A.N.: hey, this is just a small AU story stemed off some roleplays my friend zombie-elf do. I don't own Death Note, if i did...well it would of been written diffrently. there would of been yaoi, lots and lots of yaoi.

Sometimes I wish I got to see him more often, one week, two weeks. I'll never know how long it's been since I last blacked out. Every time I come back I see him tied up or chained up. beaten, bloodied, crying my name, never expecting me to come.

I dress his wounds, hold him gently and try to comfort him. I'm so sorry Ryuuzaki I really am. I wish I could control him, but that control was lost a long time ago. I wonder if I really ever had any control over him. Perhaps in the beginning, but no longer. Perhaps I should start back then, to explain what's going on now.

I am Light Yagami, three years ago now I was in my high school English class when I noticed a notebook fall from the sky. That day, that night, was the start...no...the end to the rest of my life. The birth of the other me, who consumed me, his name? you might of heard of him, the world calls him. Kira.