi as the three landed at the entrance of the main house section of the compound. "What are you getting at Jirya?" asked Tsunade. "I just think it seems weird that he would do all that then give up the girl without a fight..." stated Jirya. "You don't mean!?" asked Hiashi his eyes widening. "Yes I think he had an ulterior moti-" BOOM An explosion rocked Konoha and threw the three ninjas backwards.

1:59.54 1:59.55 1:59.56

Kakashi was running through the forest towards his destination. 'Must go faster!' he thought.

1:59.57 1:59.58 1:59.59

Tsunade saw darkness slipping in around her vision.

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