She had no name

This was written on something of a lark. It only has one OC, the rest are from cannon Marvel. Can you name them?

I might continue this, but only if I get a good enough response.


She had no name. Only a designation: X-23. After the death of Viper and most of Hydra's personnel being either captured, killed or running deep underground she felt free. Liberated. At first she couldn't believe it. Before fleeing the wreckage of the downed control ship Viper used she checked her body twice over, even slit her throat along with Gauntlet's. She was free, living in the woods, hunting game as she claimed her territory, ruling it as she saw fit.

And then someone snuck up on her, her and her enhanced senses, and shot a tranquilliser dart in her butt. If it had happened to someone else, and she had been anyone else, it might have been funny. If the dart had been filled with a normal tranquilliser she could have shrugged it off in less than three minutes and been able to gut the person responsible.

Except whoever hunted her down knew she wasn't normal. She didn't know what hit her, only she was out cold before she could pop her claws out. She tried to stay silent as she came to, but a weak moan escaped her, her mind hazy from whatever had hit her.

"Hey, new girl's waking up." She heard as her eyes finally opened, turning her head to see that she was in a cell. The hint of mold and mildew assaulted her senses, the still sturdy stone walls a worn grey. Her wrists were chained together, but more importantly metal bands were on her upper forearms and ankles. An attempt to draw any of her claws gave nothing; the bands were too tight and prevented her muscles from unsheathing her claws. A moment later she sat up and looked about the cell to see four more people in there with her.

The most striking member of the group was a mutant with reptilian scaly green skin, short stubby spikes on his bald head arranged like a mohawk. He sat with his legs crossed next to a taller boy, near six feet by her estimation. He had dark brown hair tied back in a shoulder length pony-tail and a somewhat muscular build. Blue eyes looked at her, as he shook his head. Both boys seemed to be around fifteen or sixteen.

Sitting a little further away was a lanky blonde girl, her straight hair coming down to just past her shoulders as she thumbed a pair of tinted goggles in her hands. Her eyes were blue, but while the boy's was a near navy blue the girl's was closer to a sky blue. Lastly was a red-haired little girl with freckles dotting her face. Half of her hair was done up in a pigtail on the left side of her head, the rest hung loose as if she had lost or broken whatever tied it back. She had her arms wrapped about her knees, shivering slightly. The first girl seemed to be around fourteen and the second twelve or thirteen. All four wore what looked to be normal clothing except torn, worn and covered in dirt.

"Welcome to 'La Dungeon'." The reptile boy said with his voice void of humour. "If there is anything you require feel free to scream."

"Not that again..." The other boy groaned. "Come on Vic..."

"Someone has to keep the mood light." 'Vic' said. "Only thing that keeps us going."

"Whatever." The second sighed. "Anyhow..." He began looking at X-23. "Welcome to our little slice of hell. I'm James, that's Victor." He said pointing at the green boy who waved. "Abigail." He continued pointing to the blonde who waved. "And Theresa." He finished as the redhead turned to look at her. "How about you?"

"...I don't have a name." X-23 finally said, folding her legs underneath her.

"...Don't have a..." James began blinking. "Come on, everyone has a name! Parent's first gift to their kids."

"I don't have parents." X-23 muttered, looking away. "I'm just a... Just a clone. I'm not worth a name."

"Clone...?" Victor said as he scratched behind his ear. "Seriously? I mean..."

"I am serious! Leave me alone!"

"Uh, we're all kinda stuck in the same room." The blonde pointed out. "We're not gonna be alone. Or free..."

"Keep your panties on..." James sighed. "We'll get out of here." He said looking at the iron bars of the cell. "Somehow." He said before looking at her again. "So if you don't have a name, what do we call you?" He asked.

"Yeah." Victor added. "I mean you're uhh... Creators? They had to call you something."

"...X-23." She replied simply.

"Why twenty-three?" Abigail asked.

"Because the other twenty-two attempts didn't work." She sighed before glaring at the group. "Why do you even care?"

"Because we can't play I-Spy." Victor replied. "Only stuff around here is stone, bars, chains and us."

"And getting to know each other is the only pastime we have." James said. "Like we're all mutants for example. I have super-strength, Vic's a human... mutant... lizard... chameleon... thing. Abi makes cloud stuff and Tess... We dunno... All we got from her is her name. Hasn't said a peep since. What about you?"

Sighing X-23 leaned back against the cold stone wall. "Healing factor, enhanced senses and metal claws. I could cut these chains but these bands on my arms won't let me pop them out!"

"Know what ya mean." James replied, gesturing to the two, much larger shackles on his arms. "There things are rigged to electrocute me if my muscles tense too much. Use too much strength and ZAP! Very dramatic."

"I can turn sorta invisible." Victor said. "But I can't make these chains do that with me."

"I get shocked too." Abigail muttered. "If I make my clouds I mean." She said, wrapping the goggles around her head before pulling them down about her neck. "I could fly on them... Soar through the sky... So cool..."

"And her?" X-23 asked, gesturing to the youngest girl in the room.

"No clue." Victor supplied. "Like Big J said, she just don't like talking."

"Great..." The young weapon groaned. "Why are we here? Who's doing this? I was made to be a weapon; I could see why I'm here! Why are all of you?"

"Dart to the ass for starters." James replied. "Happened to each of us. As for why we are HERE all I can guess is the joker in charge of this outfit really hates mutants." Afterwards there was a silence.

"So..." Victor began. "Anyone up for rock-paper-scissors?" He ventured.

"NO!" James and Abigail replied quickly.

"What's rock-paper-scissors?" X-23 asked, causing the whole room to stare at her. "...What?"


"...Bored now." Abigail asked as she watched the two thousandth, eight hundredth and thirty second round of rock-paper-scissors, as played between a reptilian boy and a self-proclaimed clone. The reality was they hadn't had that many games.

But it felt like it by god.

Right now Theresa was curled up next to her, gripping her waist as she slept, snoring softly. James lay against the wall, asleep as well only without the noise. Meanwhile Victor looked to be somewhat distracted by the game, which was likely the point. And X-23 seemed to be having the time of her life, sarcasm included, judging by the barley visible smile. Then again from what little she knew the clone didn't get out much so this may have been the most fun she had ever had. Or the only fun.

"I win." The clone said a hint of a smile on her face. Victor let off a chuckle as he lay down.

"Yeah, ya did." He said with a sigh. "...Man, whatever they want with us I wish they'd hurry up and do it... If only for something to change around here." He groaned as the microscopic smile turned into a deep frown, the clone running a hand through her hair.

"How long have you guys been here?" She asked.

"Dunno, we don't have a clock." Victor said. "I got here first, maybe three weeks ago? Four? Abi came next at least a day after, and Tess a... week? Maybe? J got here awhile after her."

"And they haven't done anything to you?" X-23 ventured.

"Nope." Victor said with a shrug. "Just locked us in here with one-square meal a day."

"More like caged animals than people..." Abigail sighed before closing her eyes. A moment later her fellow cellmates followed her example, each one drifting to sleep.


The Xavier Institute for the Gifted had become some-what of a haven for it's occupants, a place where a mutant could be him or herself, use their powers within reasonable bounds and be safe from a world that largely misunderstood them. The above ground areas were quite impressive: a fabulous English style mansion with a massive well-kept yard and view of the ocean over a cliff.

Below the Xavier Institute for the Gifted, however, were many more things, all with one purpose: to safeguard and train mutants to use their powers for the good of all. Among which was a chamber housing Cerebro, a device developed and used by Charles Francis Xavier to locate mutants in need of guidance or assistance.

"Can't tis' bucket o' yours do any better Charles?" A red haired man with a goatee demanded as he paced about the room, a tinge of Irish accent in his voice. "We're no closer to findin' my baby girl!"

"Calm down a lil' Sean." Rahne replied as she took hold of the elder man's arm. "I know the Professor is doing all he can, no need ta make it harder by distractin' him." She said, her own voice holding a Scottish touch.

"She's right my love." An older woman, Moria, said as she set a hand on his shoulder, the Scottish touch in her own voice. "I love the child too, as if she were my own. But we cannot be makin' it harder on him."

"It's all right, all of you." Charles said as he leaned back slightly. Rahne's brief return wasn't greeted with as much glee as it should have been. She had come here along with her parent's friends, Sean Cassidy and Moria MacTaggert about Theresa Cassidy. Sean's daughter and Moria's step-daughter, a young girl Rahne had babysat for years. A girl that had been abducted. "Until she uses her powers I'm unable to get a fix on where she is. I'm doing what I can, but so far..."

"I understand." Moria sighed as the door opened, two men entering.

"Any luck?" The gruff Logan asked, suited up in his battle uniform.

"I'm afraid not." Xavier said as he turned his seat about, looking at the other man. "Colonel Fury? What brings you here?" He asked the man who chewed on a toothpick, one eye covered by a patch.

"Logan called me in, asked to help find you're missing girl." Fury said looking about. "So far I haven't had any luck, but I made an interesting discovery."

"Don't just stand there!" Sean called out. "Tell us man!" He added as Fury took out a folder.

"James Gemini, Victor Borkowski, Abigail Boylen, Theresa Cassidy. All abducted over the past month, and all have one thing in common: they're all mutants." He said passing out the folder. "We only got one good lead from all of this. We got a picture of a man who was tailing Boylen, a Tomas Clansey. Former S.H.I.E.L.D agent, defected when Trask was arrested."

"The same guy who made the Sentinels." Logan added.

"We set Trask in a lab during the Apocalypse affair." Fury continued. "After the last Sentinel rolled off the lot he vanished. Someone on the inside, don't know who, sprung him. We know Clansey helped design those things, so it's likely the two are working together, so we've been searching every abandoned military base, S.H.I.E.L.D outpost and hidden bunker they had knowledge of. We haven't found them yet, but one old base was disturbed recently."

"So we have nothing?" Rahne asked.

"Nothing yet." Logan replied, crossing his arms. "Just hold tight Furball. We'll find'em soon enough."


"No more please..." James groaned, setting a hand on his face. "Rock-paper-scissors is banned from this cell. At least for an hour." He groaned. "Please."

"Come on, what else is there to do?" Victor replied with a frown.

"Think of a way out. Figure out why these guys want us. What our families are doing." James ticked off. "Something other than drive me crazy."

"Yeah, righ-" Victor began as the a steel door opened beyond the iron bars. "Uh oh..." He said, looking at the man in a man immaculate military uniform walked in, half a dozen armed guards behind him. His brown hair was in a buzz cut, greying slightly on the sides. A moustache adorned his face as he looked over the five mutants.

"Trask." X-23 muttered to herself, so softly no one heard it. Hydra may have given her no comforts, love or even remorse but if there was one thing she could thank then for it was all the logistics, tactics and knowledge they jammed into her head. Bolivar Trask, she remembered him from his dossier. Human, no powers, an expert in anthropology and a noted cyberneticist, and generally regarded as the man who 'outed' mutants. Arrested after deploying his anti-mutant robot, the Sentinel. Anything that happened after her defection from Hydra was unknown to her. It was safe to assume he was well trained in both hand to hand combat and weaponry since he was a former Colonel in S.H.I.E.L.D.

"Let me guess..." James began. "You're the joker than got us put in here."

"Something like that." The man muttered. "Thank you for volunteering Mr. Gemini. You'll do wonderfully for our experiments."

"Experiments?" Victor gulped as a guard opened the door, his team mates aiming their weapons at the occupants.

"Come along now." Bolivar said as James stood up. "Let's not make this any harder than it has to be."

"Whatever." James said as he stepped over, two guards grabbing his arms as they led him away, the cell door closing behind them. A moment later the group had left with the mutant.

"No..." A tiny voice said, as the remaining eyes moved to look at Theresa. "Please... no..."


"So let me guess..." James said as he looked at the straps holding him to the operation table. "You've got some odd world domination scheme and have been reading up on the 'Evil Overlord's' list, huh?"

"Quiet you." Trask said as he glared at the mutant scum on the table. God how he was going to enjoy experimenting on this mutant. "You two." He said, pointing to the guards in the room. "Wait outside." He added as the two saluted before going out the door, closing it behind them. "In a few moments I will test the serum. What a novel way of controlling the mutant population." He mused as he turned to look over his desk, looking over the vials. Picking one up he began to heat it over a burner. "Those cuffs are the same as the ones before, they'll shock you if you resist."

"Thank you Villain of the Month." James quipped as he bit his lower lip. 'Okay, if I'm right... God I hope I am right, and then this dude thinks I only have super-strength. So if I'm lucky...' He mused focusing slightly. He felt his body shift, waist slimming as hips flared, his height decreasing as his entire body shifted it's gender, transforming from a tall boy to a shorter and slimmer girl whose wrists were too slim for the cuffs. Grinning he, now she, freed his limbs, getting off the table and on his feet as he shifted back to his true gender, cracking his knuckles.

"Almost ready..." Trask mused as he poured something into the vial, a hand tapping his shoulder. "You just wait on the table I'll be... I'll be..." He began, stiffening as he turned around, a fist smashing into his face sending him crashing onto the table, vials spilling everywhere.


"You hear that?" One guard asked a crashing sound in the room behind him.

"Yeah. Maybe he dropped something." The second said as a knock sounded on the door behind him. "What the?" He said as the knock sounded again. He turned to look at his comrade who looked back at him. Then he did what anyone did when someone knocked on the door.

They opened it. Before they could blink both their heads were grabbed and slammed into each other, sending them into unconsciousness. "That was easy enough." James mused as he dragged the men into the room. On a whim he strode up to a computer and grabbed the top, ripping it open. Reaching in he grabbed what looked to be a hard drive and pulled it out, shoving it in his pocket. "Don't know what he was doing, but this might tell someone. If I can get it out of here..." He mused before leaving the room, closing it as he started to backtrack his way to the cells.


"This sucks..." Victor said. "This sucks... This sucks... This sucks... This Sucks... This Sucks..."

"Yes Vic." Abigail sighed. "We heard you the first time."

"This Sucks, This Sucks, THIS SUCKS!" He cried out as he stood up. "MAKE SOMETHING GOOD HAPPEN!"

"Like that'll happen." X-23 snorted. Then she heard something, coming outside the door. Something like fighting.

"What's with you?" Abigail asked as X-23 stood up, moving closer to the bar.

"I hear something." She said. "Something like-" She began before being cut off as a guards body slammed into the door, breaking the hinges as both fell to the ground.

"Hey there!" James said as he walked in, keys in hand. "Someone order a jailbreak?"

"How did you...? Nevermind!" Victor said as the group stood up as he opened the door, quickly undoing X-23's handcuffs. "You rule man!"

"Thank me, Lady Luck, and my Uncle sending me to kickboxing classes." James replied as me moved to Victor.


"Clear, come on." X-23 said as she led the other down the hall. Abigail held on to Theresa's hand as they rushed down to the door. Opening it a crack the clone peered into the garage, James looking over her head.

"Well?" James whispered as X-23 sniffed the air. "You got the senses. What they telling you?"

"Someone's here, but I don't know wh-" She began, being cut off as the door was opened by a guard.

"Intruders!" He cried out before James could slam a fist in his face, sending him to the floor.

"Think anyone heard?' Victor asked after a moment.

He was quickly answered by sirens. "Yup." James muttered. "There anything we can drive?" He said as they went into the room, looking about. Blinking he sighed. "Nevermind." He added, looking at the lack of vehicles.

"Dump of a base, no wheels..." Victor said shaking his head, looking at the junk around them. "Must be a low budget place."

"Freeze!" A guard said as he aimed at the five mutants, two more coming behind them. Thinking quickly James grabbed a nearby tire and threw it like a discus at the trio, catching the first in the chest and sending all three to the floor.

"Run for it!" He called out, rushing towards the door, his cellmates following him as they ran at the door. Not even bothering with the handle he rammed the door, his strength tearing off the hinges before he heard a number of guns being raised, slowing to a stop, his friends stopping behind him.

"This... Is bad..." Victor summed up, glaring at the three dozen guards aiming weapons at them, a man in a trench coat nearby, his blonde hair in a buzz cut as he flexed his muscles.

"Silly mutants..." The man chided. "You thought you could escape?" He mocked as the youngest of the group began to sob. "You will be punished for your insolence you fools."

"Stop..." Theresa sobbed out. "Stop it..."

"Stop?" The man scoffed. "It's only starting."

"Stop it, stop it..." The girl sobbed. "STOP ITTTTTT!" She screamed, an unexpected sonic blast erupting from her mouth, slamming into the guards.

"MY EARS!" Several guards cried out, as they clutched their heads, trying to block the sonic scream as all of them, even the trench coat solider fell to the ground, blacking out.

"Loud..." Victor said as he rubbed his ears. "I almost went deaf..."

"WHAT!?" X-23 cried out, rubbing at her sensitive ears. "I CAN'T HEAR YOU!" She cried out as Theresa collapsed.

"Abi, can you carry her?" James asked as he picked her up, the other girl nodding as he set her on her back. A moment later a small cloud appeared at her feet, lifting her into the air. "Come on, let's make a break for it before they send more people after us."

"OKAY!" X-23 said.

"And keep it down!"


"I've got her!" Xavier cried out, gathering the gathered people's attentions. "She's outside of Allentown, Pennsylvania!"

"That's a little over fifty miles out!" Fury stated. "There's an old bunker there, Second World War era! If I was Trask, I'd be there!"

"Then what are we waiting for!" Rahne cried out.

"You stay here Furball, we got this covered." Logan said as he moved to the door.

"But..." Rahne managed.

"No, take her and Sean with you." Xavier said. "Theresa will recognize them, it will calm her down."

"Fine, but no time to change! Just move!" Logan called out.

"They can be there in twenty minutes!" Fury said as the three mutants poured out of the room. "My men will be right behind them!"


"They're behind us!' X-23 called out as the group ran (Or flew in the case of Abigail) through the forest, a dart whizzing by Victor's head before slamming into a tree.

"You noticed?" He called back.

"X, pop the claws and slice some timber!" James called out. "See if we can slow'em down a bit!" He called out as the cloned girl extended her claws, revelling in their freedom before slashing at a tree, making it fall behind them as they ran past, repeating the action a few more times as they ran. "Good, now... Crap..." He called out as a helicopter appeared over their heads.

"Hold it right there!" A voice called out from the speakers of the craft.

"How much of that cloud stuff can you make?" James asked Abigail.

"I don't know!" She replied.

"Make as much as you can, fog it up!" He called out as the girl lifted a hand, clouds covering them.

"I said hold it!" The voice repeated as they began to run again, the helicopter lowering to blow away the clouds. "Damn it..." The pilot said as he looked about. "Lost'em."


"Nice thinking Big J!" Victor called out as they continued to run.

"Don't thank me... yet..." He said as the slowed down, a line of soldiers in front of them. "Not again..."

"Gets worse." X-23 said as she turned about, facing the ones circling around them. Abigail gulped, lowering herself down as Victor, James and X-23 formed a loose circle around her and Theresa.

"Now what do we do?" Abigail cried out.

"I'm open to suggestions." James replied as the helicopter appeared overhead. "Have any?"

"I'm not going down without a fight!" X-23 cried out, all of her claws coming out to bare.

"Same here." Victor said, slamming a fist into his palm.

"Right." James added. "We hold'em as long as we can while Abi makes a break for it."

"But..." Abigail began.

"You have to get her out of here." James hissed back. "Once it starts up fly off and don't look back."

"But I..." Abigail gasped as tears came to her eyes.

"On three..." James said, brining his fists up, the guards creeping forwards slighting.

"One..." X-23 began.

"Two..." Victor added crouching down and preparing to pounce before a red beam struck the copter's tail rotor. "What the...?" He let out as a flying man dove at them, screaming as he sent sonic waves out at the guards knocking a few away.

"THREE!" James called out, rushing a guard and slamming an elbow into his gut. Victor returned his attention to the guards, sending his tongue out, the prehensile appendage grabbing a gun that he pulled away, X-23 already slashing at guard after guard. "GO ABI! GO!" James shouted as several guards tackled him, the girl finally regaining her wits and flying off just as James began to throw the offending soldiers off of him. Before he could blink a fuzzy blue... spider monkey maybe, appeared next to him in a puff of smoke grabbing two guards and vanishing with them in the same manner.

Before he knew it other guards were being struck with a ruby light or being flung away as if an invisible person tossed them away.

"You!?" X-23 cried out as feral looking man tackled another guard, claws coming out of his hands as an honest-to-god werewolf snarled and slammed into another man.

"Don't ask!" The feral man said. "Go! That way!" He said, pointing in a direction.

"Works for me!" James said as he turned to face Victor. "Vic, let's book!" He called out before running off, Victor slamming a fist into a man's face before giving chase. X-23 looked at the man a moment more before running off to a clearing. The three quickly found a jet there as a man with a visor joined them, followed by a redhead in a black and green outfit and the spider monkey from before. As they reached the jet the feral man and the werewolf caught up with them, ushering them aboard, Abigail and Theresa already seated.

"Beast, make this thing fly!" Logan said as the screaming man flew into the jet, closing the door as what appeared to be a big, blue, furry, ape manned the controls.

"If all are aboard, then away we go." 'Beast' said as the engines, the plane lifting from the ground and taking away, the red haired screaming man moving to sit next to Theresa.

"What are you doing here Wolverine?" X-23 demanded as she began to walk to the feral man, James reaching out to grab her arm.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, slow down X." He said. "You know this guy?"

"Yes!" She replied. "I'm his clone!" She stated causing him to blink.

"So... Shiny metal claws are a family trait?" Victor piped up.

"Look kid, we didn't know you were there." Wolverine sighed. "Banshee's girl..." He began, pointing a thumb at the screaming man. "Went missing so he asked us for help. Kinda figured the others might be there, seeing as they're all abducted mutants too. But until she used her powers Cerebro couldn't find her."

"Yeah, that's why she's kinda out of it." Victor said. "She bowled down a whole squad o' them bozos."

"At me girl..." Banshee said with a chuckle as his daughter squirmed in her seat.

"Look..." Wolverine continued. "We're going back to the institute. Xavier's going to want to talk to the lot of you, see if you're willing to stay. Might be safer too."

"Indeed." Beast piped up. "Trask's men may try to come after you again if you return home."

"I... I can't go home?" Abigail said, gulping slightly.

"No, you could..." The red haired girl in the black and green costume said as she turned to look at the blonde. "But Logan's right. It would probably be safer, but it's your choice in the end."

"You can figure it out later." Logan said as he moved to sit down. "We'll be there soon enough."

"Sure, but one question." James began, pointing at the blue fuzzy person with the tail. "What's with the spider monkey?"

"SPIDER MONKEY!?" The fuzzy person cried back, a hint of German in his voice. "I AM NOT A SPIDER MONKEY!"

"Well, at least you didn't get called a demon again." Beast chuckled.

"Aren't demons red with horns and pitchforks?" Victor asked.

"No, demons are the Teletubbies." Abigail replied as the 'spider monkey fumed in his seat.

"What's a Teletubby?" X-23 asked.

"DON'T ASK!" Came a universal reply from everyone else in the plane.

"...Make the plane go faster.." She muttered. So much for her freedom in the wilderness.


Notes: Abigail was never given a last name, all we know is it starts with a 'B'. (Edit: It was recently revealed to be Boylen)

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