Chapter 14.

The lights were off when she got home, but Lily sensed that the girls were still awake. They lay in the still darkness of their rooms, likely yearning for the relief of sleep on their consciousness. None the less, sleep eluded them. She couldn't blame them. She had no doubt that some of the information they had received would probably keep them up all night.

While she showered, she thought about some of the things that Mikaa had said about the others. The only thing that she thought would give her any real problems was if, and how Tara would act. The son of the Kazekage, the boy who had killed her parents, was in the same village as her.

She worried that the girl might lose her temper and go after him. She didn't doubt that Tara could take care of herself, but this was a Jinchuuriki. There was no way that Tara could face him alone. She would have to keep an eye on her and make sure that she didn't do something that she would notlive to regret doing.

Even though her mind was turning with information, she was able to get in a few hours of sleep. It was not a peaceful sleep. Her dreams were filled with images of Tara lying lifeless, in a puddle of her own blood beneath the shadowed figure of the one-tailed Jinchuuriki's feet. That or of a mysterious man with shining red eyes hauntingly similar to her own.

Over the next three weeks the girls rarely saw each other. The twins would go into the forest outside of Konaha to train with their dogs, exiting only to eat and sleep. Tara spent a lot of her time with the Nara family, training with Shikamaru and his father.

Lily saw her brother every once in a while when she was out and about. They hadn't talked since the day of the last exam though. She had been approached by Kakashi a couple of weeks earlier asking if he could take Sasuke out of the village to train, so she hadn't heard anything from him ether. None of this was particularly unusual or unexpected, although Kakashi training Sasuke had been an interesting thing to contemplate. One thing that worried her however, was that she had not heard from Hinata since before her last mach.

Lily slowly made her way towards the Hyuuga compound at the end of the third week. She had tried to stay away from the compound, but she needed to know if Hinata was alright. She knocked on the main house door and waited for someone to answer.

"May I help you?" asked the woman who answered the door. Lily could tell that the women was of the branch family by the seal on her forehead.

"Yes, I think you can" she said with a kind smile. "Could I speak with Lady Hinata please?"

"May I ask who you are?" she asked, returning the smile with her own.

"Just tell her it's her cousin" Lily watched as the woman's eyes widened for a second before she opened the door fully and ushered her in.

"You must be Dragon?" she asked as she lead her through the house, a quiet certainty in her voice.

"Yes" she answered. "I suppose word has gotten around the Hyuuga compound"

"Yes, there was a clan meeting about it as soon as the Lord found out" she replied. They stopped at a door and the woman turned to face her completely. "your father was my older brother, has anyone ever told you how very much you look like him?"

Lily looked at the woman standing in front of her and she couldn't help but smile. "I'm afraid not, I've never met anyone who had known my father before."

"Well you look a lot like him" her aunt told her. "Your father was the kindest man I have ever known, He was always going out of his way to take care of me when we were growing up."

"If my father was indeed so kind, then how has his twin brother come to be the way that he is?" she couldn't help but ask.

"...My brother wasn't always that way" her aunt told her. Her tone was neutral, but her eyes were downcast and hidden by the shadow of her bangs. "It's a long story. We will have to leave it for another time"

"I am sorry, I didn't mean to be rude" Lily said, looking down at her hands. "its just..."

"Do not worry about it, hun" she said with a slight laugh, her face open once more. "This is Lady Hinata's room, just knock before you enter and don't be a stranger. If you ever have any questions about you father just come talk to me"

With one last parting smile, her aunt turned and walked back the way they had come. Lily watched as she turned the corner and then turned to knock on the door.

"Come in!" she heard the voice of her cousin call to her.

"You know...I have been worried out of my mind about you" Lily said as she opened the door to see Hinata laying in bed. "How are you feeling?"

"Lily you don't need to worry about me so much" Her cousin smiled at her. Then her face turned serious. "You know, my father is not too happy with you right now"

"He hasn't been giving you any trouble, has he?" Lily walked over and joined Hinata in her bed so that they could talk.

Lily spent the afternoon talking to her cousin. She found out that Hinata's father had basically ignored her ever since she had come home from the hospital. Hinata was allowed to join her team again after the last exam. They didn't want her starting too early and causing damage to her healing body.

The day of the exam.

Lily got up and got ready early so that she could talk to the Hokage before the exam started. As she jumped though the window she could see that he was alone in his office.

"How may I help you today?" he asked her. "I hadn't expected to see you until later on today"

"I want to be in my ANBU gear up there with you today." she told him. Lily had been having a bad feeling the whole last week leading up to the exam. She couldn't shake the feeling that something was going to go wrong. Her and Reidou had spent almost the whole night before talking it over. "I will have one of my shadow clones participate but I want to be at your side today." She repeated.

"May I ask why?" he asked as he pulled off his hat and set it on his desk.

"I can't tell you that because I don't know myself" she said with a sigh. "Reidou and I think that this is what needs to be done, I have had a bad feeling and I …. I just need to be there"

"What if your clone gets hit and it disappears?" he asked me.

"Then I will make another one." she said a little frustrated. "It is important that you trust me"

"I am going to trust you on this Lily" the Hokage told her with a small sigh. "This is not something that I would normally do, but I too have been feeling off lately"

"I will go back and get everything set up" she spoke quietly, smiling slightly in thanks.. "I will meet you at the stadium"

'Flower, tell him that no matter what happens to let us handle it' Reidou's voice rang in her head.

"Reidou said that no matter what happens today let us handle it" Lily said as she stood on the window ledge of the Hokage's office, looking at him over her shoulder. "I have learned to trust her instincts, I think that you should too" With these parting words, she agilely jumped out into the crowded streets of Konoha.

Lily made her way to the stadium after she made her clone and slipped her AMBU gear on. Her mask was that of a white porcelain dragon. She pulled the hood of the standard AMBU cloak up and walked out of the shadows to slip in behind the Hokage and the Kazekage.

She knew right away that this man was not the Kazekage. She never forgot a chakra signature or a smell. This mans chakra felt like snakes slipping all over her body and he smelled of habu venom*. She knew exactly who this man was and she was instantly on guard. She didn't show that she knew because if Orochimaru was here in person then that meant that he was planning something big. (Habu is a type of poisonous snake indigenous to japan,)

She looked down at the field and saw her clone standing in a pair of black baggy ninja shorts and a black muscle shirt with a long sleeved fish-net shirt on underneath. Her arms and legs were both wrapped up in dark green bandages disappearing under her clothes. Her head band was tied around her neck loosely, she had her two swords strapped to her back and her Kunai and shurikun pouch on her left thigh, her boots had hand and a half swords concealed in them.

Lily was standing with her Eyes on the field. She could see that everyone was there except one person. She could feel that Sasuke was nowhere near the stadium. She let her eyes wander towards the fake Kazekage. He was sitting and looking down to the field below and every once in a while his eyes would stray towards the doors of the stadium.

'So he is after Sasuke' she thought. 'He's brave, coming into this village. I wonder what He's up to'

'Well we know that he's not alone' Reidou's voice echoed in her mind. 'He must have tricked Suna into this at the very least'

'Yes and I have a bad feeling that he's counting on the fact that Gaara is not stable'

'Yes that is what I was thinking as well' she said. 'But he's smart, he would have a back up plan in case something went wrong, so my advice would be to stay by the Hokage'

'You didn't even need to mention that' she said as she placed a hand lightly on the Hokage's shoulder to let him know that she was there. He turned and looked at her for a second and Lily made a quick sign with her hands to let him know that there was danger in the immediate vicinity.

He turned back to look down at the crowd but Lily didn't miss the hand movement asking who and where. She stepped beside him and made the snake hand sign. She saw the Hokage's eyes flick towards her in surprise. She then drew the symbol of sand on her leg with her finger and watched as the Hokage discreetly glanced at the Kazekage.

"I see that your three children have made it into the finals" the Hokage said to the man sitting beside him. "you must be proud?"

"hnnn" was the only answer he received.

Lily watched as the Hokage got up and walked to the edge of the balcony. Then she listened as his voice stretched out around the stadium.

"Welcome all and our deepest thanks for coming here to the village hidden in the leaves for this years chunin selection" He paused and looked around. "we have come to the final competition between the 13 candidates who made it though the preliminaries and we ask that no one leaves until all of the matches are completed. Now, every one enjoy!"

With that a cheer rang out though the crowds and the Hokage took his seat once again.

"You said 13 Candidates aren't you missing one?" Lily heard the slightly off voice of the Kazekage. She saw the Hokage look out onto the field one more time. She watched as the proctor explained the rules to the participants and her clone and then every one other than Naruto and her brother left the field.

She wanted to watch the match but she knew that she needed to keep an eye on the Kazekage and the two guards that stood behind him. She needed to know what the traitor was planning and when that plan was going to be put into action.

Time seemed to pass fast. She was aware that Naruto had won his match and soon after Sasuke had shown up. She knew that they had postponed his match anyway so she didn't need to worry about keeping an eye on her clone. She wanted to watch Loekie's match but she had a feeling that what ever was going to happen it was going to happen soon.

"Hokage-sama, do you think it wise to let the two Uchiha fight right off the bat?" She looked directly at the Fake Kazekage. "Wouldn't it be more entertaining for the crowd to switch it up and have them fight other people and then meet up later on in the competition?"

Everything on the balcony was silent for a few seconds. "What did you have in mind Lord Kazekage?"

"Maybe we should have them switch with the sixth match participants?" the fake answered.

The Hokage spoke into a microphone and she watched as the proctor on the field nodded. She knew at that moment that they where running out of time. She knew from the stiff posture of the Hokage that he had realized this too.

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