Jurassic Heroes - Cross Over

Our Heroes get stranded on the new Isle of Hove. Dinosaurs roam the grounds, will they get off the Island alive, or get eaten by the thing they didn't even know existed.

Chapter 1 - The Island

"I can't believe I agreed to come" Nathan said. "I have better things to do then sit on a plane and go to a place that is in habited by dinosaurs". "don't you want to get out of New York and go an explore" Peter said. "No, I want to go to sleep" he said turning over and putting his seat back. He dozed off into a deep sleep. Peter sighed, he hoped this trip would help everyone get along, but it wasn't going all too well.


Sylar sat in the back seat, he forgot how he was forced on this plane, to go and see the land of dinosaurs, he didn't want to be here especially with his enemies in front of him, well now he could kill them and take their powers and said a dinosaur killed them. He wondered if that could actually work. Matt said "It won't work Sylar, were watching you", Sylar hated that guy, he kept on getting into his mind at the wrong time. He looked out the plane window, the sooner they got down the better, maybe he would kill Matt first.

Hiro watched Sylar from his chair, he kept his eye on him, making sure he wouldn't do any funny business, if he did, he had his sword ready. Ando was listening to his music on his Ipod, he was really excited to be going here. He had always wanted to see a real dinosaur.


Claire looked over at her friend, she was so happy he was their. She hadn't seen him for so long. Zach sat with his headphones in the next chair. She peeked over to were her dad was, he was looking out the window. Then at her other dad that was snoring so loud the whole plane could here him. She looked out the small window and saw the Isle of Hove. It just looked like one of your normal Islands.

They all looked out the windows, it was absolutely beautiful, their were rivers in the mountains. Matt said "Just remember, this island is supposed to have T-Rex's and Raptor's on it". Peter nodded and went to the pilot, 'were are we landing?" he asked. The Pilot pointed to a road leading into the dense forest. Pete nodded and went back to his seat. "At least we got the best man to protect us from them nasty dinosaurs" Clair said sarcastically looking at Peter. He smiled.


Their was a sudden jerk of the plane, the pilot said "everyone, buckle your seat belts, it might be a rocky way down". Everyone climbed back into their seat and buckled their seat belts. Sylar showed off and made his powers do it for him. He looked out the window, but couldn't see anything, only darkness. He said "you might not listen to me, but look out your windows", no one did, except for Pete. He budged his brother to move out the way, so he could open the shutter. He gasped.

Their was nothing out their, except for darkness, Peter got up, the plane was still jerking up and down. Claire said "Peter, get back in your chair", "look outside" he said as he passed her. He went into the pilots cabin. The Pilot was dead, the window had been smashed, how had it happened so fast he thought to his self. Syler came up behind him and knocked him out the way. Peter said "what are you doing, you can't fly planes", "Yea, but I know how things work" Sylar said. He looked at the numerous buttons and pressed one.

Suddenly the plane started going up, out of the darkness and into the light. They got out into the open, Sylar said "that wasn't so hard was it", but then the plane just stopped, they had run out of fuel, they started going down, and down into the jungle. Peter and Sylar got back into their seats, Peter though to his self, did he just do that from the goodness of his heart, or did he do it for his self. That thought was interrupted as they hit something, and everyone fell forward.


The plan suddenly stopped, like they were on the ground, Pete said "That wasn't that Aaahhhh", they started falling again. They plummeted into the ground, the back end of the plane sticking up in the air. Peter started to say something when they heard a noise, it was a screeching like noise. The plain dropped full on the ground. Everything was still, Pete had a piece of metal sticking in his back, but he didn't know about any one else.

The screeching noise went away. He sat their for a minute and caught his breath. Then he slowly un buckled his seatbelt, he took hold of the metal in his leg, and pulled it out, he tried not to scream so he wouldn't get any attention off the things on the Island. It healed up faster then you could say bob's your uncle. He got out of his seat, and went to the row behind him, his brother was their, he looked petrified. Peter shook him and Nathan looked at him, he said "I wanna go home now please", "Are you okay?" Peter asked. Nathan nodded.

They found Claire sitting their healing her cuts. Zach had been hit on the head and was unconscious. Ando and Hiro were okay aswell, just a little shaken, then Peter saw Hiro's leg bleeding. It had a piece of metal sticking out. But Hiro hadn't felt the pain yet. They heard someone calling out quietly, it was Nikki, she had been pinned down and Jessica hadn't come out yet, to use her super strength. Peter pulled the piece of her and helped her up.

They all got out of the plane, then Nikki said "Micah, I heard him screaming, where is he?", Peter went back into the plane couldn't find Syler or Micah any where. "could they of fell out of the plane", Claire asked tipping water over Zach to make him wake up, Zach said quietly, "I thought I saw someone sliding down, but then I got hit by something", he closed his eyes again, his head as banging, and he could feel some blood trickling down his head aswell.

To Be Continued...