While this scenario is unlikely, due to the whole genre of the series with the one-on-one I'm going to get stronger fights. I still found this idea amusing. One shot for now, might add a second chapter with a fight scene.

What the hell, Dad?! (one shawt! For now anyway)

"What the hell are you doin' here old man!?"

"Is that really the way to greet your dear old dad?"

The dust and smoke was cleared from the air to reveal Ulquiorra, standing there as though nothing had happened, without a mark on him.

Starting forward he stepped over the inert form of the eleventh division captain, Kenpachi.

"Stand back Orihime" ordered a heavily injured Ichigo standing in front of the orange haired girl.

"You will return the woman Orihime Inoue to us. It is the desire of Aizen-sama that she remains in our possession until she has fulfilled her purpose."

"Like hell she will!" Ichigo raised Tensa Zangetsu into a defensive position.

"I have no time to be dealing with…." Intoned Ulquiorra.

Vanishing in the static of sonido, Ulquiorra reappeared next to Ichigo with a hand pointing at the side of his head. Ichigo began turning his head eyes widening to see Ulquiorra watching him from the corner of his eye. "…trash."

The sudden crash and explosion of power him nearly blew Ichigo away. Blinking to clear his eyes, he realised that Ulquiorra's blast hadn't hit him.

Stealing a glance at the Arrancar, he noticed his arm was at an angle slightly away from his head so the cero blast had passed harmlessly in front of his face, into the no longer existent side of a nearby building. Looking closer he noticed smoke rising from his arm. Eyes' snapping to the Arrancar's face he noticed his gaze was looking away from Ichigo, and down the long street like corridor.

Someone was approaching. Ichigo couldn't make out who it was, but the presence was familiar. Drawing closer he was able to make out the black uniform of a Shinigami, and the frayed haori of a captain. The face…


That face…

"AH!" he pointed

That short cut hair… That unshaven face…

"DAD?!" he bellowed, Ulquiorra completely forgotten.

"That doesn't answer of why the hell you are here old man! Since when the hell were you a Shinigami!"

"Oh, well that's a long story, I'll tell you some time. But for now, let's just blame that perverted Urahara and his whacked out inventions." Isshin pointed his sword at Ulquiorra.

"I'm sorry Mr Arrancar, but my son and his friends have to come home now, they have school tomorrow, and as a responsible parent I must see that they get the proper rest."

Ichigo palmed his face… this is so embarrassing.

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