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"Character talking"

'Character thinking'

"Kyubbi talking"

'Kyubbi thinking'

Naruto sat and stared at the ceiling of his cell. The Akaski, being the assholes they where, had insisted he stay in there. 'The fucking morons will probably mess it up.' He thought. Then Itachi walked in and stated, 'We are done.' "Good" He thought. As the two walked down the corridor Naruto thought back to how he had arrived at the Akaski's.

Flash Back

Naruto jumped through the trees and landed on a rock in a small clearing surrounded densely by yet more tree's. 'This will do.' The blond had traveled for a day and a half without stopping. 'I wonder how Hinata-chan is doing?' He thought. The thought only brought up painful memories of the good times he had Hinata had shared. 'Dame it why did I have to think about her…' Suddenly, the tiredness set in and he collapsed under a tree. 'Dame expositions, it…only…slows me….down…' He fell into a deep sleep.

When he woke up the next day the first thing he thought was 'I'm hungry…' The shinobi set a snare and caught himself some breakfast. He got thought breakfast and sat down wondering what to do. 'I could just get it over with, I don't have to do this…' He thought bringing out a Kunai and idly twirling it. He put the cold mettle to his wrist and slid it across. 'Daaaaaaame, this actually feels good.' He thought letting the wound flow openly for a few minutes before allowing his healing abilities to heal the wound. The blond cleaned his kunai and put it back into his pouch, then he walked about lazily. 'What am I doing?' He asked himself.

Just then five kunai impaled him in the back, he let them hit. "Itachi, we have him." Naruto heard a voice say. "Yes, it appears so." "Sorry to disappoint you but I'm not dead or nothin'" Naruto stated pulling each kunai out of his back slowly, reveling in the pain. "Don't worry, I wont to come. You can nock me out, beat me within an inch of my life, I don't care." He stated blankly. Kisame only looked at Itachi then came up behind Naruto and hit him on the back of the head, effectively knocking the boy out.

"Well, that was unexpected…" Kisame said throwing Naruto's limp body over his shoulder. "Yes, but that is unimportant, we need to get back to the lair."

End Flash Back

'I guess I hade it coming.' Naruto thought. He followed Itachi as his friends followed his path.

"Over here!" Kiba said to the group quietly as he settled down behind a large bush in front of an entrance to a cave. They had been following Naruto's trail for two days know and they had finally arrived at the entrance to the Akaski lair. Hinata's eyes widened as she saw one of the member coming the groups' way. She shoved them down and placed a finder on her mouth. The world around them began to get bigger and Hinata changed into a wolf. The member walked right up to them and looked at the disturbance. It was a wolf, and her pups. 'A lot of pups for one wolf though…' but what did he know. He grunted as the mother growled at him and he walked back into the lair. "Was just a wolf." He stated his blond companion. "Good, well, then how shall we get to the on tailed demon then…" the two went on discussing there plans. They didn't notice when the wolf and pups slipped past them into the lair.

"Hinata what happened?" A vary confused Kakashi asked once they had arrived in a large empty room. "I did a simple gutsu that Naruto taught me. It turned you all into wolf pups." "I think we may need to travel this way because the Akaski wont suspect a wolf and her pups to be any harm to them." Hinata said activating her Brayshingan for a moment. "Let's go." Without giving them time to make another comment she started out with the rest of her group following.

Naruto looked at the preparations. They looked fine, 'Probably aren't though…' He thought moving into the biggest circle in the middle. The entire room was covered in writing and symbols. There was one large circle in the center of four smaller circles. The Akaski moved into place. "Ok, lets get this over with…" Naruto began. He was cut off when a kunai came flying at him from what seemed like out of nowhere. "Naruto, don't even think about it." A familiar voice said. "Why are you here?" Naruto asked as the Akaski members went into defensive positions. "We can't let you do this Naruto, come back with us." Sasuke stepped out of the shadows along with all of the rookie nine and Guy's team. "I'm not coming back, I have to do this. It's the only way I can defeat this…this defect. You understand Sasuke, you wonted power I wont a way out." Everyone stared at the blond. 'Is this the real Naruto?' was the same question on everyone's mind. "Naruto-kun, I'm going to bring you back to the village if I have to break every single bone in your body!" The group turned and looked surprised at Hinata. Her tails where lashing angrily behind her and she had a look in her eye's that could have scared the Devil himself shitless.

The Akaski saw this as the perfect moment to attack and took it. Itachi was aginst Sasuke and Sakura. Kisame was aginst Jariya and Tsunde. (Yes Tsunade came she had to, Kakashi is in charge of the village in her apsense, just so you know.) Hinata jumped in front of Naruto. "I'm your opponent Naruto-kun." Naruto looked at her, a dead look in his eye. "Finally, I guess I can test my strength against a worthy opponent…" Hinata activated her Brashyangon and took a defensive position. Naruto took his own defensive position. 'I'm sorry Naruto-kun' Hinata thought Naruto charged at her.

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