A/N: A series of one shorts / vignettes about a fiery nun and her demonic … companion.

Disclaimer: I don't own Chrono Crusade.

Summary: There are five senses: sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste. There's a sixth sense, intuition, that not everyone believes in. But there' a seventh- a sense of time, as it slips through our fingers and washes away. Most of us never notice it. They know, it's not the time you have, it's who you spend it with. Telling someone how you feel is hard, but sometimes…

The Little Things Give You Away

1: Hitting on Me


The satisfying explosion marked the triumphant end of yet another battle, and the birth of yet another apology letter.

Rosette sat up, coughing on dust and wiping ashes from her face.

"Dammit Chrono! Look what you did!" She roared, leaping to her feet in a shower of splinters and gravel. "Now-" She blinked, looking around at the people hovering around the perimeter they'd set up. There were officers and citizens, mostly curious (stunned) onlookers, as well as the (former) building owner, all covered in putrid black gunk- was it her fault they hadn't kept a decent distance?- But no violet haired pint-sized demon. "Chrono?" She frowned at the mass of splinters and broken concrete that had been a 3-star restaurant. (Supposedly. The food hadn't been that great, so it really was no great loss to the city- really!)

Shit. She ran over to the huge mound, telling herself that her heart rate wasn't speeding up because- well, damn him! It was just like him to get stuck under a giant pile of junk! "Chrono, you idiot!" She shoved through a pile of smaller concrete chunks, pushing at one of the larger ones. It was as big as she was. "Chrono!"

"Miss Christopher?" She looked up as Officer Gregory Stevenson (they'd met several times before, much to his dismay.), a man of about 30 with short black hair and cool grey eyes hesitated a few feet away- no one wanted to be on duty with Sister Rosette swooped in to save the day- but Chrono had explained that she really was very nice, and while she was somewhat fiery tempered, she really didn't mean any harm most of the time- "Is there a problem- your partner-"

"Is being a wet blanket and hiding under all this junk!" Rosette snarled, kicking at a fallen ceiling beam. "Chrono, get out here!" she hollered, making the officer cringe. He waved to the other officer on duty, and together they started pushing at the larger pieces of concrete.

Dammit. How could he always get himself into trouble like this? The nun continued, cursing, clawing through the fragments of chairs, tables, old walls, the front counter. Hadn't he been in this area? "Chrono!" Others had joined them, pushing and digging and pulling, but all she could see was what the explosion had done to everything inside the building, the stupid dust making her eyes prickle and water, dripping on what might have once been a stove. Or a refrigerator.

"Miss Christopher!" One of the officers waved her over as another was bent over, pulling a slumped, red coated figure from the rubble, fairly close to where the exit used to be.

"Chrono!" Officer Stevenson yelped as she shoved past him, swooping down on the demon. He was breathing, and apart from a cut on his forehead, he looked ok- dirty, but unharmed. "Chrono! Wake up you stupid idiot!" Chrono shifted; a small hand twitching before her squinted up at her, brow wrinkled as if the light was too bright.

"Rosette?" he blinked and his eyes were clear again. WHAP!

The surrounding crowd gaped as the nun stood, glaring at the partner she'd been so desperate to find. "Dammit Chrono! You're nothing but trouble! Couldn't you have gotten me that gun any faster?" (Whap)

"Me?" the demon was on his feet now, wobbling precariously on shaky legs and glowering up at her until she grabbed his arm and dragged him out of the ex-building. "I didn't know you had DROPPED yours until I saw it! Ow!" his croaked outburst was halted as she hit him again. And again, the boy making no effort to duck, merely batting lightly, uselessly at the nun's fists as they made their way back to the car (the only thing left in one piece, for once). The police officers shook their heads, wondering whether it would've been kinder to leave the boy under the rubble. The nuns at the convent would wonder the same thing when they saw the beating the demon was receiving. But Chrono didn't object. He never objected. Not after an argument, not after a battle, not after laundry or after dragging her out of bed in the morning.

He didn't object. Every thump and cry of "idiot!" told him she was still strong, she was alive.

She wouldn't stop. Every yelp and minor retaliation told her that he was there, he was ok, he was by her side.


A/N: sorry if Rosette and Chrono are out of character. I'm trying to get used to writing with them again because I've been working with my own characters for the past couple months, so switching back to fanfiction is a little hard. I really hope that these stories get closer to Rosette and Chrono's actual personalities as I practice, but until then…I'll keep trying.

Thank you for reading.