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The Music in Me: Chapter 1

"A chorus class?! Are they serious?!"

"Serious as a heart attack." Chuck Bass looked up from the fluorescent yellow sheet of paper that he held in his hands and looked at his best friend. His dark brown eyes glared in anger.

"My father pays so much money to send me to this school. The least they can do is teach me something worthwhile." Nate Archibald smiled, his blue eyes amused.

"Chuck, it's not like you care about school anyway."

"Exactly! In a normal class I can just fall asleep or daydream. Now they're going to expect me to actually participate." Chuck's eyebrows formed into a scowl, and his mouth twitched downward into a moping frown. "This sucks."

The boys at St. Jude had just come from an assembly, at which it was announced that they were required to take a Chorus class. The girls at Constance Billard were being forced to do so as well, except that they were looking forward to it.

"It will teach you boys how to use your voices for something besides complaining," the headmaster of St. Jude's had said. "Plus, you will be more involved in the arts by singing."

"Arts? I thought arts were paints and Michelangelo," Chuck commented to Nate.

"No, it has other categories," Nate quipped. "Music can be included." Chuck rolled his eyes, adjusting his scarlet and gold scarf behind his neck as he did so.

"I don't even care. It's not something I'm going into." Chuck began to walk away and threw the yellow sheet-which stated the chorus class's purpose-in a nearby garbage can. Nate ran to catch up with him.

"I think it will be fun," Nate commented. "I mean, it's only singing. Singing isn't all bad." Chuck pulled out a pack of cigarettes from his pocket and a lighter.

"Singing is for girls and whimpy men," Chuck said bitterly. He pulled a cigarette out of the pack and lit it as Nate watched. They stopped walking and Chuck leaned casually against the brick wall of Saint Jude's.

"I'm just saying that maybe we should make the best of it. I mean, there's nothing we can do. They'll make us take the class whether we like it or not," Nate said. Chuck took a puff of the cigarette, which he held between two slender, pale fingers. He blew out the white smoke and smirked fiendishly. His dark brown eyes gleamed as he talked.

"You forget, Nathaniel. We have something called 'money.' Money solves everything."

Dan Humphrey was sitting nearby, reading a book. He had been deeply engrossed in a chapter when he had smelt tobacco. He turned around and saw Nate and Chuck standing nearby.

"Hey, can you guys give yourselves lung cancer somewhere else?" Dan called out. The two looked at him, and Chuck let out a hearty laugh.

"Sometimes you're such a comedian, Humphrey." Chuck purposely took another puff and blew out more white smoke. Dan winced as the scent filled his nostrils but he said nothing. Chuck pressed his back against the wall and crossed his beige-panted legs. He looked at Dan with curiosity, while Nate's eyes signaled for Chuck not to start anything. "So Humphrey, what do you think of this chorus class?" Chuck called out.

Dan had turned back around and tried to read his book, ignoring him. Chuck smirked.

"Fine, don't answer. I'll just assume that you love singing as much as your sister does." Dan's younger sister Jenny was in the acappella choir at Constance. Dan turned back around and glared at Chuck.

"I can't believe you know everything about my sister. You're such a creep." Chuck answered with a cocky smile.

"I know everything about everyone, Daniel. You should remember who you're talking to."

"You mean the guy who I punched and made bleed?" Dan asked. Chuck's face fell as Dan grinned with glee. He was obviously proud of himself. Chuck tossed his cigarette to the ground and stepped it out with one black shoe. Then he began to walk over to Dan, anger and embarrassment displayed in his eyes.

"Alright Humphrey, enough bringing that up. We're finishing this now!" Nate ran over to his best friend and grabbed his shoulder roughly.

"Chuck, not here! Come on!" Nate pleaded. Dan still smiled proudly. Suddenly, the bell rang.

"Time for my next class," Dan said. He picked up his books and walked away, still smiling.

"Yeah, you better walk away!" Chuck sneered. Nate looked at Chuck with obvious anger, though when he spoke his voice remained calm.

"You always get into spats with him. It's so embarrassing. Not only will the headmaster catch you one day, but Gossip Girl might be watching."

"You care too much about what people think," Chuck said with a sharp tone. Nate's eyes looked angered and earnest.

"Chuck, I mean it. Knock it off." Chuck grinned in a cocky manner.

"No one tells me what to do, Nathaniel. You know that." Nate shook his head as his best friend strut away, scarf and all.

Weeks went by, and St. Jude's chorus classes didn't cease. Chuck's father, Bart Bass, had spoken with the headmaster; however, since Chuck was such a bad student, the headmaster didn't listen. Bart Bass had come home that evening with a scowl and disappointed comments toward his son.

The teacher of the class was Mr. Smith. A middle-aged man, he had graduated with a degree in music. He was a very strict man. He ran his classes with much discipline, and didn't allow any fooling around. Chuck had discovered this the hard way.

"Charles Bass, what are you doing?" Mr. Smith had asked one day.

"I'm just listening to you talk about notes," Chuck lied. Chuck was such a convincing liar that usually everyone believed him. Mr. Smith, though, continued to stare at him unconvinced.

"Give it to me."

"What?" Chuck asked.

"Give to me what you were passing to Mr. Archibald."

"I wasn't passing anything." Chuck decided to make off with a threat. "If you're accusing me of something I didn't do, my father will have his lawyers all over you and this school."

"Give me the condoms, Mr. Bass." Everyone's mouths dropped open, even Dan's. Chuck looked at the teacher in puzzlement before standing up and going to the front of the class. He handed the box to Mr. Smith before turning around and walking back to his seat. He heard a few snickers, but he didn't care. He thought it was actually better to give Mr. Smith the condoms then give them to Nate and think about Blair being with him.

That incident had happened back a few weeks ago. Mr. Smith had announced that the chorus classes for all levels were going to have a concert and sing different songs. The concert would count as a grade and anyone who didn't show up would be penalized. When Chuck heard this, he whispered to Nate:

"I think being forced to go sing at a concert is punishment in itself." Mr. Smith had seen him whispering, and had given him a detention.

Chuck, Nate, and Dan's class were assigned to sing two songs: "Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head" and "In the Ghetto" (Elvis Presley). They had practiced during class, and Mr. Smith had been very hard on how the different parts sounded. What was worse, he seemed to pick out just from where each mistake was coming from.

"Nate, don't go so high on the chorus. Jacob, you were off-key throughout the second verse. Patrick, open your mouth wider. Chuck Bass, PAY ATTENTION!"

One day after class, the bell rang and Mr. Smith turned to Dan.

"Daniel Humphrey, may I see you for a moment?" Dan nodded as he picked up his books, and all of the boys made immature "ooooooohhhh" sounds as they exited. Chuck pulled Nate over by the doorway.

"Man, we gotta get to class!" Nate said. Chuck put a finger to his lips.

"I want to see what Humphrey's in trouble for."

Dan walked over to Mr. Smith's desk. He wondered what he did wrong.

"Yes, Mr. Smith?"

"Mr. Humphrey, you have been a perfect student ever since the first day of class. You not only do the best out of all the boys on your tests, but you are always a very enthusiastic singer with a voice that is constantly on-key." Dan smiled.

"Music is just my thing, I guess. My dad was in a band."

"He was? Well, do you play any instruments, Mr. Humphrey?"

"I know guitar from my dad, but I don't have my own. I know a little bit of drums too, but not a whole lot."

"Have you ever considered being in a band of some sort?" Mr. Smith asked. Dan's eyebrow rose as he thought.

"No, not really. I love music but it was really more of my dad's thing. I'm more the artist of the family."

"Well, music is a form of art." Mr. Smith smiled. "You should consider doing some more work with it. I think you have a future in it." Dan smiled. Could he really follow in Rufus' footsteps? He decided it was worth a try.

"Thanks, Mr. Smith." Dan walked to the door and swore he saw the heads of a brunette boy and blonde boy running away.

Dan made plans, and although he wouldn't have known, he was the new biggest topic on his most hated site.

Hey Upper East siders! Gossip Girl here, with some big news. Remember our favorite lonelyboy? Truth has it that he's going to start his own band. He's holding tryouts after school this Friday in the St. Jude's auditorium. I guess lonelyboy wants his own fame, not just the kind he gets by dating Serena Van DerWoodsen. But will his band be the biggest thing in music since the Beatles, or just a waste of a concert ticket? U know u love me.


Dan was excited about his band, and proud of himself. He had asked the headmaster if he could hold his auditions at St. Jude's, and after seeing Dan's perfect record, the headmaster fully agreed. Dan had already chosen his agent: his girlfriend Serena Van Der Woodsen.

"I know people!" she had exclaimed when Dan told her his idea. "Or I should say, my mom knows people that can help you out."

"Thanks, but I'm sure my dad can help. He was an old band guy," Dan had said.

"Well, I still want to help! Let me be your agent or something. I can totally provide the finances, too," Serena had begged. Dan could never say no to her, so he had agreed. He also couldn't say no to his best friend, Vanessa Abrams.

"You'll need a manager," she had said. "Plus, I can totally do music stuff." Dan knew that, so he had allowed her on his team. The only problem then was finding band members.

"Just don't pick anyone rotten," Jenny had advised him. "It will be hard to work with them."

"You'll be fine, son," Rufus had also encouraged. He seemed to be happier lately that his son was taking the course in life that he had taken himself.

On the Friday of the tryouts, Dan walked into the St. Jude's auditorium with a backpack, a notebook and pen, and a very shocked expression on his face. Everyone was there. Guys and girls, young and old, freshmen and seniors. It seemed like everyone wanted a chance. Dan took a seat at a podium chair and allowed it to begin.

A great number of guys from St. Jude's and girls from Constance had shown up. While many had good voices, they couldn't play instruments.

Blair Waldorf came and played what little piano she knew. Serena had told her about Dan's band and, while she didn't want to be near Cabbage Patch, Blair figured that if everyone else was going to be at the tryouts that she should be too. Dan told her she was good at piano, except that it would be a rock band and a classical piano isn't exactly in a rock band. Blair left the auditorium in a huff.

Kati and Isabel had come in matching black outfits and danced. Dan then had to remind them that they were auditioning for a rock band and not "Dancing with the Lonelyboy."

When Dan looked at his watch, it was five thirty. He still had not found the right people. He had found no one, in fact. Either everyone had one talent and not the other, or they didn't grasp the idea of a rock band.

"Maybe I should have done this in Brooklyn," Dan thought. "Where everyone isn't so rich and actually knows what I'm envisioning."

"Can I go next?" asked a voice. Dan looked up and saw the last person he'd expect to see trying out: Nate Archibald. Dan raised an eyebrow. Sure, he expected Blair just to tryout because everyone was there, but Nate?

"Um, sure." Dan flipped a page of his notebook and picked up his pen. He looked up at Nate and saw nervousness in his eyes. "So, what experience do you have with music?"

"Well, I learned music notes when I was little, and now I'm in your chorus class," Nate said, as if Dan didn't already know.

"Let me hear you sing," Dan said. Nate cleared his throat nervously, then sang a segment from "Keep the Faith" by Bon Jovi.

"Everybody needs somebody to love…everybody needs somebody to love…" Nate sang in high tenor. Dan hadn't listened to Nate sing in class very much, but his voice wasn't bad. It sounded like it could be trained to be better as well.

"Okay, that's good," Dan said to stop Nate. "Not bad. Can you play an instrument?"

"No." Dan sighed. He was about to cross Nate's name off of the list when Nate suddenly pulled out a notebook from behind his back. "Look, I know I can't play an instrument now. But I can learn. And I can write." Dan looked at Nate, shocked. He actually seemed like he genuinely wanted to be in the band. Nate walked over to Dan and handed him the notebook he was holding. It had a green cover and looked neat. "I heard that you like to write, but I was thinking maybe I could help for when you have writer's block."

Dan opened it and looked inside. In the notebook were many songs, all with titles. Dan's eyes grew wide. Nate wrote songs?

"When did you write all of these?" Dan asked.

"Over the years. I didn't mean for them to become songs. I guess I was just thinking and writing down what I thought and somehow I discovered they rhymed." Dan looked up at Nate again. How could this guy, who normally wasn't very expressive, write so many heartfelt songs?

"Why do you want to be in the band so bad?" Dan asked. "You and I come from completely different worlds. We have different perspectives on life. Why would you want to help me make this band a success?" Nate pondered for a moment.

"I've been really liking the chorus class, and I have always loved music, so I think this could be my chance to do something with it. I don't care that you're the band's leader or whatever. I'll help however you want me to." Dan thought about it for a moment. He almost laughed at himself, for he was putting Nathaniel Archibald in his band. Dan thought about what Serena would say. They had such a history, but then again, that was behind them. After all, it was his band.

"Welcome to the group," Dan said. Nate's eyes went wide.

"Really?! You mean it?!" he asked. He was obviously in shock. Dan nodded.

"Yeah, if you're willing to give it a shot."

"Definitely!" Nate said with a smile. "Thank you!" Dan smiled too, seeing that he had made Nate extremely happy. He still didn't know why he was letting Nate in. He didn't know how much Nate would catch on. But something told him to just give the boy a chance.

"Here, give me your contact information," Dan said. Nate wrote down his name, phone numbers, and address and gave it to Dan. "Great. Um…our first meeting…I'll give you a call and let you know the details." Nate's blue eyes glistened with happiness.

"Yeah, thanks again!" he said before turning away and leaving. The people behind him rolled their eyes. It was obvious the pretty boy role had been taken. Dan knew what they were thinking, and made a promise to himself to make Nate get a mullet.

The next time Dan looked at his watch, it was seven twenty. There were only two people left auditioning, and Dan hadn't found anyone besides Nate to complete his group. Dan figured he probably would have to go to Brooklyn. If push came to shove, he always had Vanessa to back him up.

Dan turned the one freshman boy with the flute away and looked at his final applicant. He was a tall man with dishwater blonde hair. He wore a dark blue shirt with a black jacket and matching pants. He carried a briefcase, which Dan thought was odd. He looked young, maybe early twenties. The man smiled and approached Dan very suavely.

"You don't know me," the man said. Dan raised an eyebrow.

"No, I don't believe we've ever met." The man smirked, and somehow Dan was reminded of Chuck.

"Not personally," the man continued. "However, I believe we danced at the same place…with the same woman." Dan thought for a minute, and then it hit him: the Cotillion. Serena had gone with this man as a backup before Dan came to her rescue. Dan looked at the man with an open mouth.

"Yeah, I remember now. What do you want?"

"To tryout, of course. This is the right place, right?" He seemed to drag out the word "place." Dan shrugged and picked up his pen. This would be interesting.

"Full name?" Dan asked.

"Carter Baizen." Dan examined Carter more closely, and saw that his hair was spiked up slightly. He had moss green eyes that could be mistaken to be light brown. He also had some stubble on his cheeks, like he had not shaven for a while. Dan nodded and looked back down.

"Age?" Dan asked. It wasn't a necessary question.


"Music experience?"

"I've been traveling around the world since I graduated from this very school. In that time I picked up a few tricks and talents, including how to play the drums." Dan smiled. He did need a drum player.

"Can you sing?"

"You decide." Carter put his briefcase down and drew in a breath. Then he began to sing a segment of "Savin' Me" by Nickleback.

"Show me what…it's like…to be the last one standing…teach me wrong…from right…and I'll show you what I can be…"

Dan labeled Carter as a low tenor.

"That's good," Dan said, cutting Carter off before he started a different verse. Carter did have a good voice. Dan looked back down at his notes. "Why do you want to be in this band?" he asked. Carter sighed.

"I'm going to be home for a while. I've ran into some financial troubles. I guess you could say that I'm here for the experience."

"What else can you bring to the group?" Carter smiled.

"I know your kind. You know a certain type of music, but you live in a world where others don't know squat. I've had many experiences with many different kinds of people. I can help them get into it, and therefore helping you." Dan found it funny how people always thought they knew him. He looked over his notes, then looked back up at Carter.

"I think you fill the qualifications," he said. Carter's expression stayed serious.

"So I'm in?" Carter asked. Dan thought for a minute. He didn't know Carter very well, but he seemed pretty straightforward. Dan only thought of Serena, and hoped that Carter didn't have a thing for her. Pushing that thought to the back of his mind, Dan gave a single nod.

"Sure." A small smile formed at the corner of Carter's lips. He had got what he wanted.

"Alright then," he said.

"I'll need your contact information," Dan said. Carter wrote it down. "I'll call you and tell you about the first meeting."

"I'll see you then," Carter said. He turned on his heels, picked up his briefcase, and made his exit as abruptly as he had made his entrance.

Dan sighed tiredly as he stood up. The turnout had been well, but he hadn't found all of his band members. He needed at least one more person, and he didn't feel like sending tryout information to restaurants and poetry houses in Brooklyn. He knew that being the band leader was not going to be easy.

He picked up his notes, pushed in his chair, and left the dark and empty auditorium. He hadn't had a chance to grab his backpack, so he decided to run to his locker and get it. Dan walked through the narrow hallways, a little creeped out by the eerie shadows and silence that surrounded him. His school was usually loud and filled with activity. Now it was barren and resembled a scene out of a horror movie.

"Hello darkness, my old friend…I've come to talk with you again…" Dan sang to get his mind off it. He breathed a sigh of relief when he got to his locker-and nearly slapped himself when he realized that he had forgotten his gym uniform in his gym locker. He had to take it home and wash it over the weekend.

"Are you kidding me?!" Dan asked himself aloud. He closed his locker and nervously sang all the way to the St. Jude's gym. He walked across the gym and opened a door that led to the locker room and showers. Lucky for him, some careless person had left the door unlocked.

Dan had stopped singing as he looked though the row of lockers, trying to find his. He finally did, and he suddenly heard water running. Dan looked up, surprised. Was there still someone in the building? He then heard a low sound, as if someone was humming.

Dan turned to his lock and began to turn the combination to open it. That was when he heard a low voice begin to sing.

"As the snow flies…" Dan looked around once more, wondering if he was being followed. He wasn't. The sound of the water from a shower stall continued to flow, just like the deep voice.

"On a cold and grey Chicago mornin', a poor little baby child was born, in the ghetto…" Dan recognized the song. He had to sing it for his chorus class. It wasn't the voice of one of his classmates, though.

This voice was smooth, low, captivating. It was like nothing he had ever heard before in his life.

Dan finally got the locker open and grabbed his gym uniform. He closed the door quietly, not wanting to interrupt the voice.

"And his mama cried…" Dan began to walk slowly out of the row of lockers and peered down the way that led to the showers. No one was there. He continued to walk, nearly on tiptoe.

"Because if there's one thing that she don't need, it's another hungry mouth to feed, in the ghetto…" Dan couldn't get over the sound. He had never heard anyone sing like that. Not even the classical guys he sometimes heard on the radio had such a flowing voice. He was dying to know who it belonged to, and if he knew the person.

Dan turned the corner, and suddenly the water shut off. He stopped for a moment, but the voice kept on going. Dan was afraid to breathe; afraid he would stop the sound.

"People, don't you understand…the child needs a helping hand…or he'll grow to be an angry young man some day."

Dan reached the showers and walked through the rows, detecting that the voice was farther away now.

"Take a look at you and me…are we too blind to see…"

Dan rounded the bend and stopped short. His eyes went wide and a shiver went down his spine. He nearly collapsed.

"No f-ing way…"

The back of Chuck Bass faced him. Chuck was facing the mirror, doing what Dan couldn't tell. A sink was under the mirror, and Dan saw a bottle of expensive cologne on the sink's rim. Dan looked back at Chuck in disbelief. It had to be him. There was no one else in sight.

"Or do we simply turn our heads and look the other way…" Chuck sang again, confirming Dan's suspicions. Chuck stopped and looked from side to side, as if he were sensing something. He looked up slowly and gasped as he saw Dan's reflection in the mirror behind his own. Chuck quickly turned around, grasping the bathroom sink with one hand and the white towel tied loosely around his waist with the other. In his startled state he knocked over the cologne bottle, which shattered to pieces on the floor. Dan blinked, startled out of his shocked daze.

"Humphrey! What the hell?!" Chuck exclaimed. Dan took a few deep breaths, trying to slow the rapid beating of his heart. First he had heard an incredible voice, then he found out that voice belonged to Chuck, and then the bottle fell…it was too much to take in all at once. Chuck was angered, his nostrils flaring.

"Do you always come into the men's locker room this late at night?!" Chuck shouted. "Hoping for a free show or something?!" Dan regained his composure, and he decided it would be best to explain himself.

"I'm sorry. I just-"

"What are you even doing here?" Chuck asked. Chuck had calmed himself down, and was now prepared to demand answers. Dan sighed, knowing Chuck would think that Dan had some motive for something.

"I was here for my band's auditions," Dan said. Chuck looked to the side for a moment, then looked back at Dan. He seemed confused. "I'm starting a band. I put flyers all over the school telling people to come to the auditions."

"Oh yeah. Gossip Girl said something about that. Not that I really paid much attention to anything related to you," Chuck said. Dan frowned, his blood beginning to boil. So that was why so many random people had showed up earlier. How he hated that damn website. Chuck was back to his cool, collected self. He stood against the sink, his arms crossed over his muscular and wet chest. His eyelids lowered and he smirked.

"Did anyone show up?" he asked, expecting "no" for an answer.

"Yeah, lots of people. Including your good buddy Nate Archibald." Chuck's face fell.

"Nathaniel came to try out for your band?"

"Oh, he did more than tryout. He made it. I admitted him." A look of pure disgust formed on Chuck's face. He shook it off, looking back at Dan with questioning eyes.

"It lasted this long?" Chuck asked.

"Yeah," Dan said, nodding. "I came here to get my gym uniform to bring it home for the weekend, and then I heard you singing." Chuck leaned his head back, as if stretching his neck.

"Wow, I knew I was bad, but not bad enough to attract attention," he said. Dan's eyes widened.

"No! No, it was actually the opposite. You sounded amazing." Chuck put his head back down and looked at Dan with questioning, shocked eyes. They pinned Dan, as if Chuck wanted to know why Dan was complimenting him. Taken aback by his response, Dan spoke again. "Incredible?" He said it as a question, as if Chuck had not liked the phrasing of his first kind words. Chuck continued to look at Dan the same way. Suddenly he smiled a little and laughed through a closed mouth, although his eyes did not change.

"Good one Humphrey, good one. Like I said before, you're a true comedian at times." Chuck ran a hand through his dark, wet hair, messing it up slightly. Dan swallowed hard, a little upset that he wasn't being taken seriously.

"Chuck, I may not be rich or drive fancy cars, but I do have a quality many rich men don't: honesty. I always mean what I say. You sounded amazing." Chuck crossed one strong leg over the other and he leaned against the sink. He propped himself up to sit on it with muscular arms. His smile had faded, and he looked at Dan with concern.

"You're being serious," Chuck stated.

"Damn right. How come you never sing like that in class?" Dan asked.

"I just don't sing at all in class. Or any time…other than a few minutes ago," Chuck said. Dan smiled, loving the embarrassed look on Chuck's face.

"You should do it more. Then again, you probably could be better at school if you studied more. You'd probably do better at life if you tried more," Dan said. Chuck's eyebrows lowered in annoyance.

"I'm not in the mood for a lecture on how superior you are to me, Humphrey. Not only would you waste your breath but you would be lying." Dan rolled his eyes. Sometimes he couldn't believe Chuck's attitude. It was almost like he wasn't human at times.

Chuck hopped off of the sink and turned away from Dan, looking at himself in the mirror. He ran his fingers through his hair again, straightening it out. Dan turned, ready to go. He didn't know why Chuck was there but he didn't want to stick around and ask.

"So I was good, hunh?"

Dan turned back around. Chuck did not face him but Dan could see the reflection of his dark brown eyes in the mirror. They were looking straight at him.

"Yeah, you were." Chuck's lips formed an arrogant smile, then he looked down. "So what were you doing here?" Dan asked. Maybe he was more curious than he thought he was. Chuck turned his head to the side and looked at Dan.

"Do I have to explain myself?" he asked.

"It would be nice. I told you why I was here, after all."

"Fair enough." Chuck turned and looked at Dan again, the knee-length white towel pressed firmly against his thighs. Dan had never thought Chuck was very well-built, but after seeing him like this Dan found himself growing jealous. Chuck grinned, taking pride in what he was about to say. "I had to serve five one-hour detentions."

"Fun," Dan said sarcastically.

"I got sick during one of them. My stomach wasn't feeling so hot."

"Have you been catching something?" Chuck's eyes looked downward.

"No, it was something hanging over my head."

"What's been bothering you?" Dan asked. Chuck looked at Dan, his eyes cold. He was getting defensive.

"I'm not telling you everything," he snarled. Dan didn't flinch at the tone in his voice. He knew Chuck's mannerisms. Chuck looked down again, less agitated. "When I finished it was about seven fifteen. I have somewhere to be at eight, so I realized I wouldn't have time to go home and get ready. So I just grabbed one of the towels out of the gym closet and showered here." Dan looked at his watch. It was seven thirty-five.

"Where do you have to be?" Dan asked. Chuck smiled devilishly.

"It's a Friday, Humphrey. I'm off to my usual routine places," he said smoothly. Dan rolled his eyes. He couldn't believe that someone like Chuck was going to be Serena's stepbrother.

"What a life you lead," Dan said. Chuck smirked.

"I think the same about you." They stood there for a few minutes in silence. Chuck suddenly drew in a breath. "Well, I'm going to change, so unless you want to compare sizes, I suggest you leave." Dan shook his head, unbelieving what he had just heard.

"Whatever, Chuck." Dan turned and walked around the bend again. He was halfway down the row of shower stalls when he stopped. For some reason, he couldn't stop thinking about how good Chuck's singing voice was. He needed something like that for his band.

"Oh my God, you're crazy. He would never do it. And even if he did, you two would fight all the time. He would never listen to you." Dan's mind told him. "Then again, Nate is doing it. Chuck may do it if Nate's doing it. Plus, the life of a rock star might sound appealing to him…"

He thought of Jenny and Serena, and what they may think. Then again, they wouldn't be anywhere near him if the band was practicing.


"What?!" Chuck called out from the sinks, annoyed.

"Will you be in my band?" Dan couldn't believe the words he had just spoken were directed at the one boy in the school who he loathed. There wasn't a response. Suddenly Chuck appeared at the end of the row, dressed in nothing but his boxers.

"What did you say?" he asked in disbelief.

"You know what I said. So will you?" Chuck stood as still as a statue as his mind processed the question. His mouth was suspended open and would probably be on the ground if it was not fastened to his jaw. It was quiet for so long that Dan was taken by surprise when Chuck started laughing.

"What is wrong with you?!" Chuck asked. Dan was taken aback, insulted.

"Excuse me?!" he asked. Chuck took a few breaths to calm himself.

"It's just too funny. Do you even remember who you're talking to?! The son of a billionaire. The guy who tried to date rape your younger sister. The guy who everyone rolls their eyes at. And you want me in your band?! You'd have to be insane!" Chuck exclaimed. Dan smiled. He was actually expecting Chuck to say, "I wouldn't be seen in a band with you if you were the next John Lennon."

"Oh, and for the record, I wouldn't be seen with you in a band if you were the next John Lennon," Chuck said. Dan wanted to bust a gut laughing, but instead he just shrugged.

"Alright then, just wondering. I think you'd enjoy it, though. I mean, the life of a rock star is all about money and drugs and random sex. Wait, maybe that's the last thing you need." Chuck heard this and suddenly grinned widely.

"Who says it is?" he asked.

"Like a fish to the worm," Dan thought.

"So you'll do it, then." Dan said. It was not a question. Chuck smiled, accepting the challenge. He was Chuck Bass, after all. He wasn't going to back away from anything, especially when he got something out of the deal.

"I suppose so. It will, after all, give me a good laugh when the band comes crashing down because of my horrible voice and lack of musical skills."

"I wouldn't have it any other way," Dan said with a cocky smile. He wasn't going to let Chuck's words bring him down. He didn't have to get any contact information either, since Chuck lived in the same building as Serena.

"So I'll see you at the Palace?" Dan asked. Chuck's trademark smirk was larger than normal. This would be the biggest laugh he would have in his whole life.

"I'll see you at the Palace," he said. They both turned around and walked away, each feeling like they had won.

Hey Upper East Siders! Gossip Girl here.

Spotted: S and D having lunch at a classy place in little Italy. They seemed to be having a great time-until D leaned in and told S something she obviously didn't like. She walked away in a fury of anger and what looked like disbelief. What could D have done? Guess we'll have to wait and see.

N going into an expensive music store, I wonder what that's all about? B receiving flowers on her doorstep, were they from N?C spotted going home to the Palace alone…on a Friday night! What's up with C lately? Maybe he's come down with something as bad as him. Whatever's going on with everyone, I'll find out first. You know you love me.


Gossip Girl