A/N: This story is kinda just an idea I've had in my head. I started writing it out in a notebook so I typed it up. I don't think this'll turn out as popular as Now or Never but I hope I at least get some reviews. Enjoy.


"Hey, Bella!" a male teenager called out to a female teenager. Upon hearing her name being called, the girl turned her head in the direction of the boy. "Can you lock up for me tonight? I'm supposed to meet Jess in less than twenty minutes."

Bella nodded to her co-worked and replied, "Sure, Mike." Mike smiled, tossing Bella the keys before putting his vest away and leaving.

A sigh escaped Bella's lips as she glanced around the empty store. "Now what?" she asked herself out loud.

"Now you lock up the store without screaming and make your way into the back room," a deep, husky voice said from behind her. Bella didn't dare turn around once she felt something press hard in to her back.

A gun.

Bella felt her heart quicken drastically as she made her way to the door to lock it. Edward, Bella thought to herself. I wish you were here.

"Hurry up," the man growled, pushing the gun he held harder into Bella's back. Bella sighed, trying to lock the door with shaking hands.

After five attempts, she finally got the key in to the lock. "Now get in the back," the man ordered. "And remember. No screaming."


For hours, Bella didn't move from her spot on the floor. She was terrified that the man would come back for more.

If only Mike had locked up, she probably would've been alright.

If only Edward had stayed in Forks, bella knew that she would still have her virginity and the man who had taken it would be dead.

But Mike didn't lock up and Edward did leave.

Now, she was left feeling filthy and violated. How she wished the man would've just taken the gun and shot her in the head. It would save her the trouble of doing so.

"Bella?" a man called out from the front of the store. She recognized that voice.

But from where?

Then the door to the employee break room opened and a man entered, kneeling down beside her. Bella cringed away in fear.

"D-don't t-touch me," Bella croaked, still not recognizing the man.

"Bella, sweetie," the man said as he reached for her. "It's Dad. Jake called me at work when you didn't show up in La Push tonight. We had to call the Newtons to come unlock the door."

"Did he take anything?" Bella asked in a barely audible whisper.

"Who?" Charlie asked. Confusion and worry was written all over his face.

"The man," Bella replied. "He… he told me to lock up. He held a gun to my back and forced me back here."

"Bella," Charlie began in a stern, yet concerned, voice. "Did he hurt you?"

bella closed her eyes and sighed before nodding. "He raped me."