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Roxas fixed his clothes up a bit, then rang the doorbell. A light blond opened the door.

"Oh, hey Mrs.-"

"Ashe, just Ashe, Roxas. How many times do I have to tell you?" she interrupted him with a smile. The boy was so polite, she thought. The kind woman let him inside with her smile still plastered on her lips.

"Uhm, is Namine home?" Roxas asked her.

"No, she went to Kairi's for the day and won't be back 'till tomorrow. Sorry, Roxas. But Riku's in his room." she said still smiling. Roxas went to his friend's room, a bit disappointed. Ashe went back into the kitchen, busying herself with something. The teen opened the door, ignoring the 'Do Not Disturb, Entry At Own Risk'- sign and went in only to fall over. Riku was in his chair doing stuff on his laptop and listening to music with headphones on. He didn't notice Roxas' graceful entrance and continued doing whatever he did. The blond got up, picked up the thing he tripped on and threw it at Riku's head. The silver haired jumped up, knocked the chair over, lost his headphones and produced an earthquake on his desk which resulted in the laptop falling off and luckily landing on the bed. He turned around to see the source of the disturbance smirking at him.

"Jesus, Roxas! You gave me a friggin' heart attack! And you nearly destroyed my stuff!" Riku got the poor laptop off his bed and back onto the still shaking table. Roxas jumped onto the couch while Riku started sorting his stuff again.

"Namine's not here, just so you know." Riku said casually. He knew that his best friend had a crush on his stepsister. She wasn't really his stepsister since her parents haven't adopted him but he lived with them as their sort of son. Namine's mother, Ashe, found Riku on the streets when he was about three. He was badly injured and she took care of him. Since he couldn't be identified, no parents were found and the orphanage hadn't been built yet, Ashe and Rassler, Namine's dad, took him in. They never referred to him as a son but he was as one to them.

"I know." Roxas replied. "What were you doing anyway?" he said suspicious. He once had caught Hayner looking at porn and it scared Roxas for life.

"Nothing, just chatting." Riku said innocently. Roxas got up and looked at the screen of the thing. Riku's messenger was still open, apparently he had been talking to someone called xXLittleFireDemonXx. And Roxas knew exactly who that was. Riku quickly closed the laptop, crushing Roxas' fingers. He howled in pain, loud enough to make Ashe come and check with the boys.

"Everything alright in here?" she asked. Riku nodded and waved her off while transferring Roxas back onto the couch. When she was gone, Roxas hissed at Riku angrily.

"What the hell did you do that for?! And why were you talking with my-"

"Hey, sorry, I didn't mean that! You saying I'm not aloud to talk with people?! Rox, I'm not that antisocial." Riku interrupted the blond's rant. Roxas observed his crushed fingers in pain.

"You know, if you get me an ice pack, I just might be your friend again." Roxas said slowly. Riku grinned at him annoyed but amused and left to fulfill Roxas' wishes. Once he was gone, Roxas quickly opened up the laptop again and started chatting in Riku's place.

SilverSurfer says:

hey watup

xXLittleFireDemonXx says:

roof stupid lol

SilverSurfer says:


xXLittleFireDemonXx says:

ur sis anoys me

SilverSurfer says:

namine? hows she anoying

xXLittleFireDemonXx says:

she & kairi always & only tlk bout boys

SilverSurfer says:


xXLittleFireDemonXx says:

thy wanna hook me up wit som1 i think

SilverSurfer says:


xXLittleFireDemonXx says:

vaan was their latest victim

SilverSurfer says:

no fuckn way

xXLittleFireDemonXx says:

well tis time te choice is better

xXLittleFireDemonXx says:


SilverSurfer says:

no as ur elder i forbid it

xXLittleFireDemonXx says:

wait a sec

SilverSurfer says:


xXLittleFireDemonXx says:


SilverSurfer says:


xXLittleFireDemonXx says:

i thougt u were riku!

SilverSurfer says:

am i not?

xXLittleFireDemonXx says:

wheres riku? stop mockn round!

SilverSurfer says:

i ate him :3 yummy riku

xXLittleFireDemonXx says:

ROXAS! ur an ass

SilverSurfer says:

:O im offended

Roxas heard Riku's steps outside so he closed the laptop and sat back on the couch. The silverette came in and threw the ice pack at Roxas who barely caught it. Riku sat on his bed and stretched.

"So, did Demyx throw you out again?" he asked.


"What do you have in mind of doing, cause I'm out of ideas."

"We could drop by my cousin's place." Roxas suggested after a couple of minutes. Riku grinned at him.

"You only wanna see Namine, don't you, Rox?"

"Uh, no, I was kinda thinking we could pick up my aunt and go skating down at the park." Roxas continued to talk. Riku glanced at him.

"Why your aunt?" he asked suspicious.

"Cause she's cool and the best skater I've ever seen. And she's probably gonna commit suicide with only the girls there. You know how she's more of a boy than a girl." Roxas explained. Riku nodded in agreement. "Let's go then."

They left the house with their skateboards and headed for Kairi's place. She was Roxas' cousin, daughter of Reno, Axel's older brother. Roxas' aunt, Neira, also lived with them because her, Reno's and Axel's parents died shortly after she was born. She used to be in Axel's care but he lived in Radiant Garden where there was no school for her. So she moved in with her other brother Reno and her niece Kairi. It wasn't long until Riku and Roxas arrived at the house. Roxas looked around nervously.

"Don't freak, Rox. Namine doesn't like that kind of guys." Riku said teasing, knowing that's the exact opposite of what Namine thought. He heard her say it personally.

"I think guys are cute when they freak." Namine told Riku one night when he told her his secret.

"R-really? Would you think-?" Riku said shyly.

"Of course! Just be you and it'll be fine!" she assured him.

Roxas looked back at Riku, angry almost.

"It's not Namine that I'm worried about. You know how my mum is about going here. If she catches me, I'm dead meat." he said anxious.

"You were the one telling us to go here." Riku said in defense. Roxas sighed.

"Let's just get out of here quickly after we got Neira." he said, hurrying up the steps to the front door. He Rang the bell and Namine opened the door. Roxas immediately froze. The poor guy looked like he was going to faint. Luckily, Riku took over.

"Hey, Namine! Can you get Neira for us, please?" he pleaded. Namine smiled at him but before she turned she took another brief glance at Roxas who was still not moving.

"Roxas are you alright? You're a bit pale." she said in worry. Riku hand motioned her to go and get Neira and so she went, still a bit confused. When she was out of sight Roxas relaxed again. Riku crossed his arms.

"Riku, I don't get it. Why do I always freeze up? I mean-" Roxas said. Riku nodded in agreement but interrupted him.

"Rox, where did you look?" he asked.

"At her. Why?"

"Yeah, I mean, where at her."

"..." Roxas looked to the ground, blushing furiously in shame. Riku patted him on the shoulder.

"Look, I'm not calling you a perv, cause she did wear something, uh, a bit revealing, but you should always look into your girl's face, alright? That's why you freeze a lot lately. Can't blame her either because it's been pretty hot lately, so..." Riku would have continued but the sight of red hair shut him up.

"Hey Riku! And, ... Roxas." she glared at the blond evilly. He glared back innocently.

"You wanna come skate with us? Just down the park." Riku asked smiling at her. She smiled back even brighter.

"Sure! Just give me five minutes to get ready!" she said while disappearing again. The boys waited patiently, Roxas glancing over his shoulder a couple of times. Then Neira reappeared at the door, dressed in ripped jeans, black shirt and sleeveless red hoodie and her skateboard tugged under her arm.

"Let's go!" she yelled while skating down the side of the steps. They followed her to the park. She and Roxas immediately went for the ramps while Riku stayed behind a bit to chat with Hayner, Pence and Olette who were standing beside the ramps, watching the skilled boys show off. But they all admired the only girl skateboarding there. None of the boys wanted to admit it but Neira clearly was the best skater in town.

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