A/N: First Star Wars Fic... be nice. I tried putting this up months ago but recieved no reviews, so lets try again!

Summary: Darth Vader is not Anakin Skywalker. If he is at home with the most annoying set of twins in the galaxy, who will fill the shoes? Lee and Luke Skywalker despise each other, add Cherry the exuberent cousin, Han Lee's boyfriend, Wynn the ever scared, Bay Wynn's twin brother, Rayniee the brat, shake stir and add some MIKA! An adventure of shopping, lacrosse and sibling rivalry.

Chapter 1: Like Siblings Anywhere Else

In a bedroom in a large white house sat Lee and Cherry Skywalker. They were discussing something of little importance and giggling at the same time.

"Oh my gosh your brother is such a loser," Cherry told her cousin.

"I know, try being his twin," Lee replied rolling her eyes.

"That stinks so much, I can't believe he's my cousin let alone your twin," Cherry added.

"Depressing, I know," Lee answered again rolling her eyes. She obviously didn't enjoy her brother, who was ironically listening to their conversation behind his sister's door.

"What losers," Luke told himself. Immediately Lee sat up and surveyed her room. Cherry looked awkwardly at Lee because she hadn't heard anything, but when your cousin's father is a Jedi, everything strange happens. Cherry thought, Lee probably just felt something through the force that her brother is doing something stupid.

"Watch this," Lee whispered to Cherry, and Cherry leaned forward closer to where Lee was.

"I think my brother is the best," Lee said over exaggeratingly.

"I thought you hate him," Cherry said.

"Go along with it," Lee said through her teeth.

Finally understanding her cousin's sarcasm Cherry replied, "Yeah, you're right."

Smiling and waiting to unfold her evil plot Lee remarked, "Let's go worship him," but did not finish her statement without one of her "if it concerns Luke" eye-roll.

Then Lee got up and went to open her door. Immediately after her twin brother Luke toppled into her room flat on his face.

Looking down at her brother Lee smirked and told him, "You're so easy to trick, what we were saying, so not true." Luke looked up and glared at his sister, he thought of how many things she was better than him at, but that's what comes along with twin siblings. He stood up and picked the green fuzz that is Lee's carpet off his newly cleaned Jedi uniform and followed his sister and cousin downstairs.

Downstairs sitting in a chair in the living room waiting for what conflict his kids will bicker about today sat Anakin Skywalker.

"You know Uncle A, Luke is never going to be a good Jedi if he's so easy to trick," Cherry casually told her uncle. After Cherry's sarcastic jab at Luke's reputation Lee high fived her cousin and laughed.

"Oh yeah Leia I bet I can beat you anytime any day!" This hit Lee like being slapped in the face by her brother.

Only in 2 instances she allowed herself to be called by her full name: her parents being mad at her, substitute teachers taking attendance in school NOT when her brother wanted to bother her.

"Yeah, you don't like your full name that I know," Luke told his sister with a smug smile of satisfaction on his face.

"It's just Lee," Lee screamed just before using the force to grab her brother's lightsaber. After a bit of delayed reaction Luke decide to us the force and take his father's lightsaber. Anakin rolled his eyes and decided to watch and see who will prevail in this instance of sibling rivalry.