I glanced in amusement at Bella as she stared in silent shock at her lunch as if in the middle of a great realization. Although amused at her stopping in the middle of her sentence I was starting to get concerned by the lack of blinking which I know is an important human function. I was also a tad bit curious about why exactly she was staring blankly at her tray.

"Bella?" I asked quietly

"Sporks..." She said in monotone as if entranced by something or she hadn't heard me at all.

"Bella what's wrong?" I gently shook her shoulder as I asked hoping to snap her out of it but only succeeded in getting the same odd reply.

"Sporks..." As she said this I noticed even Rosalie was starting to get concerned and apparently others in the cafeteria had noticed because I stated to hear Bella's name in their thoughts.

'What's with Bella? Maybe she's having second thoughts about being with Edward..? And will go out with me!' The idiot Mike thought after seeing Bella's apparent ignoring of me.

'Hmm I hope Bella's ok.. she looks like she's come to a realization or something, she's even ignoring edward..' and that is exactly why I like that girl, maybe I should do something nice for her next time she's around maybe subtlety hint to Ben about her interest? A thought for later I decided. I quickly went back to tuning others thoughts out as best I could and focused on Bella. She is still obviously far off in her own little land so again I shook Bella's shoulder and this time it worked.. well kind of.

"Hmm? oh Edward?" She still was definitely out of it that's for sure.

"Bella! what's wrong what happened there? I asked quickly

"oh well I guess I had one of those empathy-epathy- em-"

"Epiphany?" I asked trying to figure out what she could have an epiphany over in a high school cafeteria.

"Yeah that. It well.." she suddenly seemed to hesitate and blushed. Ok now I had to know.

"oh come on belle you cant just stop there please continue" I whispered in her ear making her shiver and blush slightly before giving in.

"Well I guess I just realized.. well Forks doesn't have any well, forks..."she replied still hesitant.

We all looked blankly at each other until suddenly Emmett's booming laugh shook the building making everyone turn there heads to see what was going on. Then it hit me. Forks? And no forks only sporks... In the town of Forks! I started laughing more because of Bella's random epiphany then the actual fact of forks versus sporks (though that was funny also.) Apparently Alice and Rose caught on and their bell-like laughter echoed throughout the cafeteria and at that moment I heard the footsteps of a human coming close. Mike.

'She just has to say yes now! I mean they're all laughing at her!'

"Hey Bella!" he said in what he thought of as a smooth, sexy voice but was obviously to forced sounding.

"Yeah mike?" She asked in a wary tone guessing by now what probably brought him over.

"Well I was wondering—"He was cut off as Rose slid smoothly out of her seat on the other side of the table and walked over to him...


OK well this is my 1st ever writing of any sort i don't even mean just on the web either (well besides high school essays..).. anyway i thought how weird it would be if the town of Forks didn't have forks in their cafeteria but instead sporks like my high school cafeteria does (and I think most do). I wrote the beginning of this out in a notebook a couple months ago but recently it's been yelling at me to type it up.

July 28th 2010- revamped this story a bit because it needed it to the Nth degree. I mean the number of spelling and grammar errors.. ugh! So if you do find any (and you will) just know that at least you didn't read this before that date above..