Oh I wanted to mention one other thing and going back to change to other update seems like it'd take longer then this.. Plus I figure this will count as my re-post for my one shot ( I know it's kind of common to repost one shots so to gain review/advice/audience I've just never done it..) So the thing I wanted to mention was that not only do I have some fun or silly things on my profile I also am an avid (but picky) user of the 'Favorite Story' button and as I am a very active member of in quite a few fandoms there is quite a selection and even better is that most of them are Completed stories, so no waiting for updates! Woot ! Not to mention on my actual profile area there is a list of links to the top of the top in my favorites list with nice communicative authors that write amazing original stories fit to be in the series themselves. So just a thought, if you have any time where you're just wondering about searching for the perfect story go ahead and visit my profile/favorites list :D

-Sincerely Filly8