In 1997 the part came to power. The 97 elections gave them an incredible 79 of the vote with their promises of getting tough on crime and making the country great again. The 2002 elections brought the party a 100 vote and with that the party completely took over. The royal family where forcibly removed and the leader took over the country laws where passed. Dissidents where paraded in front of the national television stations and then sent to re-education camps. Then in October 2005 the leader gave a speech to the nation which everybody watched on television. It was compulsive viewing

"Honourable members of the United Republic of Great Britain I come with you with grave news that even though my police forces are tough on crime there is still one area where we still have problems. The youth of our country! Now having spoken to the leader of Japan he has passed on an idea and now I will pass the law here May 22nd 2006 will be the first run of the Final Educational Amendment Reform Act! The Battle Royale Act! Now the selection criteria will be as you know the school leaving age is eighteen but I will make it sixteen to eighteen so that's years eleven to thirteen all schools in the republic will be entered into a random lottery on the 21st May and the selected class will play on the 22nd!

The entire audience, who where watching stood, clapped and cheered the leaders name out loud. Now the youths would have something to fear on the 22nd May. The schools quickly faxed over the details of all the classes the adults knew that one of the classes would be selected but who would it be?