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Daniel was pacing the jail cell using up all 15 feet that was in front of the metal bars leading to the door to freedom. Nothing anyone could say would get Daniel to talk back to them he would hold his hand up trying to get his thoughts into order and to try to find a way out of this. He was beginning to think it would have been better if he went and sat down next to Jack like everyone was suggesting when the Pastor and another man walked in.

"Visitors this is el jefe de policía he is also the juzgue a cargo de su ensayo" the Pastor said

"Daniel?" Jack asked walking to stand next to him.

"This man is the chief of Police as well as the judge in charge of our trial. Hopefully we can sort this out without having something go wrong." Daniel said turning to face the Pastor

"Daniel, don't think you see the big picture here…We are in Jail how more wrong can it get?" Jack asked

"We could be put to death, enslaved by the Goa'uld…" Daniel started to list Jack threw his hands up.

"Ok, ok sort out this mess." Jack said, Daniel turned to the Pastor and judge

"I was wondering if I would be able to have reserve en las leyes que hemos roto so my friends and I can prepare for our trial?" Daniel asked Jack cleared his throat.

"I asked for the book on laws that we broke Jack." Daniel said with out looking away from the Pastor and Judge/police.

"Thank you Daniel." Jack replied sarcastilcally Daniel heard Sam move to Jack but couldn't hear what she was saying he was too busy trying to understand the Pastor and his friend.

"Sir, I was thinking we have to contact General Hammond in one hour, if we don't he is going to think we have run into trouble." Sam said she saw Jack turn to her.

"Am I the only one to think that we are in trouble? We know nothing of their laws and yet we are being punished for you not being married, this is not a good thing Carter." Jack replied

"Sir, I know that but if Hammond sends in the back up team they will have the same problem as us… Lt. Hailey is on that team." Sam pressed Jack moved his head back to hit the wall several times.

"Not a good day. What do you suggest Carter?" Jack asked

"I don't know sir; the walls seem to be very thick and with our packs in the houses I don't think we are going to be able to get out." Sam informed him.

"T do you think you can get rid of one or two of these bricks?" Jack asked

"I do not know." Teal'c replied

"We can hear you, you know." The Judge said with a smirk

"You shall get the book you requested, oh you should also know that this building is connected to a cliff, if you escape you will fall into the sea." The Pastor said as he walked away with the judge.

"Did they hear much?" Jack asked Daniel like a guilty child who said something naughty about a friend.

"No just what they are used to hearing. They have agreed to let me read their law book so we can prepare for the court room. I think as soon as we say we made a mistake and will only travel with men no women we should be able to go home, but I need to read the book first." Daniel explained sitting on the floor next to Sam's cell.

"When will you get the book?" Sam asked nervously Daniel chuckled humourlessly.

"When they find it, apparently this type of crime hasn't been committed in three generations the book may be long lost." Daniel said

"So if the crime book is gone so is the crime." Jack said in his logical way of thinking. No one answered him all lost in their own thoughts.

"We still have to get in contact with General Hammond before he gets Hailey on the planet." Sam spoke after a while.

"That's not going to be easy." Daniel replied

"Indeed." Teal'c said as well.

Daniel finally got his book they found it in the archives and gave it to him he didn't mind the dust and almost crumpled pages. Jack had to admit the book looked different to what he thought it would look like as he was expecting a very thin almost 200 pages long book that was the size of a novel. What Daniel was given looks like an over stretched leather bound giant's book that was longer than his arm and as wide as Teal'c's chest. Daniel had to read it sitting on the floor with the book resting on the ground. He was busy translating the words and writing them to English when he stopped and re-read two pages.

"Uh-oh" Daniel said breaking the silence.

"He better have miss-interpreted the word." Jack said as he went to move next to Daniel.

"Uh no…no I didn't. We can't argue the case as we need someone who speaks the language fluently—"

"Yeah his name's Daniel Jackson you herd of him?" Jack asked sarcastically.

"And who is not on trial." Daniel finished off.

"Uh-oh" Sam and Jack said at the same time.

"Could we not get a representative from Earth to come to our assistance?" Teal'c asked

"No they must already be on the planet at the time of…encarcelamiento err imprisonment." Daniel read out leaning back trying to get rid of the kinks from his back and neck.

"So we are to walk into the court room with our heads on the block?" Jack asked

"Would we be able to get someone from this planet?" Sam asked but Daniel went back to translating and was in his own world.

"He didn't say no" Jack joked

SG-1 SG-1 SG-1 SG-1 SG-1 SG-1 SG-1 SG-1 SG-1


General Hammond walked to Sergent Harriman Walter who was working at the control centre directly in front of the 'gate who was running a diagnostic on the computers.

"Sergent, has SG-1 made contact yet?" Hammond asked scaring the technician

"No, not yet General. They were meant to 20 minutes ago." Walter replied

"Dial the gate." Hammond ordered,

"Yes sir." Walter said as he cancelled the diagnostic and dialled the gate address. The worm hole engaged and was open for travellers or in this case radio contact grabbing the microphone Hammond started to call SG-1.

"SG-1 this is Stargate Command do you copy...Repeat this is General Hammond you are over due to report please come in." He looked to Walter who shook his head there was no radio transition coming through.

"Close the gate. I want you to try again in half an hour. They probably couldn't get Daniel or Carter away from something." Hammond said lightly but he was worried the only time Jack or Teal'c didn't contact home was when they were captured.

SG-1 SG-1 SG-1 SG-1 SG-1 SG-1 SG-1 SG-1 SG-1


Jack hated to wake Daniel as he new Daniel had only gone to sleep an hour ago but it sounded like someone was coming in through the room that was going to lead to the connecting door but as soon as the door opened Daniel woke and stood up, already used to the procedure after 3 years.

"Visitors your day of judgement has arrived. You will be placed in our tribunal de justicia where you will be tried for breaking the sacred law of accompanying an la mujer soltera en nuestras calles." The Judge said

"He said we are going to the court of law, and our crime was accompanying an unmarried women in their streets." Daniel translated.

"Your honour, we are ready for our trial." Daniel said the man opened the cell doors and SG-1 were handcuffed by iron cuffs.

"The time periods are all out of order as Earth knows it, these are the type of restraints used in the late 1700's early 1900's." Daniel said

"Very interesting Daniel but not at this time." Jack scolded as they were led out through the streets where the local's were interested in knowing what was going on. The court house was nothing like the court houses of the past it was just a large room with wooden benches in it if Teal'c was not told this was a court house he would have thought it to be a large gymnasium with chairs not work out machines. SG-1 were pushed onto a bench that was enclosed and locked the fence the fence had only came up to Sam's hips but held them there so it did its job. The judge came to stand in front of the room and address the people.

"Citizen's the visitors that came to our world yesterday came by and broke our second most sacred law, they had with them an unmarried female, as you know unwed women are not permitted to walk with out their father, older brother or husband within eye sight. None of these men are related to her by blood or bonds of marriage. Therefore they have broken the law and should be punished as the law suggests." The judge said he opened a gold book that looked like a large bible that many churches have on display and use on ceremonious occasions.

"Article 4.9 states that all guilty men and women shall have to pass one test each. They will draw a number and the test will then be carried out. As there are four of them the test shall be of sincerity, compassion, iron will and of faith." As the judge read out the tests SG-1 took numbers out Daniel had to quietly tell them what number was what.

"Visitor's who will be going first?" The Judge asked Teal'c stood up

"It is I." Teal'c said in a strong voice.

SG-1 SG-1 SG-1 SG-1 SG-1 SG-1 SG-1 SG-1.

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