Hero Of The Hazard: Hi! x3. By the way, I have a character in Maple Story called KenKazaki2, xD -Looks at Maple Story- WHAT? I HAVEN'T BEEN ON FOR 1 HOUR I'VE ONLY BEEN ON FOR 30 MINUTES! -Gets a sword out-

Takato: o.O What the heck is she doing?

Link: Um... -Looks at me- Apparently, going nuts. T-T

Hero Of The Hazard: Whahahahaha! -Stabs computer-

Ganon: -Walks in- Hi? o.O

Hero Of The Hazard: -Kills Ganon- Whoops.

Link and Takato: o.O OMG RUUUUUN! -Runs-

Henry: -Walks in- Whats going- -Sees sword- OH CRAP! -Runs-

Zelda and Rika: lol xD

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.:Takato's POV:.

'Hey, that guy's dressed up as Ganondorf!' Takato thought, pulling out his D-Tector. 'Why are people dressed up as Legend of Zelda dressed up like this acting like the person they are dressed as?'

"Hey!" He heard behind him and turned around and saw the girl dressed up as Zelda behind him. "What are you doing here, Ganondorf?" She said. 'Huh? She called him Ganondorf without asking about why he was destroying the place.'Takato thought.

The man laughed and said, "You don't need to know that Princess!" The man turned to him. "Right now, I need to kill the Hero of Time!" Takato looked at him. "Um...sir?" He said. Ganon looked at him as if he was nuts. "What?"

"Um..." Takato said, "Well I told this girl before and now you..." He took a breath. "I'M NOT LINK! God!"

Ganondorf smirked and raised his sword. "Oh really...then why do I feel the power of the triforces coming from you?"

Takato stiffened. "What?"

"Yes..." He said, drawing out his sword. "And now I'm going to get it back!"

.:Takato's POV:.

"Ah!" He cried as Ganondorf swung his sword at him (Ganondorf is sword happy o.O) and the force of the hit threw him off balance.

'I am 100 confused at what is happening right now.' He thought, pulling out his D-Arc (Thanks guys xD).

"Guilimon, Digivolve!" He cried, thrusting the D-Arc in the air and watched as Guilmon was covered in light.

.:Guilmon's (lol you didn't expect that) POV:.

"Guilmon Digivole To!" He cried out as digital rings surrounded him filling him with light. He felt his skin peel off to reveal digital code (or what ever those green lines are). He felt his body growing bigger and taller and his skin cover his body again. He swished his tail and snorted fire. "GROWLMAN!" He growled and the light subsided to reveal a big red dinosaur with black triangles all over its body.

.:Takato's POV:.

"All right!" He cried out as he saw Growlman appeared in a flash of light (I'm just going to assume this is what happens)

"Digimodify!" He cried out as he pulled out a card. "(Insert) Activate! Toast that creep(Manga line)!" He said sliding the card in the slot in the D-Ark.

"Pyro Sphere!" Growlman shouted before spitting out a red ball of flame.

Ganon smacked the ball of fire effortlessly.

"Oh crud wheres Rika when you need her?" Takato said.

.:Rika's POV:.

"AHHHHH-COOOOOOO!" She cried out. "Darn allergies..." She pulled at the dress that she had been stuck in for a half an hour. "Finally!" She cried when it slipped on the right way. "Ok, Renamon!" she cried out when Renamon appeared by her. "Lets go over to where the explosion is!"

.:Ganon's POV:.

"Hmph!" He said, swinging his sword and whacking Guilimon into a wall.

.:Takato's POV:.

"Guilimon!" He cried out as he saw his friend get smashed on the wall. "Are you okay?" He said holding his partners head up.

Guilimon smiled, "Yeah..." He said painfully. Takato clenched his teeth and brought out the D-Arch. He held it close to his chest and cried out 2 words.


(Whoosh, Takato turns into a knight with a lance and a shield with the hazard symbol on it! YAY!)

"GALANTMON!" Takato cried out and turned toward Ganondorf.

Ganondorf smirked and said, "Show me what you got, Link." Takato grinned and placed his shield on the ground, pointed in Ganondorf's direction.

"SHIELD OF THE JUST!" The hazard symbol glowed and glowed till it was blinding. Then it shot out a beam of light that was heading in Ganondorf's direction. The beam of light was almost upon him when Ganondorf smirked and smacked the blast back and Galantmon/Takato.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhh!" Takato/Gallantmon cried when the blast hit him, sending Takato/Gallantmon flying into 3 buildings before skidding to a stop.

"W-what the, he's stronger than you would expect based on the game..." Takato/Gallantmon muttered, rubbing his head.

Hearing a whooshing sound above him, Takato/Gallantmon looked up and narrowly dodged an attack from Ganondorf.

"I really need help here, I can't defeat him by myself..." Takato/Gallantmon said, before getting slammed onto the ground by Ganondorf's sword. The force of the hit sent him into the ground, causing a huge crater in the ground.

'D-darn it where's Rika?' Tako/Gallantmon thought, before seeing a gaint sword ready do finish him off. 'RIKAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!'

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