Chapter 18

A Twist In My Story

And I'm longing, for words to describe how I'm feeling
I'm feeling inspired
My world just flip turned upside down
It turns around, say what's that sound
It's my heart beat, it's getting much louder
My heart beat, is stronger than ever
I'm feeling so alive, I'm feeling so alive

A Twist In My Story- Secondhand Serenade

"Bella, just put the dress on." Alice glared at me. "We can do this the easy way, which is you simply dressing yourself or," an evil glint came into her golden glare. "I can dress you before you can even say, Vera Wang."

"Alice," I warned, but suddenly my clothes were off me and I felt something being slipped over my head. I was covered in blue fabric. "Oh no, you didn't!"

Alice was smiling like a fool. "I totally just did," she smirked and then made me face the full length mirror. I gasped.

"I look..."

"You look, amazing." She kissed my cheek and then sauntered off, leaving me to look at myself. The dress I had on was beautiful. It had a lace, low v-neck neckline, with cap sleeves. It showed a lot more chest than I was used to, but it wasn't too much. It had a empire waist where it was embellished. The skirt was long and lace went all the way around at the bottom.

My make-up was simple. Alice had carefully applied the eyeliner, mascara, and light shimmery eye shadow.

My hair, which was much shorter do to a much needed hair cut that Alice flipped out about, was in soft, large curls. The front of my hair was pulled back into a diamond barrette, my new side swept bangs laying perfectly.

"Here are the shoes," Alice piped, walking back into the room. She smiled widely. "You love it!"

I frowned. "I look nice," That was all I would allow. Alice just rolled her eyes. "Heels?" I gulped as she slid them on my feet, well she put one on to my leg that wasn't in a cast. "I'm going to die. Do you want me to break my other leg?" I glared at her, arms crossed.

She rolled her eyes again. "You're not going to trip, fall, or even stumble. Not tonight." She tapped her temple. "Trust me, I know." She winked and then looked at the clock. "Perfect timing," She lead me out of her bedroom and to the stairs.

"Edward Cullen, don't you dare look. I'll rip you to pieces." She threatened and I nearly ran down the stairs to greet Edward, but Alice had a strong hand on my arm. Slowly, we walked down. When we finally reached the bottom and Edward turned around. He was incredible.

He was wearing a black tux, no bow tie though, instead there was a long black tie that was just a tiny bit loose. He looked perfect, his pale skin complemented by the black suit.

"Wow," He took the words out of my mouth. I felt a blush creep up as Edward took me from Alice. His eyes swept up and down me, smiling.

"Thank you, Alice." He had eyes only for me as he thanked his sister. I didn't see her reaction, I was too busy taking in Edward.

"You two better go," She urged. Edward seemed to snap out of his stupor and picked up a clear, plastic box I had not noticed. He slipped the flowers on to my wrist and smiled.

"Freesia," He lifted my wrist and kissed it. "Nothing close to you, though." He lowered our hands and intertwined them. I finally noticed the flashes and looked over at Esme who had a camera.

Suddenly everything fell into place. I looked back up at Edward, a disbelieving look covering my face. "Prom?" I scoffed.

He smiled sheepishly. "Are you mad?"

"Oh yea," I smirked. "But don't worry. You'll pay later. You'll see." He seemed to laugh at the idea.

"Really," He asked, a mocking smile on his face.

"Really, really." I took a breath. "Well, let's go do this thing." Edward took my arm and helped me out to his car, only it wasn't the Volvo.

"What is that?" I pointed to the dark silver car that sat in the breezy lawn.

Edward smiled, proud. "My special occasions car," He opened the door for me, always the gentleman, and eased me into the car. My fingers brushed the cool leather as I buckled my seat belt.

Edward sped off towards the highschool, the only place big enough to hold the prom. He rubbed my palm, relaxing me.

"So," He started. "You're not mad," He poked at the topic.

"I'm pissed," I stated calmly, "But I'm not one to make a scene. You'd still take me, kicking and screaming, if you had to." I smiled, ruefully at him. His answering smile was brilliant.

"You know me so well," his voice was soft as he grabbed my hand, placing a kiss on my palm. My eyes fluttered closed and my heart raced, my breathing becoming labored. I felt Edward's cold hand cupping my cheek, my eyes opening. He leaned over and gently kissed me, being sure to blow his cool breath into my face. My heart slowed and my breathing returned to normal.

"Thanks," I muttered, blushing. He leaned back over, placing his eyes on the road and took my hand.

"No problem," He mumbled, then he smiled as if he suddenly remembered something. I raised an eyebrow at his odd change in expression. He just kept smiling.

Too soon, we reached the school and Edward helped me out of the car. I was suddenly thankful for my long dress; it covered up the ugly cast I was wearing. I leaned heavily on Edward as he walked us to the main door. He handed two tickets to a freshman and led me through the balloon arch.

I nearly laughed out loud. The place was like any bad horror prom movie. There was crepe paper, balloons everywhere and there were even dresses there to match the tone of the movie. I made a face when I saw Lauren and Jessica's almost similar, too bright, pink ball gowns, grinding against their dates.

Edward followed my eyes and looked like he was ready to gag. He pulled us to the opposite side of the dance floor where his siblings were. I shot a look at him and he smiled in apology. He may not be able to read my mind, but he could certainly read through my brown eyes.

Alice and Rosalie looked stunning in their dresses. Alice had on a cute, short black number and Rosalie was stunning in a long red dress with a dangerous low cut neck line. Jasper and Emmett were equally as stunning in their black tuxes.

"Hey guys," I waved to them when we were standing beside them. They gave me low hello's. A slow song started and Edward pulled me to the dance floor. I tried to stop, but my cast left me no choice.

"Edward, no." I hissed. "I can't dance!"

He cracked his crooked smile. "It's a good thing I can," And with that he lifted me on to the top of his shoes, like a little girl on her father's and started to dance. I could feel all the graceful movements of his body. We talked throughout our dancing though there were times when we would be silent and just enjoy the dance. Emmett and Rosalie and Jasper and Alice, danced with unnatural grace and stunned the other students.

"Alright, this isn't half bad," I muttered, finding my self enjoying prom. Edward laughed.

"I told you," He chuckled and spun us. We were suddenly whirling past all the other dancers, making our way to the open doors. We left the humid dance floor and Edward picked me up and carried me a ways so that we were sitting on a bench that was resting underneath a large tree. The moon shined brightly and the music was a soft background noise.

"You could have left it," I whispered, turning in Edward's lap to look into his golden eyes. "I would be like you." I placed my hand on his face. His eyes became frozen. I had no clue what made me bring this up.

"Bella," He warned.

I cut him off. "Edward, we need to be some what equal. Right now, we couldn't be more different. You are this god-like creature who loves me and what am I? A human who can't stay out of trouble? It's not fair." He sighed.

"I can't do that to you," He whispered so soft I could barely hear it. "I love, you too much."

"Why not?" I pouted.

"I can't take away your soul," He told me as he leaned his head against my chest, his ear pressed against where my heart was. I laced my fingers through his bronze hair.

"You are my soul, my life. With out you, I am nothing." I told him honestly. He didn't seem to believe me. He lifted his head.

"So if I were to bite you right now, you would be completely ready?" He smirked. I looked down and then looked back into his eyes.

"One hundred percent ready," I bluffed. He knew of my lie and smiled, leaning his head towards my neck.

"Ready," He asked when his lips hovered less than a half an inch above my neck.

"Ready." I breathed. He pressed his lips against my neck.

AN: Oh my! Last chapter. I had a fun time writing this and I got it done before the new year. Yay! I hope you all enjoyed this, I certainly did. I had fun and I now can get to work on my other two stories, When I Look At The Stars and Doing This Alone. Thanks for reading!

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