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The Fight

Hinata barley managed to miss the kunai and punches thrown at her. She had activated her new modified Byakugan. The transformation had altered her bloodline limit somewhat. She could know see what demon her friends held inside there heads. When she looked at Naruto she no longer saw the boy she had come to love, instead she saw a bloodthirsty wolf standing infront of her. She managed to catch a glimpse of Sasuke, Sakura, and Itachi. Sasuke was a leopard only he had black fur with red Sharingan dots all over him. Sakura was also a cat only she was more like a tiger, pink fur with black strips. Itachi was a crow, back plumage and a red Sharingan like beak.

He threw some kunai at her. She dogged all of them only to get hit in the gut by the vary boy she loved who had taken the instant she dogged them do attack. Hinata coughed up some blood before she was sent flying back by a kick to the face. The two landed, Hinata on her face and Naruto lightly on his feet. He walked up to her a nudged her onto her back with one of his feet as if she was a rock in the road. "Your weak Hinata, I thought more of you…" Naruto was cut off when Hinata disappeared into a puff of smoke to reveal a hole in the ground. 'Below!' He thought too late as Hinata came out of the ground and punched him in the chin sending him flying. Then that Hinata disappeared into a puff of smoke and he heard the real Hinata say, "Water Demon Fox Rampage!" 'Crap' He was hit in simultaneously in several spots over 100 times in his 15 ft. drop back to earth, but before he hit the ground she kicked him in the back of the head sending him face first into the dirt. (GO HINATA!) "Naruto, why did you leave, just tell me that?" She yelled at him. "I left, if you must know, because I'm a demon!" Naruto came up and attacked her pinning her to the ground with the help of a kunai. She was caught; the blond tied her up then waited to the Akaski to get done.

Sasuke and Sakura stood infront of Itachi. 'I'm going to kill this bastared.' "It is a shame you couldn't see how we found him, half wild like we was, it was rather amusing to tell you the truth." Itachi put a little emphasis on the half wild part. "Great fire ball technique." Sasuke shouted furious. Sakura made a chakra infused punch into the ground, which upset it for some feet around them, Itachi merely jumped up missing both techniques. He completely missed the fact that Sasuke had formed another set of hand seals so fast it could have competed ageist Kakashi's. A gigantic dragon made of fire swallowed the older Uchiha, only to have him turn into a log in a puff of smoke. 'Shit, where is he?' Sasuke thought. "Your still weak Sasuke, I'm disappointed." Sasuke turned to the sound of his older brothers voice. His brother was standing feet from him. The older Uchiha had Sakura in front of him with a kunai on her throat. "If you don't give up Sasuke I'll kill her right here in front of you…" he said unemotionally. Sasuke looked at Sakura, then he dropped his kunai in defeat. They where tied up along with Hinata.
Tsunade and Jiraiya stood in front of the guy with the sword, who was actually a really smart guy. In a flash he was behind Tsunade a kunai at her throat. "Make one move and she die's." The shark like man said. Jiraiya, who was helpless, dropped his kunai. They joined the rest of there small group tied up.
Naruto sat back down in his circle, "Ok, lets get this over with you two." He said. "Hie." The Akaski said sitting in there circles. "Naruto, don't you dare do this. I love you no mater what, even if you do become a full demon I will always love you. You're not a demon, your Uzumaki Naruto. You're the man I love and the protector of Konoha. You're your father's son and nothing will change that. You will always be Uzumaki Naruto, the Yodamine's son, and a ninja for Konoha!" Hinata yelled. This was her last chance; she had to nock some sense into him. "Naruto just give me one last chance to prove to you who you are, please, if I don't you'll be able to do whatever you wont, but if I do you'll know it." She yelled, she knew this was still the Naruto she knew and somewhere in that hard shell was the man that she loved. 'How can she still love me I'm a demon, nothing more. I love her and I'm doing this for her why can't she just except this?' Naruto thought. "Naruto I know what your thinking and your not a demon, I'm told you that I don't know how many time. Don't you remember that song I taught you? It went like this,

Love is something that is near,

It comes to everyone.

Even demons,

Have their love.

Isn't this Clear,

Do I have to tell you?

I loved you then,

And I love you know.

I don't need to decide,

On what I feel when I'm with you.

Demon or not,

You're my only love.

She began to hum a tune and Naruto listened. She had sung this to him many times to comfort him when he had returned like he was. She had proven so many times that she loved him, earning several burses in doing so. He had hit her sometimes and yet when he had ended up breaking down in the middle of the room she had always wrapped her arms around him and told him it was ok. "Hinata-Chan…" He said barley above a whisper. "Naruto, I've told you so many times no mater what you do I would always love you, what do I need to do to prove it to you?" She asked. Kisame got up and did a hand seal. She screamed in agony. "Shut up bitch!" "Jesse I'm going to throw up!" He sat down again. "You shouldn't have done that…" Naruto said. In a flash he appeared behind Kisame. "The deals off, I'm not done in Konoha yet." Then a pair of the chakra rings came up and captured him. Naruto screamed as the rings electrocuted him. "Such a shame you should decide that Wolvian, know we may just have resort to plan B to get you to cooperate…" Pain said walking out of the shadows. "What could you possibly so that will get me to do what you wont?" "Why we could talk the new nine tails…" He said holding Hinata up by her hair. "Don't Naruto-kun, don't I'll be fi-aaaaa" She screamed as he electrocuted her again. "You wouldn't dare…" Naruto growled. Pain only smiled and threw her into the place Naruto had been moments ago. "Hinata!" He was about to break free but it was too late, the process started…

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