A/N: A series of one shorts / vignettes about a fiery nun and her demonic … companion.

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The Little things Give You Away

Summary: There are five senses: sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste. There's a sixth sense, intuition, which not everyone believes in. But there' a seventh- a sense of time, as it slips through our fingers and washes away. Most of us never notice it. They know, it's not the time you have, it's who you spend it with. Telling someone how you feel is hard, but sometimes…

The Little Things Give You Away

2: Nightmares


At night, she would call his name, and it was as if someone had made him swallow holy water. It burned, foul and twisted -well, he burned foul and twisted, since the water was pure- in his stomach and he wanted to run. He wanted to scream at the world; he wanted life to be normal again, the old normal, the way it used to be back then. Then, she wouldn't have to call out to him in her sleep.

"Joshua…" Chrono winced, resting his chin on the arms he'd folded over the edge of Rosette's bed as he watched her, tossing, clutching at her pillow. "No…isn't like you...don't!"

How many nights did he come here, and when had it started? She'd stopped coming to him when she had nightmares years ago but… he'd felt it, whenever that first night had been, he'd felt her distress, and he'd come. He'd come, like he had tonight, slipping through the darkness and creeping into her room to make sure she was alright.

"Sh, Rosette." He murmured, stretching out a hand and laying it on her shoulder as she rolled over. "We'll get him back." As quietly as he could, he inched to his feet and sat on the bed, carefully running his hand up and down the tangle of white nightgown covering her back. Rosette muttered something about an ugly old hag and he raised his eyes to the cool blue moon racing like a smile across the sky among the smattering of golden-violet stars. It was different every night, yet it had passed the same route again and again as he sat here, looking up and up.

"Joshua!" He scooted further towards the edge as Rosette flopped onto her back, the pillow falling to the floor with a soft plop, leaving her hands clawing the air. "Joshua, no!"

"Rosette, I'm here." He whispered, as if that would do any good. Like a sealed demon that devoured her life could save her.

"Father Remington, what should we do-" Cursing as the bed creaked, Chrono snatched the pillow off the floor and pushed it into her searching hands, turned ivory in the darkness. "No!" she shoved it away, so he settled for nudging her hands together on her stomach and folding the blankets around her. "…Why…" She quieted, and he looked at the pillow with a sigh before slipping it beneath her head, rubbing his thumbs over her puckered forehead. "…no..." Evidently, the Father Remington in her dream had solved all the problems, because she smiled then, and he let his hands drop to his sides as she stretched and snuggled under the blankets, burrowing her nose into the pillow. He waited, like always, until the sky began to brighten before dragging himself up and tip toeing from the dorm back to the Elder's, leaving Rosette to mutter about bacon and food until he returned to kick her out of bed.

She never called for him during her nightmares.

She didn't have to: he was always there.


"Chrono!" He winced as footsteps rang through the noisy cafeteria and a fist hurled beneath his nose, earning a distressingly pitiful squeak of surprise from his mouth.

"A-g-good morning, Ro-Rosette." Gulping, he scrambled backward, looking past the fist to the pair of blue eyes flashing at him.

"Chrono," she smiled sweetly as her voice plummeted to a growl. "What. Are. These?" She waved the fist in front of him until he noticed the thin strands of violet hair clenched in her hand.

Uh oh.

"Hair?" The blonde's eye twitched and she sat back on her heels, rolling the hair between her thumb and first finger as he shrank down in his seat, aware of the sudden quiet.

"Mind telling me how they ended up on my pillow last night?" The entire cafeteria was silent, watching them. Chrono felt his cheeks turn red.

"Um…" How to explain…

"Chrono, you pervert!"

"Rosette! No!" The rest of the nuns rolled their eyes and resumed eating as Chrono fled, starting yet another day of prayer and mayhem.


A/n: The idea from this was kind of started from Azmaria's first day at the Order, where Chrono was in Rosette's room to wake her up. (It's not that day, just one like it) He seemed completely used to being there (no doubt he wakes her up most mornings) but I couldn't help wondering if there were other times he went to her room, like when she had nightmares.

As usual, let me know if they're in/ out of character. (Well, Chrono I suppose seeing as Rosette was asleep.)