A/N: Cheerleaders are being murdered and the team has no leads, so they decide to send JJ undercover as a cheerleader. I hope you like it. This is my 2nd criminal minds fic. This is my first time at a case fic, so please bear with me, and sorry for any mistakes! Hope you all like it and I appreciate all feedback!

They had no leads. In just over a month, nine young women, all cheerleaders, had been murdered; stabbed multiple times in the torso and left naked. Initially, the team had found little connection between the victims aside from physical characteristics and cheerleading. All were slender with blond hair. Five had attended the same high school. Garcia continued to dig deeper into their pasts to see if she could find a more definitive connection.

The team had interviewed one or two possible suspects, but had had to release them, having no evidence with which to hold them.

"We have been at this for three days. We have two suspects, who, we have nothing on and 9 dead cheerleaders," Morgan complained spinning around on his chair. "This case is going no where."

The rest of the team nodded their heads in agreement. Emily looked at Hotch curiously. He was being unusually quiet.

"Everything alright Hotch?" she asked. Hotch let out a breath before addressing Emily's question to the rest of the team.

"I didn't want to say this earlier, as it was a last resort, but we might need to send someone undercover as a cheerleader."

Everyone stared at him in silence. He hadn't suggested sending anyone undercover since the fiasco of the Lee case. The silence was interrupted but Morgan's cell phone ringing.

"Morgan," he said, answering the call.

"Ok sugar, I found one past connection. All the girls were nominated by there school and participated in a week long cheerleading camp. Before you ask, there is another camp coming up in a month." Garcia said from the other end.

"Thanks sweet pea," he said and hung up. "Garcia found a connection; all the girls participated in a cheerleading camp. Oh, and she said there is another one coming up in a month."

"Now I don't mean to sound negative," Emily began. "But if it's in a month, and I'm assuming that you get nominated by your friends, it would be best if we sent the undercover in as soon as possible. I think it would waste time trying to find a candidate for the undercover op and then brief them and get them ready. It should be someone who is already familiar with the case."

"JJ" Morgan suddenly said. She looked up from her own case file.

"What did I do?" she asked.

"Nothing… I think," he replied chuckling. "Your blonde, you know the case, you look young. I bet we could send you into a school, and you could pass as a teenager."

"I agree, and all you would need to do, was find the right clothes, do your hair and makeup a little differently, and you would look like a 17 year old." Emily added.

"JJ, would you be willing to do this?" Gideon asked. "You do not have to."

She looked around at her colleagues. She wasn't a profiler, but she could read the expressions on their faces; they hoped she would do this. And besides what about the girls' families who had no answers about their daughters' deaths? Didn't they deserve some answers? JJ thought about all this for a few minutes before coming up with an answer.

"Ok, I'll do it." Both Morgan and Emily gave her a smile. JJ was sure that they would have cheered if it had been under different circumstances.

"Morgan, get Garcia to make a new identity for JJ. Hotch; Ring the principal of Merryville Prep. Since five of our girls went there, we should try and get JJ into that school," Gideon began giving orders.

"Prentiss, you go with JJ and buy her some new outfits. Reid I want you to go with them," he finished. Reid nodded silently.

"Reid?" JJ asked but Emily stood and picked up her jacket before Gideon could say more.

"Come on let's go. We have shopping to do." Emily said, leading the way out of the room. They reached her car and Emily climbed into the drive seat. JJ ended up in back and Reid took the front passenger seat.

"Why did I come?" he asked as they pulled away from the New York local police department where, over the past month or so they had taken up residency.

"You're a guy, and Gideon wanted a guy's opinion." Emily spoke up.

"But Reid's?" JJ asked. "No offence Reid," she added quickly.

"None taken," he assured her, pulling the case file out of his bag and reading it. The rest of the trip was silent. JJ was thinking about what she had gotten herself into. She was going to be a cheerleader and go back to high school. Emily pulled into the shopping centre and found a parking spot. She led a reluctant JJ and Reid through the entrance and into a store. JJ looked around and let out a grumble.

"Supré? This place sells stuff I wouldn't have worn even when I was seventeen," JJ commented. Emily just shook her head as she browsed the shelves. She picked up a few things before making any kind of comment.

"Apparently the new you will," she said.

"I ah... might wait outside." Reid said moving towards the entrance of the store. He took one step outside until JJ's voice made him stop.

"Reid!" she called. He slowly turned to face her.

"If I have to try all of this on, then you have to stay." He sighed but rejoined the two other agents in the store. Emily appeared with several outfits draped over her arms.

"Let's do this." she said ushering JJ to the changing rooms. JJ groaned when she saw what Emily had given her. She was going to kill Morgan for suggesting her. She was a 30 year old woman, and, sure, she looked 24, or around that age as people told her, but she could never pass as a 17 year old girl.

She pulled a tight fitting blank tank top over her head, followed by a pair of jeans. She opened the door and stepped out feeling very self-conscious.

"You look hot," Emily offered. JJ blushed and looked at the ground.

"It will work," she added.


"I ah…you look…good," he managed to get out.

"Here's the next one," Emily said, handing JJ another shirt and pair of pants. JJ went back into the changing room to try on the next one.

A short time later, Emily put a handful of outfits back while JJ got in line to pay.

"Reid. You ok?" JJ asked

"Yeah, why wouldn't I be?" he asked avoiding looking at her. In truth, he wasn't. Seeing JJ looking like that...made him feel uneasy.

JJ was about to reply when Emily came up to them, her cell phone to her ear. "Ok Hotch, I'll tell her." She rolled her eyes. "She's not boarding though is she?"

JJ's ears picked up at that one. Boarding, no one had told her she was going to board. Reid nudged JJ and she put the clothes on the counter. The woman working the register started scanning them.

"We'll see you soon, Hotch," she said and hung up.

"What did he want?" JJ asked.

"He got you enrolled at the school; you'll start in the next few days. He wants to go over information with you when we get back. He also said he would like you to board."

Reid's eyes opened wide when he saw how much there shopping would cost. "Oh don't worry." Emily said. "The bureau is paying for it all."

Emily handed over her credit card to pay for the clothes before heading out of the store, Reid hot on her heels. They stopped when they noticed that JJ wasn't behind them. They turned around. She hadn't moved. She was standing there in shock.