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She banged on the door with her already bruised hand. A quite handsome red head opened after a while.

"Larxene? What are you-"

"I only came here for one reason and that is to find out where that bastard is." the blond snarled at Reno. He observed her briefly and told her one simple word.

"No." Larxene did her best to keep high but since the man was taller than her, it didn't really work out.

"Look, Reno, " she spat at him." Roxas is missing and if you don't tell me where Axel-"

"Roxas is missing? Why didn't you say so before?!" He interrupted her. His entire posture of stubbornness changed immediately. She was actually surprised by it. Reno went inside, but came back quickly with a piece of paper which he handed to Larxene. She thanked him, against her will, and got back to her car, driving off rather quickly. She stopped at a hotel in Blaze Avenue.

After running up the stairs because the lift was out of order and arriving at the door on the eighth floor, she punched the door until someone finally opened it. She stormed into the apartment, pushed the man that had opened the door out of her way and went through the rooms, desperately searching for her son.

Axel hadn't stopped her, he watched her, thinking deeply. She approached him again, a murderous look on her face.

"Where is he?!" she snapped, coming dangerously close to the red head. Axel gave her a questionable look.


"You know exactly who! WHERE IS HE?!" she screamed at him. Tears started to flicker in her eyes. She knew Axel, and her knowledge told her enough that he wasn't bluffing.

"Who is where? If you don't tell me, I can't help you." he said calm, keeping his innocent, now worried face. The blond couldn't stand it. She bit her lip as tears started running down her cheeks. Larxene raised her fist to hit Axel but she couldn't. Her fist slowly landed on his chest, where it flattened. Her head came down to lean on him, too. Now Axel was extremely concerned.

He completely forgot that he was meant to hate this broken woman. There she was, the harsh, angry and sometimes violent Larxene, crying on his shoulder. He put his arms around her, at the same time whispering soothing words to her. To his surprise she hugged back and actually calmed.

Axel didn't know why, but he knew that this was right. She being in his arms, hugging him tightly, seeking comfort with him, it felt right. And he didn't want it to end. Ever.

He started rubbing his hands on her tense back, relaxing her slightly. His thoughts went wild over the girl, he was thinking things he had thought that were long forgotten, feelings he didn't know could return. He rubbed his chin on her golden blond hair and closed his eyes, enjoying every second of the moment, until Larxene broke it. She looked up to him, questioning without a voice, what he was up to.

The red head leaned in and brushed her soft lips with his own. He didn't know why, he just did.

Larxene wanted to pull away, only she found herself kissing back with a passion long lost. She could think of so many things why she hated Axel, and she had hated him all her life, but not now. All her anger seemed washed away, everything was gone.

And they both had wished even against their will it would last forever that moment.

They parted, ripped apart by a pair of strong yet soft hands. The owner of those hands pushed Larxene away and hauled at the red head's face. Another strong punch hit Axel's stomach, making him bend over. He looked at Larxene, giving her that traitorous, accusing look. She looked back, cold.

Everything was back to normal, the hate flushed her veins again. The moment before was forgotten, just like everything else she had ever felt for him before.

Larxene watched Marlurxia beat Axel to the ground. She didn't felt sorry for him, but seeing him like this wasn't satisfying her either. She and Marlurxia left without another word, leaving the red head in his apartment, left him in the pain.

Axel was crying. He got hurt, hurt so very deeply. He wouldn't have thought that such things would come back to him after all what he's been through. He was so confused.


Roxas ran. He ran far, and fast. His jacket had been ripped by a low branch and it now hung loose on his shoulder. Through the many trees he finally came to the clearing he'd been looking for. He panted, leaned against a tree and slid down to sit.

It wasn't the first time he was here. The blond had run away before and he always came here to think, freely and deeply and as long as he wanted. The woods weren't very far from his school, and he wasn't the only one knowing about them. In fact, this was where he had met Namine the first time. He loved reminiscing about that memory.

Roxas closed his eyes and let his frustration being swept away by the scent of the leaves surrounding the teen. He remained relaxed and half asleep until he heard someone calling his name.

"Roxas?" the blond looked up to see another blond running towards him, a notebook in her hand. She stopped in front of him, a worried smile spread on her beautiful face. Roxas smiled back at her, only half heartily.

"What are you doing here? Why aren't you at school?" she asked as she sat down with him.

"Why aren't you at school?" he asked back teasingly, smirking at her. She replied with a giggle.

"Art, remember? We're meant to spend the day out here for inspiration." Roxas laughed, remembering.

"I forgot, my bad."

"So, why are you here?" she asked again, eager for an answer. The boy looked down and started playing with some leaves on the ground.

"I just..." he threw the leaves away. "...wanted to get away for a moment." Namine looked at him, concerned.

"Riku told me what happened last night. Is that why?" Roxas looked away from her.

"No, it's way more complicated." he said sad.

"What is it then?" She was a curios girl. Roxas loved her interest in such things. It made him feel important when someone listened to him. He turned, looking directly in her ocean blue eyes.

"My mum is gonna marry Marlurxia." he said in a monotone. Namine was stunned for a second, unable to say anything. Roxas looked down again.

"I don't want that transvestite living with me. He doesn't give a shit about me and I know he wants something from Larxene, I just don't know what. Demyx feels the same." he explained into the silence between them, only whispering. Namine looked at him, sad, frowning with him. She wanted to do something to cheer him up again, then remembered something they would most definitely laugh about.

She got to her knees and crawled over to him. Her fingers touched Roxas' chin and pulled it up so he'd look straight at her. He blushed, having her face this close to his.

"Don't be sad Rox, you look cuter when you're not." Did she just call him cute? Roxas thoughts rushed through his mind, making him dizzy.

'Uh, Nami-ne... what... are... you... doing...?" The girl knelt between his knees, making him blush even deeper. Man, if this continued he'd soon have a face with the color of Axel's hair.

"C'mon, Roxy, don't tell me you don't like this." she said seductively. He stuttered at her, entranced.

"I... I do..." she pressed him against the tree behind him. Namine placed a quick peck on his cheek and backed out, quick enough so Roxas didn't notice. He still sat there in his awkward position, face with the deepest red ever seen. She giggled at the look of him. He snapped back into reality and looked at Namine oddly.

"What was that?" Namine laughed at him. He gave her another questionable look. She couldn't breath of laughter.

"Y-your fa-ce!" she said between fits. Roxas, being a complete idiot, covered his face with his hands. Namine laughed only harder.

"Don't look at me!" he said, acting extremely childish. The girl laughed so hard, she fell down, right onto Roxas' chest. This time both blushed and laughed. After they quieted down after a while, Namine wanted to get up but Roxas stopped her.

"Don't. Stay with me, please." he whispered softly. The blond sunk back into the comfort of the other blond's chest. She heard his heart thump softly and slow, very calmed. Roxas placed his arm around her shoulder, it made her own heart race. She calmed after a few moments, sinking deeper into the warmth of the boy's chest. She almost fell asleep but a ringing from afar woke her up. It was the school's bell, she had stayed too long in the woods. She needed to go back.

"Roxas? I have to go." she whispered. When the teen didn't reply, she lifted her head to see his face. Roxas was fast asleep. Namine quietly got up, careful not to wake the sleeping blond. He looked so peaceful, and innocent when he laid there, leaning against the tree. Namine wished she could stay and adore him some more but she really had to go. So she left the clearing, silently, not disturbing the peace and serenity that hung around.

When Roxas woke up, he was alone. But he found Namine's sketchbook next to him. He couldn't stop his curiosity and flicked through the pages, occasionally stopping to look at a certain picture. But when he got to the last page, he completely stopped, too stunned to take his eyes off it.


Larxene took a deep breath, then spoke calmly, although she was choking with guilt.

"I... I'm sorry, I-"

"Hey, the ass was all over you, not the other way around. He would have probably raped you if I hadn't come." Marlurxia interrupted her. Larxene thought for a moment but agreed nonetheless. She had kissed back, the thought was nagging at her conscience. Didn't Marlurxia see that? Said person took her into a hug and gave her one of his loving kisses. She replied, even if not really wanting to. The blond had a lot on her mind. They parted again but stayed in that hug.

"Now we gotta go find goldielocks." Marlurxia said. Larxene snapped out of thought. Past events had completely swiped her mind of Roxas missing. But as soon as it had it her, she was all herself again. She sprinted to her car, started the motor and sped off, but before all that she made the plans with her fiancée on where to look. The man did pretty much the same thing only he drove off to the other direction.


So, while Larxene was running amok around town, looking for his dear nephew, Demyx was still stuck at home. He had called several people he knew, checking on Roxas but that was pretty much all he could do besides waiting for said blond to return by his own account. He had flopped down on the couch and started watching Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End. Half way through the movie Axel called, much to Demyx's surprise.

"Hey, Axel, why're you calling?" he said into the speaker.

"Larxene just rushed into my apartment, pretty, uh, upset. Who was she lookin' for?" the red head asked back. Demyx sighed. Why did he had always to spread the bad news to the people who would strangle him for it?

"Roxas ra-" and the line went dead, not the first time today. What was it with people doing that? So rude. Demyx kept ranting in his thoughts while putting the movie back on. Only about five minutes passed when, the doorbell this time, rang. Demyx grunted and got up to open it.

In front of it there stood a short young man, most likely Demyx's age or younger. His hairdo was that of a typical goth, the man himself however did not look like one. He was dressed in a blue suit, matching his unusual hair and eye color. Demyx could do nothing but stare and the odd thing about it was that he didn't even know why. The dark haired coughed quietly.

"Ahem. Does Larxene Dalca live here?" he asked politely. Demyx nodded.

"I have the forms for the restraining order against Axel Flynn ready for her to sign. Is she present?"

Wait, what was that?

"R-restraining order? Against Axel? You must be mistaken, she never applied for a restraining order against him." Demyx said unbelieving. Larxene had never mentioned such and she usually told him most things. The business man checked his documents.

"My client Marlurxia Amello filed for it and we have records that other family friends had applied for one earlier only they couldn't support it with enough evidence. However, Miss Dalca must only sign here and she can have the order, everything else had been dealt with already. I take it from your expression that she is not here at this time?"

Marlurxia. Demyx had a feeling that not even Larxene knew about this. He quickly spoke to the man.

"Look, now's a real bad time, could you just leave the documents here, she'll bring them back to you once she's got time for it, alright?" The short man shook his head to Demyx's disappointment.

"I'm sorry, but a legal person must witness the signing. Here, she can make an appointment with me. I'll be on my way then, have a nice day." he said, handing Demyx a black business card and then walking off. The musician looked at the card and read.

Zexion Sheehy

Lawyer for Underage Legal Rights and Family Issues

Phone: 69 129 812 813

When he looked back up, Zexion was gone. The dirty blond went back inside and put the card on the kitchen table, then started to pace up and down, deep in thought. A restraining order. This was big. Roxas needed to know. Only where was he?

The movie was still playing. Right now, Jack Sparrow was locked in a cell, pacing up and down, thinking. Demyx's and his movements were the exact same.

"Think like the whelp, think like the whelp, think like the whelp" Jack said, which was pretty much what Demyx was thinking. Then Demyx shouted out.

"Namine. The woods." He left while the movie kept going.

"Wish me luck, boys, I'll be needing it." Jack said as Demyx left through the door.

"Good luck."

"-sigh- I miss him already."

"He is quite charming, isn't he?"

"Nobody move! I dropped me brain."

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and I picked names with reasons.

Dalca means lightning

Amello comes from some Italian flower

Sheehy means mysterious

Flynn means son of a red haired

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