This is the tale of some of the greatest men in history and how their lives became entwined.

He was running down the street. A long brown tunic saturated with blood was loosely flowing over the tall figure in blue. The thoughts that were in his head were overpowering everything but his sense of direction and that battle instinct that never stopped working. Such was the fate of Minato Namikaze, the Fourth Hokage of Konohagakure.

"If the Third tells anyone about what I did I'll be known as "The Traitor" or "The Coward". I can never show my face in this village again. Mikoto, if I had only acted quicker. I had lead you to your death. Now I've condemned our son to his." And with that he left the Leaf village.

Now as it happened while he was running, in an alternate dimension a great civil war was starting. An influential figure for both sides had twins that could decide the fate of their universe. While the mother had died in childbirth, it was assured the boy and girl would be taken care of. The people who were to care for them knew that they wouldn't be safe in that dimension. So they decided to create a portal to another.

As Minato was running, the portal opened right in front of him, the only thing that had ever truly surprised him. Out came a man about his age. He was also wearing a brown tunic, but he was also wearing a belt with strange looking tools. Then he noticed a baby, not much younger than his own son was.

"Who are you?!" questioned Minato. Then the newcomer with a quizzical look asked "Do you understand Galactic Basic?" Neither man could understand the other's language. Then the newcomer tried a trick he had once heard about through old legends taught to him by his teachers. He drew the knowledge of the language from Minato's mind. "What is your name?" "My name is Minato Namikaze. What is yours?" "It may seem strange to you. My name is Obi-Wan Kenobi. So, Minato why are you running from the Leaf Village and Naruto." "How do you know that? I think it's time you start talking before I run a kunai across your throat."

"Would you believe me if I said that I come from an entirely different world then the one you are in now?" "I'm pretty open-minded but I'd say you're crazy." "Oh I'm not crazy. In fact I'm one of the sanest people you'll ever meet. Now Minato, do you believe I have a tool of pure light and heat energy that can cut through almost anything?"

"It seems that one of us has had a little too much sake, and I've been sober since I became Hokage."

Minato saw Obi-wan reach for one of his strange tools. It was metallic and cylindrical. One end was black while the other had a hole in it. All of a sudden a blue beam shot out of it. Minato threw a kunai at Obi-wan, but the effort was truly in vain for Obi- wan blocked it with his strange weapon.

"I can tell you're not familiar with a light saber, or else you wouldn't have thrown that."

Minato stared in wonder as the kunai he had thrown not less than a second before vaporized before his eyes. He was completely perplexed at how a weapon of such magnitude could exist. He started to formulate a battle plan to combat this new weapon. He threw another kunai, and, according to Minato's plan, Obi-wan blocked it. Then a tremendous force blew him back into a tree. As Obi-wan wondered what happened, Minato encircled behind the tree and held the kunai to his throat.

"You're pretty clever Minato. I don't know how you did it, but that force that struck me was an explosion, wasn't it?"

"It was. I incorporated a technique called the shadow shuriken jutsu on my kunai. There was another kunai hidden in the shadow of the one you destroyed. It had an explosive note attached to it."

"That's pretty intelligent of you. You've shown me one of your tricks, now it's time to show you one of mine."

Then Minato was pushed back by an invisible force. Obi-wan rushed at Minato just as he unleashed his signature move, the Rasengan. At that instant, orb and saber met. A great surge of energy was sent through both bodies and they were thrown backwards, only to land on their feet. Then they both charged at each other, for the final time. If you had known these men you would've been shocked at the outcome of their bout. It was a draw, with a kunai that could be slid across Obi-wan's throat and a lightsaber that easily be activated to plunge through Minato's heart.

"It seems we've come to a stalemate, my newfound friend. I think we'd both be better off if you heard me out. Now Minato, are you going to trust in the fact that I'm not going to hurt?"

"That is the stupidest question anyone can ask after what just happened. I don't even know you, and we both used deadly force against each other. How can I be sure you won't kill me when I turn around?"

"You can't, which is why I'm giving you a choice. I don't know this dimension and I need help. Will you help me and the child I left near that tree?"