Uchiha or Kuchiki: The Rise of Kuchiki Byakuya

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Summary: Sasuke gets killed by Itachi and ends up in Soul Society, and is adopted into the house of Kuchiki. SasuSaku mentioned only, Later ByakuyaxHisana


Prologue: I Wasn't Strong Enough

Uchiha Sasuke lay on the ground covered in blood. His right lung, his stomach, and his left kidney were completely useless, and it was only a matter of time before he died. Sasuke had never expected death so soon, especially after the Zabuza incident had put him in a death-like state, but here he was, dying. His killer stood over him, and with a voice that could strike fear into Orochimaru's heart, he said the last words Sasuke ever thought he would hear.

"Foolish little brother."

Three hours later, Sasuke awakened to find himself in the same room as where he had died. But how could that be? He had died. He remembered explicitly having been killed. And to add insult to injury, he was killed by Itachi. His brother. The one man he swore he would kill. So why was he awake?

He got his answer as soon as he looked at his surroundings. His body was lying on the floor covered in blood. He himself was nothing more than a spirit. After seeing what had become of him, he passed out.

"Sasuke," a disembodied voice rang out. It was beautiful, as if Sakura herself had come into his mind.

"Sakura?" asked Sasuke. He opened his eyes and found the most beautiful woman sitting on a cherry blossom tree. She looked like a cross between Tsunade and Sakura. Her hair was like Sakura's, but she had Tsunade's… well… she had her breasts.

"Close," the woman said. "My name is Senbonzakura. Remember it. It will aid you on the future."

As the woman faded from view, Sasuke called out, "Wait! What are you!?"

The last thing he heard before he woke up was, "When the time is right, call out my name."

Sasuke woke up to the presence of his father. At least he thought it was his father. He looked just like Uchiha Fugaku, only he was dressed in the weirdest get-up possible. He had on a black outfit lined with white, but his most distinguishing feature was his katana.

His sword looked like your everyday katana, but Sasuke knew it was more. He could feel that blade pumping with chakra, s if it was composed of nothing else.

"Father?" Sasuke couldn't resist the urge to ask.

"Yes, son. I was waiting you to wake up," said the man. "I am here to escort you to the other side…"

"Kuchiki-fukutaichō!" called out a man from the other side of the room.

"Yes, Yamamoto-taichō," called Fugaku to his superior.

The figure came out from the shadows and said, "We haven't that much time. You must perform the Soul Burial on the kid before it's too late."

"Wait. What did he call you, father?" asked Sasuke. He could have sworn he heard Yamamoto call his father Ku-chick-ey?

"Kuchiki. It is the newest of the noble houses in Soul Society, composed of the souls of the Uchiha Clan," said his father. "We have taken on new names and everything."

"I hate to interrupt your chat, Samtaro, but I don't think we want to be this close to a Hollow, now do we?" interrupted Yamamoto.

"Quite right. See you on the other side, Sasuke," said the man formerly known as Uchiha Fugaku. He raised his sword and touched Sasuke with his hilt, and in a flash of blue light, he found himself in a different place entirely.

'Where am I,' thought Sasuke, but a sudden bang interrupted his thoughts…

So this is the prologue. In the first chapter, Sasuke will be introduced to the world of the Shinigami, but more importantly, he will change his name, just like every other member of his clan.

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