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Boy toys: Serena

Both Layla and Crys were in full concentration mode when the second daughter came in. Layla looked up from her English book. It was Serena. With Stanton by her side. And Zahi and Jerome following behind.

"Its march of the emo-goth boys." Crys said in disbelief. Layla tried to stifle her laughter but it came out as a snort.

"Hey, Crys. Hey, Layla." Serena sat down and pulled a fry out of the hot stack that lay in front of Crys'

Trigonometry book. She paid it no mind.

"Hi Serena. Whats up?" Layla sat her highlighter down on the open book and propped her head on her hands.

"Nothing really. Just walking around town with Stanton."

"And your emo boy-toys?"

Serena looked over her shoulder and, as if on cue, the boys flipped their hair and striked their best many poses.

"Oh, yeah," Serena rolled her eyes "just ignore them. I know I do."

"Serena, my beautiful muse, I have written you a poem." The ever exotic Zahi got down on one knee while his competitors rolled their own eyes at the act.

"What a pansy." Jerome said outright.

This angered the young man, who started to curse Serena's other stalker in French. It was quite amusing to the witch and her friend. Not so amusing to Serena, who looked horrified at the public outburst, and Stanton, who just looked bored.

But then again, he had that look permanently plastered on his face anyway.

"Stanton," Serena pleaded with a disgustingly sweet voice that made Layla want to gag. But Crys was already doing that for her. "Do something."

That one ended with more of a whine. And with one flick of his wrist, a black abyss opened below Jerome and Zahi. The two both so consumed by the argument that neither of them noticed what was happening until they were dropping through the floor and into some unknown place that Stanton had randomly picked for them.

"Oh, Stanton, you're the best!"

Serena took Stanton's arm and hugged it with the biggest smile. Layla would find it nice if it wasn't so sickeningly sweet to watch the two of them. Not to mention the public displays of infection that included the sucking face they were doing at the moment.

"Ew," Layla said with a disgusted look. She turned her head away so she didn't have to stare at them directly.

"Can you two take that somewhere else?" asked Crys, who had now lost her appetite for the fried in front of her. "Please?"

The two didn't even separate to walk out the door. They just artfully shuffled as one out of the door and onto the street, where they continued to make-out as they walked.

"Something tells me they've had way too much practice doing that."

Crys just shuddered.