I keep my promises.

Yes, Amber got hit by a car at the end of TMWB.

Is she dead?

Well read on and see.

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Chapter 1-Don't Forget Me

Jeff's P.O.V

World Wrestling Entertainment is sad to announce Amber 'Electra' Mardeyn was left in a coma after being hit by a car.
Our thoughts and prayers are with her.

That post on the website confirmed it. The rumour was true-Amber was in a coma. The details surrounding the accident showed her to have been drunk and depressed at the time it happened.

It was not ruled attempted suicide, simply an unfortunate accident. Wrong place, wrong time.

That was two months ago and Amber still isn't awake.

Brittany, her doctor friend, had been told to tell us all that it was unlikely she'd ever wake up. The trauma was far too excessive for her to cope with in an awakened state. She'd been moved to her home in hopes the familiar surroundings would help her to come round, Brittany was looking after her on orders of the WWE.

After all, why wouldn't they want their top Diva back in comission?

Me? I just want my girlfriend back.

I want to be able to hear her tell me that she loves me just one more sweet time.

I need to get going now, Amber had instructed a letter to be read out should she ever fall into a coma.

Maybe she dreamt about it.

The room was packed full of Amber's friends and her lone family member. She looked lost, like half of her was missing. Estelle's hair was unkempt, her eyes red and her clothes dirty.

The assigned official waited for silence before he started on the letter.

"First and foremost, Jeff, I love you. Knowing me, I won't of been able to cope with being loved to such a degree and will of gone off the rails. This is not your fault. Chances are, I will not ever awaken. I wish for you to find somebody else and learn to love again.

Estelle. My darling little sister. The holes in our childhood and indeed in our relationship will never be mended now. I want you to know I would give anything to be able to sit and talk with you about why our parents left and why I left you, twice. I should've stayed with you all along. Together we are strong. I love you."

The woman paused, this was obviously getting to her as well as Jeff and Estelle, who by now was hysterical. Like, wailing and screaming and shaking hysterical.

"Tiffany, don't kill me for addressing you with 3 extra letters. These things do sound better written the proper way. You are truly my friend, babe, and please tell Estelle everything she wants to know about me. If you marry John, please do not wait for me to wake up, nor do I want to be present. I love you.

Randy, perhaps darling, things were meant to be just like this. If you're wondering if I love you, the answer is yes. Maybe one day I will return to you.

Stephanie. Thank you for everything. I hope to come back one day, if only for a while. Talk to me like nothing has changed, Steph. Love.

Glenn and Mark, I owe you everything. It is because of you that I became so successful and I will always remember your patience. I'll stop now, because people will start to realise that you're really nice guys. Love you.

Melina, YOU'RE MY GIRL. Please don't be so upset by my absence, darling. Maybe they'll give you the push you so richly deserve. I love you oodles.

Shannon, shit this is going to ruin Jeff and I if I ever wake up, isn't it? I'm sorry for how I treated you, Shan. You're so sweet and I love you.

John, take care of Tiff for me. I know you're going to be out for a while, so if you still are whilst I'm...sleeping, then come and talk to me. Loves."

Everybody in the room looked at each other and fell silent.

How the hell did Amber know what was going to happen to her?

Brit sipped some of her water as she watched Amber intently for any signs of movement. After 10 minutes, she sighed and went to leave the room "You're evil, girl"

"She's my sister. It runs in the family" A voice nearly identical to Amber's almost laughed

Brittany smiled "Hello Estelle. I'll be upstairs if you need me"

"Thank you. I really appreciate you doing this for us all." Estelle smiled, watery eyed as Brit left. She sat at her sister's bedside, put her head on Amber's stomach and cried.

Amber's hand twitched and pulled gently on Estelle's hair. That was enough for her to know not to give up yet.

&I'll still be thinking of you and the times we had.
Stronger than death.

Estelle stared at her cell phone. She was changing networks immediatley.

Jeff came to see Amber two days later and, unsurprisingly, he looked awful.

"I feel so guilty" he whispered to Brit as she let him into Amber's home

"Don't. She said it in the letter that it wasn't your fault and that, should she not wake up, you need to move on" Brit rubbed Jeff's back soothingly as he sat beside Amber's bed

"Yeah. Can you give me a minute or two with her alone?" Jeff asked and Brit nodded, saying she would be in the kitchen.

Twirling Amber's hair in his fingers, he finally broke down.

"Why have you left me? What did I do? How did I ever hurt you?" he sobbed "Everybody said you had a bad past. I couldn't believe it when you told me what you'd been through. All I ever did was love you, Amber. And all you ever did was hurt me"

His final words came out as a whisper, as if they were poison to everybody.

"What am I going to do without you?"

All of a sudden, his cell phone buzzed and he checked the message.

& If you want, I'll try to love again.
Don't ever forget me.

The sender was unknown, nobody picked up when Jeff tried to call and although the signature was random, it was not a network message.

Suddenly, Jeff was not so sure what on earth was happening.

He left, calling goodbye to Brittany.

She wandered back into the living room and rolled her eyes "You'll be dramatic on your death bed" She paused and sat on the end of the bed;

"I suppose I might as well join in with the depressed masses. Sam is showing now, causing Randy to put on a sickening display of being a loving husband. Everybody is still wondering how he's coping without you being there for him. Of course, nobody has realised that I've lost my best friend too. No, I'm just your fucking doctor, Amber. We haven't been friends for years, shared good times, laughter and wasted too many pictures on ourselves. There aren't stupid fucking songs on the stupid fucking radio that make me break down everytime I hear them!" Brit cried and slumped forwards onto Amber's legs "Just wake up for God's sake, Ams."

The breeze from the open window caught one of the tags on one of the many large bouquets currently situated near the bedside, at the same time clanging a windcharm in the corner. The doctor looked up, startled.

Should I go back, should I go back, should I? I feel alone and tired. Should I go back, should I go back, should I?
I swear I won't forget you.

Brittany stared at the handwriting on the card and laughed "Of course."