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Chapter Eight:
The Playmate


The sound of his breathing was harsh to his own ears, for the rest of his surroundings were particularly silent. Harry enjoyed it, however, and the intense gaze focused on him as he pounded into his trunk more and more erratically made the experience all the hotter.

Merciful Merlin on a Motorcycle, but he was more turned on than a steaming engine!

The feeling reminded him of the day he'd first met Bobby and wanked in a Gringotts tunnel. Afterwards he'd become too used to the guardian to really revel in his recently discovered exhibitionism. He didn't know what the hell Seamus was thinking by staying inside the room while he was actively fucking something, true, but he enjoyed the sandy-haired boy's presence none the less.

The heat of Seamus' stare, the lust in his eyes and the small hitches of his breath as he pleasured himself while watching Harry were like sunshine and water to him, and he was but a tree basking in its presence, soaking it all up. He literally flourished under the scrutiny, and he loved it. Being watched while in such a state was a rush he could only compare to flying.

It made him harder; it made him feel sinfully wicked.

After his changes, he didn't feel a need to feel ashamed at his actions, nor was he embarrassed by his body. In fact, here, in the semi-privacy of his own dorm room, Harry was actually flaunting himself and enjoyed doing so. In fact, he really, really hoped his other roommates wouldn't mind seeing him starkers from now on.

He stretched his muscles and flexed his shoulders and made the most delightful, breathy, taunting sounds he could manage, all for the sake of his lust-bound audience. He clenched his ass and slowed his pace so his fellow wizard could take all of him in. Indeed, he particularly enjoyed the various stumbling and cursing fits Seamus suffered when Harry leaned forward more than necessary and displayed his tight bum to advantage.

But he was too close to his peak to think about any of that for much longer. He knew Seamus was leaning against a bed-post somewhere to the side, leisurely stroking his covered erection. The flush of arousal and the glistening of his parted lips only spurred Harry onwards. Maybe he should just pause and banish those concealing clothes and pounce on the cutely entranced blond?

His green eyes glazed at the thought. Bloody hell, if discovering his family heritage hadn't turned him into a horny bugger.

However . . . he took a steadying breath, he didn't want to scare the other boy away. Instead he took his time, fucked his trunk and kept an eye on the randy lad. After all, he had to be careful if he wanted to have a roommate beneath his sheets tonight, right? Then again . . . the sandy blond probably didn't have enough blood flowing into his brain to think straight and even consider fleeing!

Gasping when the trunk sensed his imminent release and starting bloody well sucking like a vacuum, Harry lost all shred of coherent though and sneaky plans and simply shagged his luggage stupid.

Hair plastered and wet, skin beaded with perspiration, Harry's world diminished to just his throbbing, burning, pulsing shaft and the slick, tight, hot mouth it was in, magical or not, when, like a gunshot, he came in a blinding moment of blissful sensation.

It was raw and sudden, like a tightly coiled spring that's unleashed without prompting. Pleasure coursed through him as wave after wave of feeling washed throughout his body. For a moment he felt everything from the bead of sweat sliding down his back to the almost painful tension of his leg muscles as they trembled in exertion.

Only his heartbeat sounded in his ear as his lungs took great gasping breaths to fill themselves once again. How much time it had taken him to find release, he didn't know, but the soreness of his body attested to quite the marathon.

He was only dimly aware of the sharp sound his trunk made upon opening its most secret compartment, and he noticed it soon enough when the lid opened fully. But he ignored it for a moment.

One, two, three and more times he came into the trunk, happy to know that the second compartment was now open, but too caught up in the waves of pleasure cresting and crashing through his body.

His skin was aflame with heightened feeling that unhurriedly diminished as load after load was released into the lock of his trunk, until only his throbbing member registered in his mind and satisfied lethargy started setting in, his body bent over his trunk, awash with satisfaction.

Finally sated, he started pulling his softening key out of the tight confines of the magical lock and sat back on his heels, his breathing labored even as Shaggy started drying him up, which he was grateful for; he knew he was sweaty after licking his lips and tasting it for himself. Eyes closed, he tried to regulate his breathing, even as his half-hard cock slid out of the trunk as clean as can be.

He was more than glad when Shaggy expanded under him and he practically sprawled in its furry hold. Great Merlin, but that was good.

Relaxing, he only opened a lazy eye when the rustle of clothes made him remember his audience. Seamus was still beating off; his baby blue eyes were firmly attached to Harry's now free half-mast woody. He looked completely zoned out; eyes glazed, muscles slack and a hand slowly working up and down his clothed erection.

The other boy looked sexily cute like that, he had to admit.

Opening his other eye and splaying a hand over his taut stomach, he made his cock twitch, and could only watch in fascination as Seamus' speed increased a bit and his nostrils flared slightly, as if he could catch Harry's scent from where he stood.

Well, there wasn't much left to question now, was there? At this point, he doubted he'd scare the other wizard off if he did anything, and indeed, he dared to think that if he did do something the irish boy would actually enjoy it.

"See something you like, mate?" Harry asked the other wizard with an easy smile, his hand gently grasping his shaft.

This was the risky part. Since he was faced with a fine specimen of Teenejus Insecurus Hormonus, or Insecure Hormonal Teenager, he had to be especially careful. Nevertheless, he was confident he had more than enough to tempt his dorm mate into doing something naughty with him.

Sadly, Seamus continued to be a bit out of it, and ignored his question.

Sniggering a bit when Shaggy crawled up his sensitive sides, leaving his legs and everywhere else completely dry with his passing and his half-hard prick now entirely clean, Harry shrugged. Hopefully Seamus would come around sooner rather than later.

As Shaggy continued to move, he became curious about how the magical fur-thing did what it did. Harry didn't know, but he was still thankful for it, even as it left his back dry as well and moved to wrap around his head and moist hair. If he didn't know any better, he would say the rug was made out of enchanted liquid fur, or maybe some kind of magical shape shifting creature that fed on fluids or some such. He hadn't finished his family's wish-log, however, so he didn't know of Shaggy's origins quite yet, though he dearly wanted to find out about it.

It was a nice little mystery all of its own.

Sighing when he was completely dry, Shaggy returned to the floor and Harry sat cross-legged on top of the rug, ignoring the look Seamus was sending his bits as the teenage wizard pumped his covered cock a bit faster, his gaze blank.

He had to wonder what images were running through the others imagination to keep him as out of it as he was, but then, even he had to grudgingly admit that he looked pretty good now.

It was kind of flattering too, and though he wouldn't have minded giving his roomy a hand, there was still the business of his opened trunk to deal with. He smirked a little, however, when Shaggy started fondling his balls and he heard Seamus' breath hitch.

Truly, he wouldn't have minded given the other boy that hand or more.

Opening the inner lid of the hidden compartment, he found nine velvet covered cubbies of different sizes and with different contents. He took the mirror out first, and watched, impressed, as the little nooks rearranged themselves and the empty one where the mirror laid suddenly had something else inside of it; the new nook a different size and depth.

He knew he could shuffle everything randomly and even request a specific item, but at the same time he was also aware that anything he took from it would return to the trunk if it wasn't used by him in a month's time, or someone took it without his consent or knowledge, though that was a more recent security measure.

If that happened, he would need to retrieve them from the vault-linked space, which meant opening the secret compartment again.

Not that Harry was against the idea of fucking his trunk over and over again, mind, but it would become a bit tiresome if it turned into a regular occurrence.



Peeking over at Seamus from the corner of his eye, he took in the other wizard's flushed features, along with his closed eyes and lolling head. He looked hot like that. It was a pity he needed to deal with the trunk and its contents now; otherwise he'd have to fuck it again if it closed. He didn't think he'd be able to do that today without the rest of his roommates walking in one him.

The question remained . . . should he deal with the trunk while Seamus came in his trousers, or should he go suck on the boy's cocksicle and just have a second tumble with the magical compartment tomorrow?

Decisions, decisions.

Making up his mind when a third option occurred to him, he found his wand and quietly stunned the blue-eyed teen, a devious grin flashing across his features as he caught the flushed lad with another flick of his wand and levitated him onto his bed.

The sight of the boy sprawled on his four-poster with a hand on his tenting trousers was quite tempting too, but he forced himself to ignore it for a bit more, even as his dick twitched in protest. He had to deal with his trunk, and do it quickly.

Then he could have some fun.

Taking the lubricating potions as well as some of the enchanted underwear from the secret compartment, Harry also picked up a few toys he wanted to try out and some of the more interesting knick-knacks that could become useful during the next month. Just to be safe, he also shuffled amongst his stored things and picking out a few that caught his eye.

When that was done, he closed the lid of the compartment and watched as the semi-animated face which guarded the magical luggage shrunk and returned to its proper place. With a slight push of the inert face, the normal compartment of the trunk opened and Harry made quick work of storing the things he had around him, making sure to leave the mirror on top.

After all, the mirror was what he'd been looking for in the first place.

Satisfied in more ways than one, he stood up, still completely starkers and made his way to his bed, knowing he would have to deal with the mirror tomorrow. Today, after all, he had a blond cutie in his bed.

The question was, however, what should he do with him?

Smiling an impish little smile, Harry waved his wand and moved Seamus onto the center of his bed and climbed up after him. He unlocked the door to the room with a spell and closed his curtains, and just to be safe, Seamus' curtains, with another. Dim light bloomed inside of the canopy and Harry took Seamus' hand away from his waning erection before sprawling on top of his blue-eyed roommate.

Hmm, nice and cushy.

He wiggled a bit to get comfortable and nuzzled the Irish teen's neck for a bit. He was taller than Seamus now, though he wasn't all that heavy. He was still slightly surprised that the other sixth year had stayed in the room and even more so that the boy started tossing off to the sight of him.

If that wasn't a sign, then Harry didn't bloody know what was.

He wondered, if only for a short time, if any of his other roommates would have done the same, but doubted it. Dean and Ron were as straight as they came, and Neville, while sweet and shy, was no less attracted to girls than the other two; he was just less vocal about it, and his eyes strayed less than most teenager's eyes did.

But then, he was kind of glad of that. Seamus was really the only one of his dorm mates that had turned his head when no one else was looking. With his large eyes, slight frame and messy hair, the lad was certainly cute enough.

Whispering a very mild "Enervate," even as Shaggy went back to being a wristlet, he waited for the boy beneath him to wake slowly.

His wand was quickly stored away without too much trouble as the blond under him groaned awake while making some rather delightful sounds.

And then his eyes opened and he yelped in surprise, freezing in place.

Harry had expected to be thrown off, so he was very pleased not to be. Sliding to the other teen's side he got uncomfortable by his weight Harry curled up comfortably, allowing enough room for Seamus to leave if he wanted.

He didn't, though, and Harry smiled.

The boy was stiff as a board, however. Probably nervous, though Harry was happy to see that he wasn't nervous enough not to be stiff all over.

Slowly, he slipped a finger through the gaps between Seamus' white, button-down shirt, and rested his head on the other boy's shoulder, willing him to relax. The blonds' breathing was nervous and slightly panicked, so he dared to speak for the first time.

And he did so soothingly.

"Relax, mate," he whispered, a crooked smile tinting his words with humor, "I won't bite if you don't want me too."

He almost laughed at the jolt his bedmates tented trousers made at this declaration. Not that he had his head tilted to watch such a thing. No siree. He was just admiring the view and just happened to see a twitch in Seamus' trousers. . .

. . .Bah, he couldn't even convince himself with that one!

He almost shrugged at his thoughts, but instead spoke once again, "I saw you, you know, beating off. It was rather inconsiderate of you."

Seamus tried to stutter something at this declaration, probably an apology or something ridiculous like that, but Harry didn't let him.

He pouted, "You should have asked or something," his fingers swirled upon the other boy's flat stomach, making the muscles there twitch while he unbuttoned more and more of the blonds shirt. "I would have helped you out with your . . ." he traced the waistband of the irish lad's trousers, ". . . problem."

And Merlin knew if it wasn't fun to talk that way! Harry almost giggled at his own words.

. . . Maybe he should purr a bit?

The blonds' breath caught and he's thoughts quite obviously stuttered to a halt as another part of his body caught on to what Harry had said and took over the blue-eyed boys mouth.

". . . You mean?" Seamus' shaky, somewhat breathless voice asked. Harry found it surprisingly interesting that Seamus' second brain could have so much coherence of thought.

Harry's hand's stilled and he pressed himself against the other boy, his recovering erection burning against a cloth covered thigh. "I do," Harry whispered in Seamus' ear, his breath hot, his voice simply oozing naughty things, "I can . . . kiss it better."

Seamus groaned, his breath coming up short. "Just kiss it?" he asked both nervously and huskily after a moment. Harry siled at how sexy the usually clumsy boy sounded.

"I could do other things too," he replied on Seamus' ear, marveling at how Seamus's skin turned pink in slow, easy to follow steps.

The irish wizard's hands clenched on the sheets and he gave a little jerk of the hips, obviously imagining the same things Harry was; his eyes were closed and his breath was quickening as he asked, "What kind of things?" in a broken whisper.

And who would have known that Seamus Finnegan liked it when you spoke dirty to him?

Well, somewhat . . . what he was saying wouldn't even register as dirty in Bobby's dictionary.

Harry pressed his body even closer and nibbled on the other boy's ear, his own hips rubbing slowly and smoothly against the blonds' clothed body, "I could . . ." he smirked, "use a healing charm on it," he finished brightly.

"A . . . what?" Seamus asked, the whole seductive mood broken as the other wizard opened his eyes and looked incredulously at him.

"Yes, well," Harry's wand was suddenly in his hand, poking at the other boy's erection, "It seems like you've hit yourself. It's incredibly swollen," he lifted himself up on his elbow to looked into Seamus' disbelieving face with an innocently naïve expression, "I could still kiss it and make it better though?" he asked cheekily.

"You prat!" Seamus growled and pounced.

Harry laughed and let himself be pinned by the other teen, glad that his little prank had worked so well. "I wasn't the one perving, you know?" he asked flippantly and watched the guilty blush spread lightly across the other boy's cheeks.

Heh, it seemed that the irish lad's brains had switched once again. Fast reaction, that.

"Yeah, well, you looked bloody hot doing . . ." Seamus paused, blushing a bit more, "what were you doing, anyways?"

Harry wondered how long it would take for his dorm mate to notice the rather compromising position they were in, along with his state of un-clothed-ness. Just a little move of his hips and their erections would get rather well acquainted. But then, it was better if they settled whatever misgivings could arise from the situation first. "Me?" he asked with an innocent smile, a hand on his bare chest, "I was just buggering my trunk."

He grinned as the other boy sputtered a bit more.

Tilting his head, he fluttered his eyes artlessly, "Why? Would you rather I be buggering you instead?"

Seamus' fair skin flushed brightly and Harry laughed again, amused to note that the other boy's blush was rather fetching; nothing like the botchy, clashing and unflattering ones of the Dursley's and Weasleys.

He sobered a bit though and placed a hand on Seamus' side, "I wouldn't mind, you know," he told the other boy sincerely, "I am rather more bent than what could be considered normal, so I wouldn't really mind having a roommate with benefits," he finished irreverently.

". . . With benefits?" Seamus asked more amused than flustered after his little confession, which meant that his little game had done the trick; it had eased the other sixth year into making the decision himself while getting him to relax. Success. But then, Harry was made of awesome.

"Yeah," Harry nodded, his hands carefully pulling Seamus' shirt from his trousers and touching the exposed skin of his back, though he wondered when the other boy's shoes had come off (he could swear he levitated him fully clothed). "We could, you know, touch each other," his hands disappeared beneath the shirt as he pulled the other boy closer, their erections coming into sudden contact, "Maybe share a kiss or two," and they were suddenly face to face and Harry gave the other boy a peck on the corner of his lips, "things like that," he said with a shrug, pulling back again, "whatever you want to do."

Seamus simply stared at him, blinking, "ar, are ye sure? I—I dunno if I'm completely bent meself," he said somewhat self-consciously.

Harry just rubbed his back, enjoying the slow leisurely way that their hips rubbed against each other, and the warmth of the other's skin beneath his fingers. They were both hard, though not spectacularly so, and Seamus seemed to relax a bit more with each moment that passed. "I can help you find out," Harry quirked a smile, "we could just play around a bit. Like I said, whatever you want," he shrugged again.

Tentatively, almost shyly, Seamus' hands caressed his arms and shoulders, feeling the firm muscles and tracing their outlines. He was obviously thinking.

Smiling a bit wider, Harry finished with the last of the buttons in the other teen's shirt and he set out to explore this new expanse of skin. He had to admit, Seamus was rather fit. Oh, he didn't have all that many visible muscles and such, but he was rather trim all the same; he had a wonderfully flat stomach and a modest build.

If he were asked to define it in one word, cute would cover the whole of it. Seamus, after all, had the perfect body to compliment his baby-face.

"Hmm," he hummed in consideration, "Then again, if I snag myself a boyfriend or something, you'll have to find yourself another playmate," he told the other boy with a wink.

Seamus laughed this time, discarding his socks in an unconscious movement before he pressed their bare chests together and buried his face on Harry's neck, finally losing all of his nervousness in his hilarity.

Harry didn't mind; he was glad the other teen hadn't really freaked out and that he wasn't tense any more. At first, he was all for sucking his roommate off, or at least trading hand jobs. By the utterly shameless way Seamus had stayed in the room with him, Harry had thought the other boy was as completely queer as he was. However, now he knew that the blonds' hormones had caught him by surprise and was glad that he'd been cautions and light in his approach. Hopefully, now he had relaxed and seemed fine with his suggestions they could experiment a little.

After all, while he had loads of simulated experience from the magical tanks, it would've been counterproductive if things in the tank had been better than the real deal, and he was just itching to try a whole slew of things.

In fact, there were a few stretches he could practice to prepare his body for the more fun bits, though thanks to the other tanks, he wouldn't have to do anything extreme.

Blinking away his thoughts, his hands glided across the smooth skin of his roommate's back. "I think you have too many clothes on," he whispered on the other boy's ear.

"Mind taking them off then?" he was asked, Seamus' voice completely at ease now.

"Demanding wench, aren't you?" he teased, and had to dodge the smack headed toward his head. Still, he complied with the demand and soon after they were skin to skin; the heat of the contact both arousing and comforting.

That night they had fun, and though they played quite a bit, most of their touches were exploratory in nature.

And while they didn't play too hard, they had more than enough fun kissing and groping and getting to know the other's body. After all, there were a lot of firsts going on, and by unspoken agreement, they decided to take their explorations slowly.


Morning found Harry awake on his bed. He could see the grey light of dawn against the closed canopy of his four poster bed. It was a pleasant morning as well, and the warm body curled against his chest was a part of that.

After fooling around and indulging in more playful shenanigans than the two of them had even been involved in together, Harry and Seamus had gone to sleep early. They didn't do much, really, apart from enjoying themselves and exploring the boundaries of their rather new agreement; which involved quite a bit of groping and pinching, fumbling touches and shy, sometimes hesitant overtures.

Harry didn't mind it, and though he wasn't clumsy himself, thanks to the knowledge he had gained of such matters in his family vault, it was still all rather new to him. Knowing and doing, after all, were quite different things, and he enjoyed getting some hands on experience.

And no, you perverts, that doesn't mean that anything really naughty happened!


What they did do quite a bit of, and spent most of their breath on was, of course, snogging. And if anyone needs a more descriptive answer than that, well, you could say they swapped enough spit to fill a few gallons, or played tonsil hockey for hours!

Whatever you want to call it, they enjoyed doing it, and that's that.

However, Harry found that waking up next to a warm body again was rather more pleasant than he would have expected, and it wasn't all due to the warm and protective feelings he had towards Cooper. It had been somewhat overwhelming as well, especially for someone like him who'd never experienced such harmless physical closeness until now. It warmed him, and the small smile pulling at the corner of his lips told of his contentment.

The fact that his right hand was having a ball exploring and caressing the curves and contours of Seamus' bum only added to the experience, to be sure.

With their legs intertwined, the sandy-haired head tucked under his chin and their chests pressed against each other, he was sure he could have spent the whole morning there. But alas, today was the first day of classes, and though he suspected that his own schedule wouldn't be all that busy, there was still a lot for him to do.

First on his list was sorting those things he'd pulled from the secret compartment of his trunk, which he didn't want to do in front of the rest of his dorm mates, lest they become too curious about the strange looking objects.

Sighing regretfully, he pulled gently away from Seamus, amused when the Irish boy protested in his sleep, and slipped out of bed. He made sure his bed-mate went right back to sleep and then headed over to his trunk, Shaggy having already slipped from his wrist and wrapped himself around his waist, growing larger and enfolding his legs until it settled into a very comfortable, very whole, pair of furry sleep pants.

They didn't have a seam or anything, which made them all the more comfortable, not to mention that the sleek, silky fur felt wonderfully against his skin.

Running a wondering hand across the thick fur, Harry marveled at how it had transformed into just what he was going to search for. The fact it did it without prompting and that it could actually do such a thing only brought more questions about its origin and functions to his mind, but he pushed them away for now.

He was sure there would be information on Shaggy in one of his family's record-books, if not in the wish-log, so he just had to be patient. He'd already promised himself he wouldn't skip ahead, less he miss something important.

Waving his wand at the bundle of clothes beside his bed, he sent the lot of it to their dorms hamper. Thankfully, since it was only Seamus' clothes, the other guys wouldn't suspect that the two of them had been doing anything, and had probably assumed that the pile belonged to him.

While he didn't mind if any of them found out, he didn't know if the other wizard was of the same mind.

Shrugging, he settled cross-legged in front of his trunk, opened it, and began sorting through his things, taking special care to leave the mirror apart while arranging his school supplies in his book bag, while separating the others by use.

Most of the questionable toys he hid in a secure box, knowing Ron was in the habit of looking though his trunk when he needed something.

When that was done, he put the mirror in the book bag, took out a change of clothes and fingered an extra item while closing his trunk.

It looked rather remarkable, and most wouldn't know what it was for by simply looking at it. It was three inches long and three inches in diameter, made out of seemingly one single thread of gold that swirled, looped and intertwined into a graceful and beautiful armlet. But then, it wasn't really an armlet at all, even if it looked like one.

It was a ring.

And it had a very specific use, wished so by one of his ancestors. After inspecting it top to bottom, and spending at least ten minutes doing so, Harry gave a little shrug and tapped Shaggy on his crotch with a finger.

Obligingly, the enchanted fur parted and his flaccid willy popped out, looking rather chipper, if he did say so himself.

Then again, after last night the little chap was sure to be in high spirits, right? With experienced fingers, he lifted it and pulled on it gently, letting out a sigh as it twitched and swelled slightly before settling comfortably in his hand. He took the ring, and with the carefulness of someone doing a vital operation, Harry slipped the golden ring around his cock until it passed the head and waited.

He was expecting it, true, but it still surprised him, as, after ten seconds, the ring moved and, well, uncoiled slightly, before it began to shrink and elongate; the single golden thread that made it moving and adjusting to his length and the graceful swirls changed, moved and twined together in new patters, covering his shaft from the base to the bottom of the head before looping thinly across his balls.

It fascinated him how it didn't feel at all uncomfortable as it began to settle and even more as it seemed to flatten and sink into his skin, taking on its hue. Oh, he could still see a faint outline in the pattern of his skin, but he didn't feel it in any way.

He knew that there was a way to make it visible, and one to make it rise from his skin to provide friction or so the details on the wish had explained. But its primary function wasn't that.

Extending his index finger, Harry placed it on top of an intricate spiral below the head of his cock and traced its graceful curve three times, thinking of what he wanted and grinning when it felt as if he was touching his own skin.

A moment later, his dick and sack began to shrink ever so slowly and before he knew it, mesmerized by the sight as he was, his long, thick and usually cumbersome member was, for once, a comfortable size; still bigger than most, but not unusually so, for while Harry had always been proud of his equipment, and had even become accustomed to its size while he grew up, it had always been somewhat in the way.

Be it while flying or running, or swinging around because of his lack of underwear, or squeezed awkwardly tight into undies, which used to be a few sizes larger than his body needed, even, it had become a constant itch that could not be scratched.

Now, however. . . Well, now he felt quite better than before, unless he was walking around completely starkers.

With a low relived laugh, his hand entering his furry pants to fondle this new and interesting development, he stood up and headed toward the showers.

After all, he needed to get ready and it would be best if he tinkered with his new enchanted ring while under a spray of hot water.

He needed to get reacquainted with himself, and besides, he'd always been curious to know how other boys felt when tossing off, what with the reduced size of their equipment compared to his.

Maybe he'd be able to do it all with one hand, even!

He cupped his balls and skipped into the bathroom; he was already hard.




Pickled Brains: It took me ages to decide how far Harry and Seamus would go in their little sexual misadventure. After all, while I'm completely shameless and wouldn't have really cared one whit about the situation (taking it as far as I could) it would have shortened the plot quite a bit in this instance.

How, you ask? Well, because if Harry went all the way with Seamus now, it would cut down the amount of things he could do with whom he ends up, without it getting somewhat repetitive in my head, if y'all understand that.

I'm enjoying how Harry is turning out as a character, and I don't want to make him as completely shameless as I am. I'm actually basing some of his character on a friend of mine who's a complete sap, an utter softie and a romantic at heart, even if he always says that I'm bullshitting him.

Still, leave me reviews and all, I command thee!