Chapter 2: Confusion and Death

Konoha, 2:14am, Monday 13th, 27th year of the Snake.

Tsunade slowly began to regain consciousness. 'What the fuck happened?' she thought. She opened her eyes and found Jirya's face inches from her own. His eyes were closed. "Jirya what happened?" she asked as she pushed him to wake him. He groaned a little as he woke. "What happened?" Tsunade asked again. Suddenly they both became aware of their surroundings. Shouts of desperation and screams of pain were heard. Tsunade realized that herself and Jirya were on the ground.

"We've got another body!" yelled a voice.

Tsunade and Jirya were on their feet in a flash and looking at the burning remains of the Hyuuga mansion. Is was now a large pile of scorched debris. Ninja scurried all over it. Digging and searching through it. Tsunade watched as a group of ninja pulled a human form out of the rubble. They them carried it over to a tent. Tsunade looked at the med-nin tent and stared.

From her location Tsunade could see into the tent and what she saw scared her. It wasn't a treatment tent but a portable morgue. The tent was full of dead Hyuugas.

Her attention was diverted when one of the rescuers screamed as the pile of rubble he was shifting through collapsed on him. A sharpened piece of wood impaling him through the chest.

"What happened?" Tsunade asked again.

"Explosive block. The bastard must have planted it when he attempted to 'kidnap' the heiress." said Jirya angrily.

Suddenly they both heard a man's cry of absolute suffering and anguish. It came from behind them. Hiashi had woken up. Before Jirya could say anything Hiashi was up and rushing toward the docters at the med-tent. "Where are my daughters?! Where is my nephew!? Tell me!" yelled Hiashi. The scared med-nin pointed towards one of the beds closest to the back. Hiashi was there immediately. When he got there he started to weep.

Tsunade and Jirya came into the tent then and saw Hiashi crying for a young Hyuuga girl on the bed. The girl was almost unrecognizable but the tattered remains of a loose jacket told all that was needed to be told.

"Hinata? Come on! A Hyuuga heir can't die like that! Hyuuga are the best! Come on Hinata! Get up! Hinata? HINATA!" screamed Hiashi at last before he began to weep.

"Where is his other daughter and nephew?" asked Jirya to the med-nin. Hiashi was suddenly silent though tears still came from his eyes. "We have been unable to locate them." "Well keep looking!" said Tsunade. "This man is dangerous. We must tread carefully. Hiashi assemble the council. We need decide what to do. Jirya assemble all Jonin and inform them of the situation. Anyone of chunin rank of lower is not to hear about Gear Freak. Understood?"

"Yes Hokage-sama." said Hiashi and Jirya before they began to walk out of the tent.


The ninja in the room ducked as large amounts of splinters wood and other random things flew threw the tent. The would have all died had it not been for Jirya raising a mud wall. As Jirya allowed the wall to go down they all saw that the tent had been destroyed.

"The bastard planted another explosive block under the compound? Why?" Asked Tsunade before her eye's widened. "The rescuers!" and sure enough they could all hear shrieks and moans.

"Go! Accomplish your missions! I'll do what I can here untill more med-nins arrive!" said Tsunade before turning to the med-nin from the tent. "You with me." then she ran off to help leaving Jirya and Hiashi behind.

"Shall we go?" asked Jirya. "Yes" responded Hiashi.

Konoha, 2:37am, Monday 13th, 27 year of the Snake

Hyuuga Hanabi opened her eyes suddenly and found herself tied up by her hands, ankles, and waist. She was suspended right way up. She looked in her hand and found a piece of plastic with a button that was attached to a device on the ground. Curious she pressed the button.

Suddenly a voice sounded from the device. "Hello Hanabi. I want to play a game. If you are hearing this you have obviously pressed the button on the control. Pressing this button again will activate the machine on your lower back and effectively paralyze you for life. When you pressed the button you also activated a device that in five minutes of activation will cut you in half vertically. So Hanabi? Do you want to play a game?" said the voice.

Hanabi's eyes widened as she realized what had been said. She then began struggling at her bindings. She tried to scream for help, but no one answered.

After minutes more of screaming the voice returned. "If you are hearing this, you have yet to press the button. Hurry and make your choice Hanabi. Time is running out."

Hannabi squeezed her eyes shut and moved her thumb towards the button. But before she could press it a large device came down from the ceiling in front of her.
It was a huge blade held up by a rope attached to the ceiling. Then it began to move forward untill it was right above her head. In her panic she dropped the button. "NO!" she screamed.

"Well Hannabi your choice has been made. Goodbye." static and her own scream were the last things that she heard.

Konoha, 2:51am, Monday 13th, 27th year of the Snake.

Tsunade stood before a crowd of ANBU and Jonin ninjas, in the back sat the counsel.

"Hello and thank you for coming." said Tsunade. "I am here to talk about events that have happened today. Early this morning, chunin, Haruno Sakura was found murdered in her bedroom." Gasps were heard from a few and some simply frowned. "The perpetrator left a video of himself saying that Konoha will be destroyed by the end of the day. The man called himself 'Gear Freak.'" The ninja were all silent and attentive.

"At exactly one fifty-six am, the Hyuuga clan compound was bombed. These two incidents have been proven to be connected. At two nineteen a second explosion from inside the debris occurred. This explosion sent a large amount of ninja and civilian rescuers to the other side. The wounded at the mansion are still being treated. Our hearts go out to the Hyuuga." she said as she looked for Hiashi. He wasn't there. 'Mourning probably' thought Tsunade.

"We are dealing with some one who has the skills to sneak into the Hyuuga compound undetected, some one with great intelligence, and absolutely no known motives. I want all ANBU on high alert and all Jonin with their ears and eye's open. Anyone below the rank of chunin are not to be told of Gear Freak. Understood?" finished Tsunade.

"Hai Hokage-sama!" said all the ninjas before the left allowing her to sit down.

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'This is gonna be one hell of a day.' thought Tsunade.

2:59.54 2:59.55 2:59.56

'One more hour!' thought Kakashi.

2:59.57 2:59.58 2:59.59

'I'm coming Hannabi... Neji..." thought Hiashi as he desperately ran through the village, brakeman flaring.

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