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"Hey, could you hurry up, lady? Some of us have real jobs to get back to." A tall thin man yelled, the hair on his mustache moved as he spoke. Nicki scowled and rolled her eyes.

"Next." She snapped.

"Here." A large portly woman said rudely, throwing two heavy books down on the counter. She had no idea that working at Borders would be such a time consuming job. Nicki smiled a fake sweet smile.

"Did you have any trouble finding anything?" The lady frowned.

"No, I think I'm educated enough to find two books by myself." The lady said roughly. Nicki resisted the urge to roll her eyes, and instead decided to go for a rude smirk.

"Oh, really, well that's a pleasant surprise." Nicki muttered, scanning the books.

"That'll be $18.50." She said the woman's mouth still hung open from the earlier comment. If looks could kill, Nicki was sure she'd be dead from the look the woman was giving her. She slapped down a 20.00-dollar bill and grabbed her two books.

"Don't you want the change?" Nicki called after her, giggling slightly at her win. "Thank you, please don't come back soon." She mumbled to herself as the next person stepped up, and handed a book to her. She read the title, The Beauchamp Mystery. She raised an eyebrow at the title.

"You interested in French myths?" she asked. The man looked up, a confused look on his face.

"Huh?" She nodded towards the book. "Oh, that, well . . . sort of."

"I like them too." She said, giving him a warm smile. "Through I've never read this one."

"Really?" She nodded, grateful that finally someone was pleasant to her. "This one is probably the most famous."

"I never said I've never heard about it." The man before her smiled, and eyed her name tag.


"Yeah, it's short for Nicole."

"A French name." She grinned and nodded.

"Yeah, most people don't know that." He shrugged.

"I'm Ben." The man said, extending a hand to her. She took it and smiled.

"Ben, we have to go." Another man said, entering the conversation.

"Right, just let me pay for this book." Nicki blushed slightly, remembering she had forgotten to tell the man the price.

"Umm . . . $12.50 please." The man handed her $15.00 and she quickly pulled out his change. "Have a nice day, please come back soon." She said in her fake-sweet-work-voice.

"Don't worry, I will."

47 minutes later Nicki's break finally came. She slunk into one of the oversized chairs toward the back of the store. Luckily no one came back there because all of the old 19th century books were stacked there. She let her eyes close, praying for sleep to come for a few minutes. She had to work until 11:00 tonight and was not looking forwards to 3 more hours without sleep.

"Excuse me." She heard a male voice say from above her. She cracked one eye open slightly to see a man around her age standing there.

"Just give me 20 more minutes and I'll be out of your way." She said letting her eye slide back closed. She heard him chuckle from behind her closed eyes and could picture him walking away.

"No, I have question." He said. She sighed and she pushed herself up and opened her eyes all the way.


"Do you know anything about this book?" She glanced down at the title.The Beauchamp Mystery. She knit her brows. What is with this book today?

"Well, I've never read it, and all I know about it is that French myth story. Well, the Beauchamp's are, at least."

"You don't think they're real?" Nicki laughed, shaking her head.

"Of course not." He raised a brow; a smirk making it's way onto his face. "I'm sorry, but my break's over and I have to get back to work." She pushed herself out of the chair and started on her way back to the checkout.

"Where did you get that necklace?" He asked. She paused mid-step.


"That necklace. Where did you get it?" Instinctively she grabbed the gold pendant.

"I've had it ever since I was little. Why?" He paused for a minute before opening the book to a random page, and handed it too her. She looked down at the picture in the book, her brows still knit. There in front of her was a picture of her necklace.

"So? There must've have been millions of these made." She said shrugging.

"No, there was only one. And you're wearing it." He said the smirk suddenly looked very smug.

"So? Do you want me to sell it to you? Because that's not going to happen." The man shook his head, the smirk still in place. Nicki felt like slapping that stupid, goofy smirk right off his face.

"No, but do you have time to talk later? This could take a while." She gritted her teeth.

"I get off at 11:00. I don't get any more breaks until then. Either you'll have to wait or come back tomorrow." The man raised one eyebrow, that infuriating smirk on her face.

"I'll wait." He said simply, taking a seat in the chair she previously sat in. Rolling her eyes she turned once more and continued on her way.

Grumbling to herself, Nicki made her way to the back of the store, praying that the man had left. Damnit. She mentally swore once the chair came into view. He was still there. Crossing her arms over her chest she walked over to him.

"What is so important that you find you have to harass me while I'm working?" He lifted his brown eyebrow a questioning way, that smirking returning to his lips.

"I would hardly say I'm harassing you." Nicki scoffed.

"I'd love you see what you think is harassment." She mumbled.

"Ben!" The men said, looking over her shoulder. Nicki turned around slowly. It was the man she had seen earlier, Ben. Then it hit her. The man in front of her was the one who'd interrupted them.

"So, that's the reason you bought that book. Unbelievable. I- just- . . ." She paused and took a long deep breath. "Goodbye." She said, waving curtly. She turned on her heel and began marching towards the door.

"Goodbye." She said, turning on her heel and marching towards the door. Riley and Ben exchanged glances.

"We can't let her leave." Ben said, running after her. Riley sighed and run after Ben. It was really getting quite tiring trying to deal with this girl.

"Wait, wait!" Ben yelled, as he grabbed her arm. She spun around, looking dangerously close to slapping him.

"What?" She nearly yelled. Riley winced at the sheer loudness of women.

"Will you just talk to us?" Ben said, his eyes pleading with hers.

"What do you want to talk about? You're treasure hunters, looking for some treasure that doesn't exist. And for some reason, you think that my necklace is some sort part of it." Riley sighed.

"But it does. You see, once the Beauchamp's left France, they took up a new name in Russia, to avoid having people come after them." The girl nodded like she was considering what they were saying very carefully. Ben continued slowly, to keep from upsetting her again. "So, you wouldn't even know that you're related to them by looking at a family tree."

"Russia?" She asked. Both men nodded. She looked like she was thinking very hard about something. After a few minutes she looked up and meet their eyes. "I'm sorry, but I'm afraid I can't help you, boys. You'll just have to find it some other way." Riley opened his mouth to say something, but was interrupted by Ben.

"Riley, come on, let's just go. She obviously doesn't want anything to do with her family history." He said, grabbing Riley's arm. She narrowed her eyes.

"What are you talking about?" Ben shrugged.

"We just thought you'd like to know about your family, that's all." The two turned to leave, Riley began to walk at a normal pace at first, but Ben grabbed his arm to slow him down.


"Three . . . two . . . one." Ben whisper-counted.

"Wait!" She yelled after them, running ahead of them.

"Yes?" She took a deep sigh.

"How, exactly, would you find out whether or not I'm related to?" Ben and Riley exchanged glances.

"We go to France."

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