Chapter 2.

A.N.: hey, this is just a small AU story stemmed off some role-plays my friend zombie-elf do. I don't own Death Note, if I did...well it would of been written differently. there would of been yaoi, lots and lots of yaoi. This is just a beta of chapter 2, my beta's computer broke I'll have her fix it when she gets here.

"ssshhhh, ssshhh it's ok Ryuuzaki" I pet my fingers through my lovers hair as he cries against my chest. His back is all cut up this time, crude lettering written with a dagger. Another attempt to brand Ryuuzaki as "his", I feel more then a little responsible for his pain.

How I came to be with Ryuuzaki. that's a interesting story in and of itself. The world knows of the fight between Kira and L sworn enemies who first challenged each other on Japanese television, through a criminal named Lind L. Tailor.

But that's how Kira met him, I really didn't have a part in that. I could still see everything I was doing back then though. We met at school, he suspected me of being Kira. I suppose in the end he was sort of right.

The first time I saw him was at the entrance exams, but we didn't talk then. It was at the opening ceremony he first approached me. After we gave our speech together, being the top students of the entering class.

Kira hated him at first site, I thought he was…strange. He walked in a slight crouched position and he sat strangely, he whore shoes while walking but took them off to sit. They we're little habits of his, over time I came to love. Though I must admit at first they annoyed me greatly. Kira hated them, hated him. Saw him as nothing more then a obstacle to becoming the god of the new world.

Though this was perfect, L himself had come straight to him. Now it was just a matter of getting himself working on the case. that's how Kira had thought.

That's when we met, it was the start of our relationship that was the most interesting thing about us in the end of it all.

We had been chained together going on two months when it happened, at that time I'd temporally gotten rid of Kira or at least the best I could. He was still there, a shadow in the back of my mind, watching and waiting. Who he was and what he was waiting for, I had no idea at the time.

It was bedtime, Ryuuzaki didn't normally sleep in fact I couldn't not remember a time I'd seen him sleep. If he did sleep, it was while I was sleeping. He curled up in bed, giving me space to sleep on my back.

I stared up at the ceiling, "You know Ryuuzaki this is rather…inconvenient" I said, holding up the chain that linked the two of us together. "Yes, forgive me for this Yagami-kun." Ryuuzaki said, "but until I am absolutely sure you are not Kira this is a precaution that must be taken."

I sighed, I knew I wasn't Kira. "I know that Ryuuzaki, but I am not Kira" I insisted for what felt like the hundredth time.

"And I would like to believe you Yagami-kun, but I can not let my personal feeling come into the case."

Personal feelings, it all started there. When Ryuuzaki brought up his personal feelings, I had wondered vaguely if they we're the same kind of personal feelings I held for him. There was no harm in testing it, what was the worst thing that could happen. Ryuuzaki could kick me in the head, it's not like it would be the first time.

It was, a test. I propped myself up on my elbows and looked at him laying there, he wild black hair spread out on the pillow. I leaned down and I kissed him, he tensed I could feel it but he did not pull away or try to kick me in the head. I moved away slightly, he looked up at me, his large gray eyes filled with confusion. "Yagami-kun…what was…that about?" he asked.

"I was just…testing a theory." I said before I leaned in to kiss him again, a little deeper this time. He tasted like cheesecake and strawberries, the last thing he'd eaten before we'd come up from the investigation room to get some rest.

That was my first kiss with Ryuuzaki, that same night was the first time we ever made love. I could not let those two kisses be the end of my test, I honestly wanted to see. No, I had to know if Ryuuzaki felt the same for me as I did for him. I pushed my hand under his white cotton tee-shirt and touched his bare skin softly. I heard him give a shocked intake of breath.

"W…What are you doing?" he asked me. To be honest I wasn't too sure myself, "I just, need to know something Ryuuzaki." I leaned up and kissed him again, sliding my tongue into his mouth.

He kissed me back, caressing my tongue with his own. I pushed his shirt up, unable to remove it due to the chain between us. I moved my hands against his skin, the cold chain bumping against him. He whimpered out slightly from the cold, this small noise sent a wave of pleasure I'd never felt before through my body. I wanted him, I unbuttoned my own shirt softly, he gazed up at me. He looked scared and it was cute, I liked it when he showed emotion, it was a nice change from the look of indifference he normally would wear. I parted my shirt and pulled him up into my arms, his bare chest now pressed up against mine. He was trembling.

"What's wrong Ryuuzaki?" I asked him.

"I just don't believe anyone has seen me naked since I learned to dress myself as a child, and I've…I've never even been kissed before." he was having a virgins worries. I leaned down and kissed him again, he moaned out lightly into the kiss.

"You have now" I whispered to him. I ran my fingers down to the silver clasp of his denim jeans, I worked my fingers under it and unclasped it slightly then taking the zipper I moved it down, parting the flaps I could see Ryuuzaki's light blue boxer shorts.

He began to get a bit more daring, running his fingers along the front of me. I pushed his jeans down off from him, leaving him in just his boxer shorts. He slowly unbuckles my pants, unsure of himself.

"It will be ok Ryuuzaki." I whispered, I took my belt and slid it off to the ground. Unbuckling my pants, I took them down, I wasn't wearing anything special just a pain of plain white underwear.

I slid his boxers off slowly, then my own underwear. He looked so scared still, I should of known then that Kira had never left, he was just dormant, he thought Ryuuzaki's helpless looking form was the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen.

I ran my fingers slowly down Ryuuzaki's back, "I don't want to hurt you…" I said. "this may hurt…", he watched me. I think he was trying to tell by my love making if I was Kira. That almost made me angry, but at that moment I really didn't care.

I slid my fingers up inside Ryuuzaki slowly, he clutched onto my back and made a slight gasping noise. "Yagami-kun it hurts…" he said softly.

"I'm sorry" I whispered slightly, I opened him up using two fingers before drawing them out slowly.

I pulled him against me, I should of felt him then once again. He wanted more then anything to hear Ryuuzaki scream. Beg for him, call him a god.

I pushed up into Ryuuzaki for the first time that night, and it would not be the last. That was the first time we had sex.

In the end, that's how we ended up together. How we ended up here, a small apartment in Paris, France. Is another chapter of this story.