Max walked into an office his collar had been removed and he sat in front of Charles Black.

"Well done son I was very impressed by the way that you killed on the sly and acted the part of let's all be friends it was only Kelly near the end who guessed that you where the killer!" Black exclaimed.

"Sir so what happens now then?" asked Max.

"Well you have to face the press and remember say nothing and just have thumbs up ok?"


Max was lead to a helicopter where a he was transported to the main land sure enough the press where waiting taking pictures Max gave thumbs up.

Three days later Max had been returned to Bournemouth he never went home he had stayed in a hotel where he was a mystery guest if he wanted something he just rung down to the reception and it appeared soon after.

Two weeks later Max had snuck out of the hotel wearing a cap and hoodie he was watched from the top of a multi story car park Sarah's funeral it was raining hard. Max took a deep breath.

"I played by the rules but it's me who gets the death sentence!" he said softly to himself. Max jumped forward.