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Chapter 3-Pieces

"I swear to God, she woke up and talked to me!" Brittany protested to Amber's doctor, David Matthews

"Brittany, please. That's impossible."

Brit sighed "I thought so too. I swear, David, she spoke to me. She lay still and kept her eyes closed, but she spoke to me!"

David surveyed the younger doctor for a second or two "You've been working far too hard with these athletes and you haven't been able to cope with your grief properly, Brittany."

The last words he said went unheard, as Brit screamed and slammed the door on her way out.

"I want Jeff to marry me, Maria. You know how much time he wasted on Amber when he and I could've been happy." Candice looked at her best friend sincerely

"Look, Candy, Jeff...he's just not that into you." Maria explained, biting her bottom lip as she 'broke' the news.

"He might not be yet. But you mark my words, he will be" Candice's eyes gleamed

"Consider them marked" Estelle's harsh voice caused the women to turn round in shock. She smirked at them both "Afternoon ladies. I hope I remind you of somebody"

"Listen, Matt, I keep getting these text messages and so does Estelle." Jeff walked along the sidewalk with his brother "They have to be connected"

"Man, are you doing shit again?" Matt looked at Jeff with his eyebrows raised "You're talking stupid, Jeff. Amber is in a coma. She's like this far" Matt held his fingers an inch apart "From being brain dead. She's not texting you"

Jeff just stared at Matt "She is nowhere near brain dead and I'll prove it to you!"

Matt looked at Jeff once more, studying his brother's face intently "Alright, man. Prove it"

"Hey, you've reached Amberrr! I can't take your call right now, I'm probably hungover or something, so leave me a message and we can grab dinner later!" Jeff's cell phone speaker blasted out Amber's voicemail.

"Because that proves you're not insane, dude" Matt rolled his eyes, "I'm trying to understand how hard this is for you, but come on man!"

Jeff held up his cell once more, to show Matt that he had a new text message "See?! It's her!"

Though I'm standing by your side
I feel so lonely I could cry
If I could feel my heart tonight...

We're nearly there, J.

"You've got to be kidding me" Matt said, softly "If that's really her, then she's awake"

"The only thing I don't get" Jeff paused, "Is the 81-MNA part"

Matt's logical brain analysed the information for a second "What year was she born?"


"And what are her initials?"

"Amber Nicole Mardeyn, so ANM" Jeff answered, confused "What does this have to do with anything?"

Matt smiled "You just answered your previous question"

"I did?" Jeff stared at his older brother "Alright, I know my brain was never as good as yours but-"

"81-MNA. 1981, Mardeyn Nicole Amber. There's your answer." Matt grinned "Not only does this prove I'm smarter than you, it proves that you're right."

"I'm right about Amber being awake?" Jeff said, shutting his cell phone with a snap "Dude. Amber's awake!"

His cell phone began to ring as they carried on talking about Amber "It's Brit, Matt, hold on a second" Matt fell silent "What is it?"

"It's Amber, Jeff." Brittany's voice was choked with sobs "She's gone"

"Gone?" Jeff echoed, "Like, dead and gone?"

"No! God no! I left to get some groceries and I came back to check on her-" Brit paused to control her voice "And she was gone!"

"I'll call you back...I...I have to go" Jeff hung up and looked to his brother "Amber's gone"

"How did I do?" Brit looked at Amber who was admiring her reflection and tutted.

"Sorry, I missed looking at myself whilst I was actually in a coma. You did great" Amber beamed at her friend and returned to the mirror "Before you ask, I've been awake for about two weeks."

"I don't believe you! You're so evil!" Brit stared at her friend incredulously "How long are you going to hide for?"

Amber smiled at her reflection "As long as it takes."

"Tiff, baby, how long are you going to be away for?" John sat on the end of the bed as Tiffany packed her clothes up, "Why are you even leaving?"

Tiff looked at her boyfriend tearfully "Because you're supposed to stop me."

As John looked at his girlfriend, he realised just how much he loved her "Marry me"

"What?" Tiff stopped packing and turned to John once more "If this is your attempt of-"

After John realeased her from his kiss she stared up at him "Yes."

Estelle stood in the locker room, alone. Her sister had left her before, and she'd fallen apart because of it.

She wasn't about to let her life fall apart again. Brushing her now dirty blonde hair out of her red eyes she sighed at her tired reflection.

Without her sister, she was nothing.